Weird Al Yankovic is touring Europe 2023 – Tour Dates and Travel Hints

The 7th November 2022 is one of these days I will hardly forget so quickly. In a Weird Al fan group on Facebook, somebody posted some United Kingdom tour dates for Weird Al Yankovic. And then there were more. Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands… and also Germany and Austria, which will both host their very first Weird Al show ever. Apart from the ticket fees I will have to pay the next days, some sort of too early Christmas present. As I already got a couple of questions on the cities and tour venues from people abroad, I felt it is a good opportunity not only to to present the tour dates on my website, but also to give you some hints and advice.


Weird Al Tour 2023 – The European Tour Dates

Here are the tour dates as given so far on the Weird Al website. Most of the venues and promoters start selling on Friday 11th November 2022. However, there are some local pre-sales, typically starting on 9th and 10th Nov 2022. I always give the country in the list below in case of a border crossing. All countries apart from the United Kingdom and Ireland are Schengen zone countries, so that you typically will not face border controls for inter-country travels.

Fr 10.02.2023 Dublin (Ireland), Helix
Su 12.02.2023 Glasgow (United Kingdom) , O2 Academy
Mo 13.02.2023 Manchester, O2 Apollo
Tu 14.02.2023 Birmingham, O2 Academy
Th 16.02.2023 London, Palladium
Sa 18.02.2023 Brussels (Belgium), Kroninklijk Circus
Su 19.02.2023 Tilburg (Netherlands), 013 REPORT
Mo 20.02.2023 Utrecht, Tivoli Vredenburg
Tu 21.02.2023 Paris (France), Casino de Paris
Th 23.02.2023 Hamburg (Germany), Laeiszhalle
Fr 24.02.2023 Aalborg (Denmark), Musikkens Hus
Sa 25.02.2023 Aarhus, Musikhuset
Mo 27.02.2023 Copenhagen, Koncerthuset
Tu 28.02.2023 Oslo (Norway) Folketeateret
We 01.03.2023 Stockholm (Sweden), Cirkus
Sa 04.03.2023 Duesseldorf (Germany), Capitol
Su 05.03.2023 Berlin, Admiralspalast
Mo 06.03.2023 Vienna (Austria), Gasometer

The tour logo (title pic) is copyrighted by the artist


Are there more concerts in 2023?

Definitely. The answer is easy as there are four postponed shows right before the Dublin date in North America. They had to be moved as Al himself had Covid-19 at the original dates. There are also rumors for Australia / Oceania tour dates to be released soon.


My 2023 Tour Experience

Here is an overview posting about the shows I attended, including all set lists.

Weird Al Yankovic tours Europe 2023 – My Reprise

I also had the opportunity to feature the Tilburg show as a photographer:

Weird Al Yankovic (19th February 2023, Tilburg)



Weird Al Tour 2023 – The Tour Concept and General Information

The tour is fully named The Unfortunate Return of the Ridiculously Self-Indulgent Ill-Advides Vanity Tour. It is a tour concept Weird Al used for the first time in 2018 and now used it again intensively in 133 shows (including the four postponed ones) in 2022. If you have ever watched a “normal” tour of Weird Al, including the European dates in 2015, that’s not what you get. The focus is on the originals, not the covers. There are no costumes. Thus, you should for example not expect a full length original version of Amish Paradise, including the respective “stage-wear”. Therefor, there will be daily rotating set lists. holds quite a bit of information of the tour concept. I have seen nine shows of the 2022 North American part of it, the first three ones, five in Florida and the very last one at Carnegie Hall, New York City. You get quite a bit of an overview in my Trip Review about the first three shows of the North American tour in April 2022:

Kicking Off The Weird Al Yankovic Tour 2022 (Preview)

I also took some pictures with my amateur cam (not the professional gear at the five shows in Florida: Emo Phillips will also be the support act for the European shows – warm up with some stand up comedy.

