Songs Of The Week (week of 21 April 2023)

As I am having some quite intense travels ahead of me, I currently try to prepare as much contents for beforehand as possible. This does of course not include the Songs of the Week – I receive access to a major set of new releases not before Friday on that week. This time, the list opens with a song from Berlin – and closes with one. Hopefully you spot some differences between the two tracks – and all the other songs in between.


Off Lights feat. Chris Adam – Into The Night

The leading song of my playlist is from a Berlin band. Off Lights do a very nice and modern rock music style. For their latest single, they joined forces with Chris Adam of Smash Into Pieces.


Extreme – Banshee

The US rockers from Boston are one of these “Are they really still active?” bands to me. And indeed, they took quite a(nother) hiatus before releasing two songs this week, Banshee and #Rebel. Both songs are teasing the album #Six, which will be released in June. Oh, and there will be a “worldwide” tour – which is covering North America, Australia and Japan.


Foo Fighters – Rescued

A new single (Rescued) and an album (But Here We Are), which will be published on 2nd June 2023 – the Foo Fighters push themselves back into the focus of the music business.


Fred Roberts – Runaway

Runaway is in fact the debut single of the 20 year old British artist Fred Roberts. Really nice guitar rock song.


Santiano – Es klingt nach Freiheit

Shanty-folk with a touch of rock – Santiano is an established force in the German music industry nowadays. Another really good listen by the band from Flensburg in the very North of Germany.


Antje Schomaker – Lost Indieboy

Antje Schomaker is a German indie-pop artist from the West of the country. Nice, easy song with a nice rock touch.


Alexander Eder – Was hab ich gemacht

I swear, I really do listen to new releases by the Austrian before I add them to these lists… I could simply trust him. His tracks almost always seem to be great. Just like this one. Surprisingly rhythmic and pop-ish.


Thorsteinn Einarsson – Echo

I am so much looking forward to being in Iceland in about a week – Thiorsteinn Einarsson was born there. After the Reykjavik-origin artist became popular in the TV show Die große Chance, he is more active in his second home country Austria, though. Cool pop sound.


Julius Faehndrich – Flashback

Julius Faehndrich is not only a gifted musician, but also an actor, who is present in German speaking TV in different formats. His latest release is a nice pop song with a touch of folk music.


Michael Lane – In Your Arms

I could definitely use exactly the same words I used about Alexander Eder about US-American-German artist Michael Lane. He is just a fascinating singer-songwriter folk artist. In Your Arms is beautifully praising the power of love.


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Council Skies

Even though the venues may be slightly smaller than in his Oasis times, Greater Manchester-origin Noel Gallagher settled in the music scene with his High Flying Birds. Sounds like Council Skies beautifully illustrate how wonderfully gifted this guy is.


Hannah Jadagu – Admit It

Hannah Jadagu is a US-American artist, who is originally from Texas, but now living in New York City. The critics admired her when she recorded her debut EP just with an iPhone during the pandemic. Interesting sound in this new release as well.


Bianca James – Monaco

I got my ticket – and it’s one way to Monaco. Bianca James has an Italian father and a British mother and grew up in Montreal. The song is a lovely indie-pop write with the vibes of the 1960’s.


Rosa Lee Luna – The One

Another very international artist: Rosa Lee Luna is a German-Hungarian artist living in Berlin. She already had some quite remarkable success with her initial releases. Nice sound.


Rene Miller – Wrong Places

You don’t know Rene Miller? The German is better known as an excellent and extremely successful songwriter. One of his key collaborations nowadays is with Zoe Wees. But Miller can do solo as well – as Wrong Places is illustrating.


Jake Shears – I Used To Be In Love

The new album of the US pop artist Jake Shears will be released on 2nd June 2023. It will be named Last Man Dancing – and this song is right in line with the album title. Nice dance pop with a disco sound touch.


MUNA – One That Got Away

There are quite a lot of US-American artists in my list this week – MUNA is one of them. The band is based in Los Angeles and feels to raise the attention on them significantly in recent times. They supported Lorde on tour, they had their debut at Coachella – and they release good tracks like this one.


Captain Jack – Livin’ on a Prayer

I wrote something about this “Are they really still active” thing, when I introduced you to the new single by Extreme. I could say the same about Captain Jack. Yes, he made us dance will dance pop songs in 1990’s. Not too complex lyrics, but a strong bass drum. This is about the concept of this single release. You don’t even have to learn the lyrics, Bon Jovi already taught them to you some decades ago.


Sharaktah – Zimmer in Orange

Sharaktah grew up in very rural Northern Germany and is nowadays living in Hamburg. His new single Zimmer in Orange is an amazingly personal and intimate song. Doch wir hielten Deine Hand, als Du geflogen bist, in Deinem Zimmer. – “But we held your hand when you flew, in your room”. Wow, goose bump track.


Kenny & Krabat – Meer

My list is this week closing with the duo Kenny & Krabat from Berlin. Indie-pop with influences from hip hop lead to a very catching and interesting groove. I really enjoyed listening to Meer (“Sea”).



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