Songs Of The Week (week of 10 March 2023)

Sometimes, it is easy to select the leading track of my Songs of the Week: I had two hot candidates, but one of them is neither on YouTube nor on other social media than Facebook. No issues for Mike Shinoda, of course, who is the main artist of the first of 14 tracks this week. A nice range of songs – hope you like them!


Mike Shinoda & Kallee Morgue – In My Head

The leading song is taken from the soundtrack of Scream VI. Mike Shinoda and Kallee Morgue are bot US artists. Shinoda is rather known for rap and metal sounds, Mprgue is a pop-rock artist. The combination leads to a really cool sound.


Robert Jon & The Wreck – One Of A Kind

Call it blues rock, country rock or country rock. No matter what your definition of genre is, these guys from Greater Los Angeles are just that good. And this song is one of their best ones, I feel. Would have deserved to be on top of the list as well.


Bellucci Boi – Mona Lisa

In the 18th November 2022 edition of the Songs of the Week, this German artist and his song Red Bull Dose even made it on the very top of my list. This time, it was close, but that does not mean that the song is bad in any way. Very nice sound.


Electric Enemy – All For You

Electric Enemy are a British rock band from London. Their debut album just needs some more weeks to be released. This teaser feels promising, indeed.


Sportfreunde Stiller – Jeder nur ein X

Jeder nur ein Kreuz – “One cross each”  – this quote is simply reminding me of the the hilarious Life of Brian by Monty Python. This Sportfreunde Stiller track is less hilarious – but a nice German rock listen.


King Dream – Lost Summer

King Dream is a psychedelic rock project from Oakland. I really like this California sound – hope you do so, too.


Kärbholz – Gar Nichts

This guys are located from Ruppichteroth near Bonn, just a few kilometers from the place where I grew up. The rock band with some indie and punk influences are about to release their new album Kapitel 11: Barrikaden on 25th March 2023, there is a tour right thereafter. This great rocker is the last teaser before release.


Christine and the Queens – To Be Honest

The list of tracks is more and more moving towards pop now. Christine and the Queens is the alter ego of queer French singer-songwriter Heloise Adelaide Letissier. Great sound – an album is in the pipeline as well.


freekind. – Bright Light

Freekind. are a pop music duo, consisting of Sara Ester and Nina Korosak-Sercic. The CroatianSlovenian duo is nowadays and living in Graz, Austria. Cool sound with pop and hip hop elements.


Rahel – Fairytales

The very young artist Rahel is releasing another fascinating and energetic track. After listening to Fairytales, I simply look forward to her EP Blessed, which is to be released soon.


Vanessa Dollinger – Kopfkino

Funny: this week, I explained the German word Kopfkino to an US-American friend. Literally it means “Head-Cinema” and means that you think of something that intensively that you practically see it. Austrian Dollinger is rather doing ear-cinema with this catching schlager-pop listen.


Marianne Neumann feat. Susan Sideropoulos – Sag es weiter!

This song is such a beautifully light-footed one. The Berlin artist Marianne Neumann is thereby pairing with Susan Sideropoulos, who I rather know as an actor in the German daily soap Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten. Great listen.


Moli – Bring on the Rain

Moli’s full name is Molly Irvine. She is a Belgian singer-songwriter, who is nowadays living in Berlin. Very interesting and catching vocals and a beautifully produced song.


Jonathan Bree (feat. Princess Chelsea and Nile Rodgers) – Miss You

The very last song of this list this week is by Jonathan Bree, an indie artist from New Zealand. He added two guest musicians, “Kiwi” Princess Chelsea (civil name Chelsea Nikkel) and US-American producer Nile Rodgers, to create this unique sound. Love it.


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