Five Weird Al Yankovic Shows in Florida – Some Concert Pictures

Last but not least, I also did a playlist of originals (not all of them are necessary in the long list Al and the band use to do the daily set lists. Still, it gives you an idea which kind of songs you may be expecting. I plan to eliminate tracks which have not been played in 2022 from the playlist the next days. .


Tour Stages and Transport – Some Basic Information

As said, I have been asked for some basic information already. I give you some very brief information about each venue and potential travel options from the previous venue to this respective place. In general, if the city name is having a hyperlink in the tour dates above, you will find at least some postings related to the city on Most of the venues are in a surprisingly central location, by the way.


10th Feb 2023 – Dublin (Ireland) – Helix

The tour start in Dublin will give me some headache: the city is a bit of problematic for the traffic and the accommodation situation. The venue is located right inside the DCU (Dublin City University) Campus. Dublin is also the hub of two major low-cost airlines, Aer Lingus and Ryanair, so that at least basic travel should be doable.

Venue Address: DCU, Collins Ave, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland
Location: Rather North of the city and thus close to the airport.
Presale: I haven’t found any
Some sights in the city:

  • Temple bar pub district
  • Guinness Brewery

Transport to/from the airport: From the airport to the venue, the best option is likely a taxi. If you want to go to city center from the airport, I recommend the airport express buses. These also take the toll tunnel, which typically beats the other roads.
Transport in the city: Dublin is a public transport mess and often prone to traffic jams. There is a short tram network, which may be helpful for some touristic visits.


12th Feb 2023 – Glasgow (U.K.) – O2 Academy

I like the spirit of Glasgow. Very friendly people and the in fact only U.K. stage on this tour outside England. The travel to and from Central Europe may be a bit bothering

Venue Address: 121 Eglinton St, Glasgow G5 9NT, United Kingdom
Location: The venue is South of the River Clyde, but still very central. The Bridge Street Underground station is close to the venue.
Presale: For British O2 customers, on 9th November 2022
Some sights in the city:

  • What about visiting a football stadium, tour or match? On that Sunday, Celtic is hosting Aberdeen. I once enjoyed the Rangers’ Ibrox Park
  • Get to learn some Scottish people at a pub crawl.

Transport to/from the airport: There is a bus service from Glasgow Airport (GLA). If you travel into Scotland directly, you may also look out for Edinburgh (EDI), there are sometimes cheaper fares – and there is bus transfer to Glasgow as well.
Transport in the city: I really love the circular subway system, which helps to get around. Apart from some remote locations, you typically can walk from one of the stops.
Transport from Dublin: Fly. Full stop. The other options are not really worth it.


13th Feb 2023 – Manchester (U.K.) – O2 Apollo

Even though I have been in Manchester several times, it is rather underrepresented on my blog. The city has undergone a massive transformation in the last decades. It is definitely an interesting place to explore before the show.

Venue Address: Stockport Rd, Manchester M12 6AP, United Kingdom
Location: It is quite a bit of walking from the main station Piccadilly to the venue. However, there is a public bus.
Presale: For British O2 customers, on 9th November 2022
Some sights in the city:

Transport to/from the airport: Manchester Airport (MAN) is one of the real lousier aviation places, but it has an own train station. Cheaper, but quite a long trip is the transfer by tram.
Transport in the city: The tram system in Manchester is quite good. In addition, there are free city buses (they don’t connect to the venue, though).
Transport from Glasgow: There are three hour train rides from Glasgow (also non-stop available). As always in British rail, you should add some time and also be aware of strikes. There are also buses, e.g. National Express.


14th Feb 2023 – Birmingham (U.K.) – O2 Academy

Birmingham is a very handy place for travelers, which I highly appreciate. There are definitely some interesting places. Good thing is that the distances are very convenient.

