Sue Foley – One Guitar Woman

Sue Foley - One Guitar Woman



4.2/5 Pros

  • Lovely tribute album
  • Wide range of songs with a personal touch

There have been quite a lot country and Americana releases on the Easter weekend of 2024. One of them is by the Canadian artist Sue Foley. One Guitar Woman, released on 29th March 2024, is her seventeenth studio album already. I had a listen to the release, which is an homage to the female guitarist pioneers.


Sue Foley – About The Artist

Sue Foley is a Canadian artist, who is mahorly known for her blues releases. She was born on 29th March 1968 in Ottawa. She learned to play the guitar in teenage years. In the very late 1980’s, she started her musical career as a guest and studio musician. Her first release was the 1992 album Young Girl Blues. Her discography lists sixteen albums so far.


Sue Foley – One Guitar Woman – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 47 minutes.


1. Oh Babe It Ain’t No Lie

The opener, one of two songs already released as a single, is a lovely countryfolk track in a singer-songwriter style. Like on the whole album, Sue Foley concentrates on her storytelling – and in this first track, she does it in a beautiful way.

2. In My Girlish Days

In My Girlish Days is much more groovy and thereby underlines the blues background of the artist. One of the most famous interpretations of this track is by Memphis Minnie. Really nice one.

3. Lonesome Homesick Blues

The set of cover songs continues with the Lonesome Homesick Blues, which has been a release by The Carter Family in 1941. Sue Foley also takes sufficient time to present the guitar in this blues classic, which still comes with a nice country-folk touch.

4. Mal Hombre

The fourth song of Sue Foley’s tribute album even goes back another decade Mal Hombre has been released by Lydia Medosa in 1934. Sue Foley’s version mixes English and Spanish lyrics, which leads to a very nice touch.

5. Motherless Child Blues

The fifth song is another one originally published in the 1930’s. Elvie Thomas has been the original artist and songwriter. The guitars are rather in background, but spend some lovely melodic moments in this very fine tune.

6. Romance In A Minor

In this instrumental, Sue Foley is leading the full focus on the guitar. The song is based on a violin recrdong by Niccolo Paganini, which has been transferred to the guitar by Ida Presti. A very special, but lovely listen on this album.

7. My Journey To The Sky

Just two years after World War II, Rosetta Tharpe originally recorded this song, My Journey To The Sky. Another rather fine song which a lovely atmosphere.

8. Nothing In Rambling

Nothing In Rambling adds a more energetic and groovy track to One Guitar Woman. Sue Foley thereby presents another Memphis Minnie original on her 2024 album. A lovely listen on the guitar side as well as in the vocal parts.

9. Maybelle’s Guitar

Maybelle’s Guitar is the second song on the album, which has been released before the album already. The 5th March 2024 single is a Sue Foley original, which still does not move away from the nostalgic touch of the album.

10. Freight Train

Freight Train, written by Elizabeth Cotten, is a folk track, which is one of the oldest originals of Sue Foley’s album. Wikipedia states that the write has been between 1906 and 1912. However, the song became more popular in the 1950’s. Thus, the melodic song feels comparably modern in the context of One Guitar Woman.

11. Last Kind Words Blues

This song written by Geeshie Wiley, is also known as Last Kind Words only. The song has a melancholic touch. Very nice work on the guitar side in here.

12. La Malaguena

One Guitar Woman closes with Latin vibes. Sue Foley concentrates on the guitar here, which feels like the perfect choice for this album. Very impressing listen.


Sue Foley – One Guitar Woman – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Sue Foley – One Guitar Woman – My View

One Guitar Woman is a lovely tribute album. Sue Foley shows a wide range of styles and adds her own personality, without moving too much away to the originals. If you like guitar-driven music, this one could be a lovely treat for you.

Favorite Song: Maybelle’s Guitar


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