Molly Burch – Romantic Images

Molly Burch - Romantic Images



3.2/5 Pros

  • Catching indie pop elements
  • Good voice Cons

  • Songs are too repetitive
  • Too limited range of sounds

During the last weeks, I also tried to touch some new genres on This week, I present you Molly Burch, who is rather in the independent music styles. On 23rd July 2021, she released her new album Romantic Imagines. I had the chance to pre-listen and share my thoughts with you.


Molly Burch – About The Artist

Molly Burch is a US singer-songwriter, who is majorly active in the indie pop and indie rock genre. Born in Los Angeles, she is nowadays based in Austin, Texas. She graduated in jazz vocal performance. Burch is pursuing a professional artist career since 2013. In 2017, she released her debut album Please Be Mine. Since then, she regularly released long players. The 2018 First Flower was followed by The Molly Burch Christmas Album in 2019. Romantic Images is her fourth album.


Molly Burch – Romantic Images – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 33 minutes.

1. Control

Control starts like a gentle ballad with piano sounds, but then, the rhythm takes more and more control of the song and the high voice of Molly Burch is even pushed up into the falsetto ranges. Somehow the voice feels a bit thin – but this leads to a really good overall sound. Interesting and good sound.

2. Games

Games is working with similar elements than the opener – especially Burch’s falsetto voice is a dominant driver of the sound. There is more bass guitar sound in the track, which leads to a nice groove. A song which reminds me of 1980’s pop, like a Kate Bush song.

3. Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold is a bit darker and feels melancholic. It is also a proof that with the set of elements Molly Burch is working, she can produce versatile and entertaining songs even within these rather narrow constraints. I personally prefer to listen to the opener regarding the single releases so far, though.

4. Romantic Images

Here we go, the title track. The song is aiming for a very emotional love song. Some parts of Romantic Images give me a blast, but especially the rather long melodic parts feel a bit too boring to me. Thus, the title track is definitely not the best argument to sell this album.

5. New Beginning

New Beginning is a song which does not touch me too much. It just does not feature a surprise, a reason to listen to it. It is not worse than other songs before, but also not sufficiently different. On top of that, it is the shortest track of the album.

6. Took A Minute

A cool groove, a nice vocal performance – Took A Minute shows how Molly Burch can convince and make you happy with her music. One of the best songs of the album to me (maybe even the highlight of the album).

7. Emotion feat. Wild Nothing

For this track, Burch invited Wild Nothing, a Virginia based indie-rock / dream pop band. The dream pop influence is a bit stronger to me, there are a lot of synth elements in the song. The song feels more complete and more complex than other Romantic Images tracks.

8. Honeymoon Phase

Honeymood Phase is an interesting song, as it comes with comparably significant rock music influences. I feel this kind of arrangement works very well with Burch’s voice. Unfortunately, some elements already feel a bit too worn after eight songs of listening – we had them too often before.

9. Easy

With keyboard sounds at the beginning, Easy already starts in a special way. Towards the end, Romantic Images presents some really interesting tracks – this one, which even has a bit of a touch of soul, is definitely one of them.

10. Back In Time

The album closes with Back In Time, which is one of the best track of the album. Nice groove and a nice easy listening sound.


Molly Burch – Romantic Images – Spotify

Here is Romantic Images on Spoitfy:


Molly Burch – Romantic Images – My View

I struggle with Romantic Images. On the one hand, I like the sound of Molly Burch and her songs. Especially towards the end of the ten tracks, she shows that there is so much potential in her sound. On the other hand, she is limiting her style very much, which makes it hard to stay feeling entertained, even just for half an hour of listening. There are too many elements which occur very similarly in multiple songs – which finally  also pushes down the rating.



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