Venue Address: 16-18 Horse Fair, Birmingham B1 1DB, United Kingdom
Location: The location is at the edge of city center. Easy walk from New Street station. Don’t mix it up with the O2 Institute in B’ham…
Presale: For British O2 customers, on 9th November 2022
Some sights in the city:

  • The Bullring might be a good option if you want to do shopping (especially if you are from the U.S. and profit of fortunate exchange rates)
  • The Balti Triangle is an area in Birmingham, which is famous for its sheer number of Indian restaurants.

Transport to/from the airport: Birmingham International is the train station of Birmingham Airport (BHX) and Birmingham Trade Fair. Please be aware that BHX is Birmingham Airport, United Kingdom and BHM is Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Transport in the city: Birmingham is very compact. You can walk to many of the places. In addition, there are public buses.
Transport from Manchester: Manchester to Birmingham is a quick hopper on the train, some 90 minutes direct train.


16th Feb 2023 – London (U.K.) – Palladium

I guess that’s one of the key cities on the list for many of you. Especially the traffic situation is very handy for foreign travelers. The language is no argument though – you will easily get around in English at any of the tour stages (Paris may be slightly tricky at some spots).

Venue Address: 8 Argyll St, London W1F 7TF, United Kingdom
Location: The venue is located a few steps away from Oxford Street, as central as it gets in London.
Presale: Did not find one
Some sights in the city:

  • I can’t name all of the sights you want to do. You might have Madame Tussauds on your list, even though this place can be really packed. There are combo tickets, e.g. combining with a ride on the London Eye.
  • I feel it is a bit of a tourist trap… But, yeah, Kings Cross features the Platform 9 3/4.
  • There are a lot of good views of the city – but Sky Garden and the view from One New Change are free – and both spots are close to the Tower of London – you may have a look at the crown jewels thereafter.

Transport to/from the airport: London features five airports. Heathrow (LHR) is the largest, London-City (LCY). Both have direct public transport links with the Piccadilly Line and Elizabeth Line (Heathrow) and the DLR light rail (City). The other airports, Gatwick (LGW), Standsted (STN) and Luton (LTN) have rail and/or bus connections to the city center.
Transport in the city: The London Underground is an effective system, even though the old-fashioned tunnels, not that rarely featuring stairs can be bothering.
Transport from Birmingham: Driving in London is a mess, taking a bus is a traffic jam nightmare and there are no flights between the two cities anyway, as they are too close to each other. So… Go for the train.


18th Feb 2023 – Brussels (Belgium) – Kroninklijk Circus

I am always a bit angry that people say they travel “to the U.K. and Europe”… But if you feel so and if you mentally don’t care about the Irish – welcome to Europe now! Brussels is somehow the capital of Europe, so it is a good place to start with.

Venue Address: Rue de l’Enseignement 81, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
Location: The venue is not too far away from Brussels Central Station and thus very central. Please be sure that you exit at the right station.
Presale: Did not find one
Some sights in the city:

  • Brussels has two sights, which regularly pop up in “Most overrated tourist attraction lists, the tiny statue Manneken Pis and the iconic Atomium. If you want to go for one, I definitely would take the Atomium – some interesting exhibitions and museums are around as well
  • Comics are a key part of Belgian culture. There is the Comic Museum Brussels and the Museum of Comic Figures
  • Maison Antione is one of the most well-known restaurants of the country. It is actually… a fries stand. I felt it is a bit overrated, but cool to tell your beloved ones you have been there.

Transport to/from the airport: You typically land at Brussels-Zaventem (BRU), the main airport. The airport features a rail transport. Some rather obscure options like Ryanair prefer Charleroi Airport (CRL). You typically take a bus from there to the Belgian capital.
Transport in the city: You quite well get around in Brussels with the metro system. Please note that there are two long-distance rail stations. I always get confused that Brussels-Midi is Brussels-South – Midi sounds that central to me.
Transport from London: The Eurostar high speed train is connecting London via the Channel Tunnel with Brussels. Airport-alike security checks occur, though. Departing train station in London is St. Pancreas Int.


