The Search – Extras

The Search - Extras



3.6/5 Pros

  • Very talented project
  • Very present vocals Cons

  • Songs are too similar
  • No outstanding tracks

Indie rock with a touch of dark wave from Sweden: The Search are releasing a new album on 25th February 2022. I ran into the release on a promotion platform and felt that they could be a nice addition to the portfolio of my media reviews.


The Search – About The Artists

The Search are an indie-rock band from Uppsala Sweden. I unfortunately did not receive did not too much substantial bio information about the project. the project has been founded by singer and guitarist Razmig Tekeyan, who already had a breakthrough in the early 2000’s under this name. He majorly released melancholic rock songs. There has been a re-formation recently, so that Tekeyan is now supported by Erik Nyberg (bass), Stephen Burt (lead guitar) and Johan Bernövall (drums).


The Search – Extras – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 51 minutes.

1. Halt

The album starts with a nice, classic folk-rock touch. Nice atmosphere and very present work on the vocal side.

2. Writing On The Wall

Indie-rock? While Halt felt to the be a bit too gentle and smooth, the Swedes fire the chords harder in this second song. The song also has a nice vibe and a good melody. Might not be a candidate for the songs of the year 2022, but Writing On The Wall is a really fun and entertaining listen.

3. Dead Silent

Time for the long runs: Dead Silent and Moving Target, the following song, are the only diddies which exceed a duration of five minutes. Thereby, the third track is a rather slow song with a strong focus on Razmig Tekeyan’s voice. Sounds like classic 1980’s rock music. Beautiful one.

4. Moving Target

While Dead Silent rather felt to be a nice, emotional indie-rock ballad, Moving Target uses electronic sounds and tries to work a lot with atmospheric elements. It’s not a bad song at all, but I don’t enjoy it as much as I did the songs before.

5. Bunny

Furry friends are typically under-represented in the world of music, so that I saw a potential on Bunny before listening already. The song starts with a dark piano intro

6. A Night At The Beach

Especially the rhythmically strumming guitar gives a nice touch to the song. The vocals are just so catching as well. Great sound of the chorus. Love it!

7. Forever And Ever

Forever And Ever opens the second half of the album. The song feels to be a bit of dark in the beginning, but then turns into an energetic, almost pop-ish listen.

Promised we will always be together
Promised you stand by my side
Promised we will always be together
Even when it flees and sun goes down.

8. Eyes To The Ground

The eighth song has a strong touch of the “folk music strumming”. A slower, atmospheric track, which is using electronic elements here and there.

9. Just Passing Through

Just Passing Through is another song showing how much the great spirit of The Search’s music is based on the amazing vocals by Razmig Tekeyan’s. It does not need to much more than simple guitar chords, some backing melodic elements and this guy on the microphone… and the result is already not bad at all. Good one.

10. Quills

Just when the album is already about to come to its end, Quills is one of the best songs of Extras. The song has this soft-rock touch and spreads nostalgic feelings without feeling outdated or old. Nice work.

11. It’s A Void

It’s A Void starts slow-ish, but then continues with the typical sound of this album. Strong reverbing, good melodies, great vocal presence.

12. Does It Resonate?

Does It Resonate is a bit more gentle, a bit more plushy than the songs before. Just the right sound to say goodbye.


The Search – Extras – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Search – Extras – My View

I want to love Extras. I want to admire The Search for their music. There is one issue I got with the album: there is a certain monotony in their songs. The songs are not bad individually (not outstanding, either), but the variety of sounds is too limited. Thus, the album stays a good listen, but does not come with that “must listen” attitude.


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