Hanne Mjoen – Emotional Fever EP

Hanne Mjoen - Emotional Fever



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very talented pop singer and writer
  • Catchy voice and good songs Cons

  • Too many similarities between the songs

There are these kind of artists, who very quickly persuade me that I should have a deeper listen into their music. When I recently ran into Hanne Mjoen, I did not even know how successful the young Norwegian in fact is. On 17th September 2021, she released her EP Emotional Fever. Here are my thoughts.


Hanne Mjoen – About The Artist

Hanne Mjoen (the correct Norwegian spelling is Mjøen) is a Norwegian artist who is doing a mixture of pop and dance music. Mjoen is originally from Oppdal, a small city South of Trondheim. Her first big song was Sounds Good To Me, which had some 15 million streams on Spotify only. She also released songs in Norwegian, like her 2020 EP Som Ingen Andre (“Like Nobody Else”). Emotional Fever is her second EP.


Hanne Mjoen – Emotional Fever – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts fifteen minutes.

1. Hurt Like Heaven

The EP contains three previously released and two new one. The opener Hurt Like Heaven is a new song. Mjoen’s high voice is definitely her characteristic element. She sounds very innocent in this song, like a storyteller. The song is adding some atmospheric chords and a lot of echo – feels simple, but finally leads to a really cool sound.

2. Hell With You

Hell With You has been the first single release taken from this EP. Compared to the opening track, the rhythm is significantly more dominant, especially in the chorus. Apart from that, the songs are quite similar in style. Both are a good listen for pop music lovers, for sure.

3. Too Tired (Don’t Feel A Thing)

This track feels very different from the first two songs. The artist uses much more melodic items, in the instrumentation as well as on the vocal side. The lyrics feel much more “sung” than in the tracks before. This leads to a ballad-alike feeling.

4. Emotional Fever

To me, this title track is by far the best song of the EP. It combines the melodic strength of Hanne Mjoen (as in Too Tired) with that dreamish, innocent sound she illustrated in the first songs. The song is just a lovely listen. Great song.

5. Someone

Just looking on Someone individually, it is another really good song. On the other hand, I don’t really feel that it is adding something new to this EP. Definitely catchy, but nothing really new or specific.


Hanne Mjoen – Emotional Fever – Spotify

Here is Emotional Fever on Spotify:


Hanne Mjoen – Emotional Fever – My View

I struggle with Emotional Fever. It is so hard to be critical about it, because without a doubt the Norwegian is an amazing talent and she is doing five really good songs – individually. I just feel that they are just too close. It is her first EP in English – and if these five songs are her showcase of talent, it just feels a bit too narrow for me. Sounds very harsh, doesn’t it? This EP is a good one – I just feel it should be much better. Pictured Stories

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