19th Feb 2023 – Tilburg (Netherlands) – 013

Neither of the two biggest Dutch cities, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, are on the tour list this time. Therefor, the US-American is doing Tilburg and Utrecht, which both have rather well-known venues.

Venue Address: Veemarktstraat 44, 5038 CV Tilburg, Netherlands
Location: Very central, rather close to the main station of town as well.
Presale: Did not find one
Some sights in the city:

  • The Schrobbeler is a typical Dutch liqueur made in Tilburg. You may have a distillery tour
  •  Doloris’s Meta Maze is a maze full of surreal spaces and weird landscapes.
  • The schedule is not out yet, but if you are a sports buff, maybe you can watch a match of the Tilburg Trappers, the best Dutch ice hockey team. In fact, they are so dominant (and unique) in their country that they compete in a lower class German divsion.

Transport to/from the airport: Tilburg does not have a major airport. The typical options would be Amsterdam (AMS) or Brussels (BRU). Thre are also airports in Eindhoven (EIN) and Rotterdam (RTM), but their connections might not be really useful for your plans.
Transport in the city: Apart from the 120k city Aalborg, Tilburg is the smallest city served on the tour. Thus, there are buses and walking.
Transport from Brussels: The train ride from Brussels is some two hours. The Dutch public transport is excellent.


20th Feb 2023 – Utrecht (Netherlands) – Tivoli Vredenburg

Utrecht might feel to be a “suburb” of Amsterdam at first sight, but I really like the city. It will be an interesting tour stop – also as the venue is having an excellent location.

Venue Address: Vredenburgkade 11, 3511 WC Utrecht, Netherlands
Location: This place is actually really close to the main station and thus easy to reach.
Presale: Did not find one
Some sights in the city:

  • One of the places I love in Utrecht is the Spoorwegmuseum, the Dutch Railway museum.
  • You are a child at heart? The bunny Nijntje, better known as Miffy in English, has its own museum in the heart of town. There are even Nijntje traffic lights and Nijntje statues.

Transport to/from the airport: Utrecht does not have an airport. However, Utrecht Main Station is (at least, I might forget one) directly connected to the train stations of Amsterdam Airport (AMS) and Dusseldorf Airport (DUS) in Germany.
Transport in the city: For the sake of reaching the venue and doing some main sights, a lot can be done by walking. However, you may also use the tram and bus services.
Transport from Tilburg: Unfortunately, I could not find direct train connections, but the train ride is less than an hour. You may of course go by car as well – there are some interesting sights between the two cities.


21st Feb 2023 – Paris (France) – Casino de Paris

I have to travel Paris for professional reasons rather frequently. It is definitely a very interesting tour stop, also to check out how the people will interact with Al and the band, but especially with Emo.

Venue Address: 16 Rue de Clichy, 75009 Paris, France
Location: xxx
Presale: Did not find one
Some sights in the city:

  • If you skip the masses at the famous (and rather small) Mona Lisa, the Louvre is always a great option to visit
  • Likely, you just have to visit Eiffel Tower. Maybe combine it with a Seine river cruise.
  • If you want to make use of the free day thereafter, Disneyland Paris might be an option for Mickey Mouse lovers. However, there feel to be school holidays in parts of Belgium, so the park may be a bit of crowded.

Transport to/from the airport: There are two key airports. Paris – Charles de Gaulle (CDG) North of the French capital is a bit of a mess if you are not used to it, but at east there is commuter connection RER and the TGV high speed rail. Orly (ORY) is more central and also connected by local transport.
Transport in the city: Trams and the RER may be packed, but the system is working really well.
Transport from Utrecht: With a transfer at Amsterdam Airport or Rotterdam, the French high speed train Thalys is bringing you to Paris. Driving in Paris is a very special experience, I do not recommend it if you are not used to rather aggressive traffic.


