Nick Walker – It’s All South From Here EP

Nick Walker - It's All South From Here



4.5/5 Pros

  • Catching modern country songs
  • Nice range of styles

There are multiple ways how I get to listening new albums and EPs for my blog. Most of them are available by promotion platforms or agencies, for others I have to wait until Spotify makes them available to me. In case of It’s All South From Here by Nick Walker, I got the most direct way – the artist sent me his six song debut EP directly – and I liked it. The release date is a bit unusual, in the middle of the week: you may listen to these songs from 23rd November 2021 onward.


Nick Walker – About The Artist

Nick Walker is a Ohio origin artist. After living at Key West, Florida, for some years, he decided to go to Nashville and become a recording artist there. Funnily, he started writing music as he wanted to get back his ex-girlfriend with a song. His biggest song so far is 7 Is The New 11, which has been streamed on Spotify some 300k times.


Nick Walker – It’s All South From Here – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 20 minutes.

1. It’s All South From here

Nick Walker starts with a straight country rocker. The song stays in your mind from the very moment.

It’s all South from here
So I’m headed some where the sun is shining
I been broken hearted for way too long
I’ll sing it loud, so hear me clear
Let those worries disappear
And grab a beer
It’s all South from here

Hard to deny that the song serves song serves some country music stereotypes – but a good listen.

2. Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing comes with less rockin’, but a stronger groove. Even though that also means that there is slightly less country music feeling in it, the track simply has a nice groove. And, there are still typical Nashville elements like the harmonica. Overall, a really nice listen.

3. One Of These Days

The third song on the EP almost immediately catches you with its groove and you want to dance slowly to it. Nice, emotional country song with a lot of party potential.

4. Somewhere in Savannah

Somewhere in Savannah already had quite some success as a single release. The song feels rather unobstrusive, but Nick Walker and his story is just staying better and better in your mind, also due to the great chorus.

Somewhere in Savannah
There is a girl with her hands uop
Dancing to a cover band, stealing the show
Probably in a sundress
Making those boys a mess
Bet you that she don’t even know.
That I still on to her salt air kiss
When I close my eyes I still feel her lips
Tonight I’m all tore up, just wishing
I was somewhere in Savannah.
Definitely, my favorite one on the album.

5. Kick It

The style of Kick It reminds me a bit of the the opening song. Nick Walker just shows another straight modern country rocker with a feelgood sound here. Good one.

6. Just Add Water

Just Add Water is the coolest song of the album to me. A bit of laid back with a lot of country and even more rock. Good listen at the end of the six tracks.


Nick Walker – It’s All South From Here – Spotify

I will add the Spotify widget once the EP has been published.



Nick Walker – It’s All South From Here – My View

It’s All South From Here is really fun. I absolutely enjoyed these twenty minutes with the self-made singer-songwriter. Nice rocking songs, but also personal and emotional moments. Easy choice for a Top Pick! – hope to have more cool stuff from this guy soon.


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