23rd Feb 2023 – Hamburg (Germany) – Laeiszhalle

Welcome to Hamburg, welcome to Germany. On 23rd February, Al, the band and Emo will finally make it to my home country. Hamburg is also one of my favorite spots in Germany – hope you enjoy it as well.

Venue Address: Johannes-Brahms-Platz, 20355 Hamburg, Germany
Location: The venue is located close to the Hamburg trade fair, right in the heart of the city. The main station is not too far away, but Hamburg-Dammtor, which is a long-distance and high-speed rail station, is in walking distance.
Presale: German ADTicket presale on 9th November 2022 (not restricted)
Some sights in the city:

  • The evening before the show or right after the show – a visit at Hamburg is not complete without the party zone Reeperbahn – regardless if yo visit the red light district or not.
  • Enjoy Hamburg Harbor with a harbor cruise (I reviewed this one) – or do it on a shoestring with the public transport ferries.
  • You want to see Germany’s best rated tourist attraction? Forget about Cologne Cathedral or Castle Neuschwanstein, but visit Miniatur Wunderland – but don’t forget to pre-book tickets and have block a bunch of hours, it is worth it.

Transport to/from the airport: Hamburg Airport (HAM) is located North of the city. It is directly located to public transport by the S1 commuter train line..
Transport in the city: The system of S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains may be confusing at first sight, but works out well. A special part of public transport are the public ferries. They are included in day tickets and similar fares, in contrast to privately driven ones.
Transport from Paris: Even though there is a rest day, the train ride would be two services of some four hours each, the Thalys to Cologne (or Dusseldorf) and the ICE German high speed service to Hamburg. Flying may be an alternative, even though CDG is a nightmare for first-timers..


24th Feb 2023 – Aalborg – Musikkens Hus

Go North – the next tour stop is quite at the North of Denmark, in Aalborg. I am not that familiar to that area.

Venue Address: Musikkens Pl. 1, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark
Location: The House of Music is located right at the Limfjord in the heart of the city.
Presale: On 9th November 2022 if you register for newsletter
Some sights in the city:

  • I am not an expert for that part of Denmark, but the Viking Museum in the city is having quite a good reputation.
  • There are some historic buildings around Old Town, including a castle.

Transport to/from the airport: Aalborg Airport (AAL) is located Northwest of the city. There is a rail shuttle. An alternative might be the much better connected Billund Airport (BLL).
Transport in the city: Aalborg is the smallest city of the tour. It does feature bus transport.
Transport from Hamburg: The train ride is about seven hours. There are no direct flights between Hamburg and Aalborg as well – and driving there is not overwhelmingly fun (rather boring).


25th Feb 2023 – Aarhus (Denmark) – Musikhuset

After the quite long trip from Hamburg to Aalborg, the transfer to Aarhus will be a rather short one for the band (and for you if you follow them).

Venue Address: Thomas Jensens Allé 2, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark
Location: The venue is located on the Western edge of the city center, closely to the main station
Presale: Did not find one
Some sights in the city:

  • As the distance between Aarhus and Aalborg is not that large, you may have a detour to Billund and watch some LEGO at their home town – especially in Legoland.
  • The Latin Quarter is well rated to hang out.
  • Especially in the harbor area, there are some quite iconic pieces of architecture.

Transport to/from the airport: Aarhus Airport (AAR) is rather remote, Northeast of the city. There is an express bus service.
Transport in the city: City center is a bit more widespread. The bus service should be fine, though.
Transport from Aalborg: The train ride between the two cities is just some 90 minutes.


27th Feb 2023 – Copenhagen (Denmark) – Koncerthuset

Apart from Germany and the United Kingdom, the (comparably small) country is the only country which is having three shows. Quite surprising to me. However, the Danish capital is indeed also covering Southwest Sweden like Gothenburg and Malmö.

Venue Address: Ørestads Blvd. 13, 2300 København, Denmark
Location: The venue is South of the main city, roughly in the middle of Copenhagen city and the airport. The venue, however, consists of four concert halls
Presale: Did not find one
Some sights in the city:

  • What Manneken Piss is in Brussels is Lille Havfrue, the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. A definitely overrated experience.
  • Much more picturesque on a sunny day is the harbor area Nyhavn
  • If you like engineering and architecture and don’t head to Oslo by train, having a train ride over the Öresund Bridge to Malmö in Sweden is a cool experience. Trains run very frequently.

Transport to/from the airport: Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is located East of the city, right at the Öresund Bridge. The airport has its own train station and is connected to regional, but also national train systems.
Transport in the city: You may face some travel times in Copenhagen. The system of underground rail services and buses is quite effective, though.
Transport from Aarhus: There is a ferry, which is short-cutting the drive to Copenhagen. Trains take some three hours on land.


28th Feb 2023 – Oslo (Norway) – Folketeateret

The Norwegian capital is one of the most beautiful cities on this tour. However, the shortcut to Stockholm may also feel attractive.

Venue Address: Storgaten 21-23 Inngang fra, Youngstorget, 0184 Oslo, Norway
Location: The theatre and opera house is in the heart of the city, close to Oslo Cathedral and the Sentralstasjon main station.
Presale: Did not find one
Some sights in the city:

  • Unfortunately, you miss the sports events at the Holmenkollen (Ski Jumiping, Ski Nordic) by a week. Still, it is a cool spot to enjoy a view of the city
  • Even though I recommend another old ship in Stockholm, the Frammuseum is a cool spot to visit
  • The Nobel Peace Center is a very interesting museum. The museum island also features some other interesting exhibits.

Transport to/from the airport: The key airport is Oslo-Gardermoen (OSL). It is connected to public transport, including an express rail service. Oslo-Torp (TRF), which is used by minor airlines, does have a rail connection as well.
Transport in the city: Oslo’s mass transit works very well. It includes metro services.
Transport from Copenhagen: Rail enthusiasts could opt for a train, but I would definitely skip these eight hours and go for a flight. However, getting from Copenhagen to Stockholm is convenient in a train.


1st Mar 2023 – Stockholm (Sweden) – Circus

Stockholm is the Easternmost stop of the tour. The Swedish capitals situated on multiple islands is definitely a beauty.

Venue Address: Djurgårdsslätten 43-45, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden
Location: The Circus is located on the central island Djurgarden. You can easily get there by tram line.
Presale: Did not find one
Some sights in the city:

  • Djurgarden is featuring a couple of very interesting museums. I feel that the Vasamuseet featuring the historic Vasa ship is a breathtaking must
  • Close to the venue as well is the ABBA Museum. I am not a huge fan of it… But hey, you travel for music, so you might love it. There is even a phone with a secret number – only the four band members know it and may call you (okay, it really rarely happens…)
  • Gamla Stan is the Old Town of Stockholm, located on an island.
  • Watch my sports, floorball, which is called Innebandy in Sweden and is run professionally.

Transport to/from the airport: There are two airports, Bromma (BMA) and Arlanda (ARN). Bromma is typically not served internationally apart from very few exceptions. There are bus services. The key airport Arlanda is connected by bus and the express rail service Arlanda Express.
Transport in the city: Stockholm’s system of trams, buses and underground rail is very handy.
Transport from Oslo: Similar to Copenhagen to Oslo… you can do it by train, but it is a massive trip. You are typically transferring in Gothenburg to the Swedish X2000 high speed rail.


4th March 2023 – Dusseldorf (Germany) – Capitol

The venue is just about half an hour away from my home – this Saturday will definitely be a reason to party for me. Even though… See below…

Venue Address: Erkrather Str. 30, 40233 Düsseldorf, Germany
Location: The venue is just a few blocks away from the main station.
Presale: German ADTicket presale on 9th November 2022 (not restricted)
Some sights in the city:

  • As Dusseldorf is the rival city of my home town, I highly recommend the day trip to Cologne 😉 Rail transport is easy.
  • Close to the venue is the largest European community of Japanese people. Buy some manga and eat high quality sushi.
  • The Rheinturm (Rhein Tower) is giving you breathtaking views of the city. There is a posh restaurant on top.

Transport to/from the airport: Dusseldorf Airport (DUS) is well connected to the city. Please note that it has two train stations, one located right in the basement of the terminal (S11 commuter train only) and a separate one, which you have to access via the iconic SkyTrain. This “main” Airport Station also features some high speed rail connections.
Transport in the city: The tram and underground services are very handy.
Transport from Stockholm: Yeah, you got three days and the train ride would be possible. Unfortunately, the Swedish night train to Germany is not operating in February. Thus, I would recommend to go for a flight.


5th March 2023 – Berlin (Germany) – Admiralspalast

The last stop in Germany is its capital Berlin. The Admiralspalast is an iconic venue, so I guess the show will be impressive.

Venue Address: Friedrichstraße 101, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Location: The venue is located very close to the Friedrichstraße train station, the former border crossing of the East and West.
Presale: German ADTicket presale on 9th November 2022 (not restricted)
Some sights in the city:

  • From the venue, it is just a short walk to the Unter den Linden boulevard. Walk through the Brandenburg Gate, walk along the US-American embassy and check if a band member lost his passport – or be touristy and visit Madame Tussauds or the obscure Bud Spencer Museum.
  • Not too far away is the Alexanderplatz with the “Alex”, which is nowadays serving as a rotating restaurant and view tower. Hint: if you are in the city in the morning, reserve a table for breakfast before – the total price is not that much higher than the ordinary visit.
  • If you are in Berlin on the Saturday already, I highly recommend the impressive Mythos Germania museum.
  • Floorball, part 2: the Max Schmeling Halle will host the German Cup Finals the same day. Have some fun!

Transport to/from the airport: All Berlin Airports have been merged to the location of the former GDR Airport. Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER) is South of the city and connected by rail services
Transport in the city: Berlin is a huge city. Due to its history, there are multiple “city center”s. This increases the travel times and makes the public transport sometimes feel less efficient than it actually is.
Transport from Dusseldorf: I will do both tour stops… And I will definitely go by rail. The ICE high speed rail is very handy.


6th March 2023 – Vienna (Austria) – Gasometer

Vienna will be the farewell show. Nice one, indeed – the Austrian capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Somehow a shame that is not giving you any impressions so far.

Venue Address: Guglgasse 6, 1110 Wien, Austria
Location: The venue is a bit Southeast of Central Vienna
Presale: German ADTicket presale on 9th November 2022 (not restricted)
Some sights in the city:

  • Go for calories! Regardless if it is a Sachertorte (a “Sacher Cake” – but don’t go for the original in the over-priced cafe), a Wiener Schnitzel (lovely breaded escalope – original meat is veal) or a Kaiserschmarrn (sorme sort of Austrian pancake dish) – you won’t forget this experience
  • It is a bit of old-fashioned, but I do enjoy riding one of Europe’s (still) most famous Ferris wheels, at the Prater amusement park (entrance is free, you just pay the rides)
  • Schloss Schönbrunn (Castle Schönbrunn) is a beautiful place West of city center.

Transport to/from the airport: Vienna Airport (VIE) is located Southeast of the city. There are commuter rail connections. If you are in a hurry, you may also opt for the express rail.
Transport in the city: Vienna public transport is very effective and a nice combo of on-ground and underground services.
Transport from Berlin: One of these “you can do it by rail, but…”  connections. It is a long trip even though there are few connections. Even though Berlin Airport is a mess, I would go or the flight about Weird Al Yankovic

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