Storm Seeker – Nautic Force

Storm Seeker - Nautic Force



4.5/5 Pros

  • Great, very catchy sound
  • Nice, characteristic blend of folk, shanty and metal elements
  • Very entertaining album

Just at the end of the week in which I covered the concert of the Wellerman band The Longest Johns, I ran into an interesting shanty-folk-rock release. On 28th April 2023, the band Storm Seeker released their album Nautic Force. Of course, the band comes from the German shore… not… At least if you don’t count the River Rhine as part of the German coast. Here is my review.


Storm Seeker – About The Artists

Storm Seeker have been founded in 2013 in Neuss in the Rheinland region in Germany. Two of the founding members are still active, Markus Olaf Bornfleth (drums / percussion) and Timo Timonthy Bornfleth (vocals, bass). The other band members are Fabienne Fabi Kirschke (hurdy gurdy, flute), Tim Ughar der Schrecklich Durstige Bratz (keys and accordion) and Paul Paule Martens (guitar). They describe their style as pirate folk metal. The first Storm Seeker EPPirate Scum, has been released in 2016. Since then, there have been three album releases, Beneath in the Cold (2020), Guns Don’t Cry (2021) and Calm Seas Vol. 1 (2021). The latter has been an acoustic album.


Storm Seeker – Nautic Force – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Heavaway

Four of the eleven tracks of the album have already been used to heat up the Storm Seeker fans. The opener Heavaway is definitely a great option to get into the tunes of Nautic Force. A nice, catching shanty sway, a cool sound due to the band’s characteristic instrumentation and some heaviness created from the six string side. Timothy’s raspy voice feels to suit perfectly to this sound. Cheers guys, this one is a lot of fun.

2. Across the Seven Seas

After the opener came with that shanty-alike tune, Across the Seven Seas is more like a pirate-folk-rocker – more melodic, no shanty-sway, but also slightly less rocking than Heavaway. The song has a narrative touch. And it is coming with another chorus which simply stays in your head and makes you sing with the Germans.

3. Miles and Miles

Miles and miles shall we go astrayThrough the winds and test of timeAnother time away,Another day astray,Another day we’re going miles and miles

This song is a lovely showcase of Fabienne Kirschke. The lady of the quintet is not present on the vocal side, but her hurdy gurdy is dominating the melodic definition of Miles and Miles – at least in the intro and the instrumental post-chorus. The latter holds the main theme of the song, which is again very catchy and good to grasp. And, of course, the guys rock nicely as well. Timo on the vocal side feels to give the perfect pirate illusion.

4. Bottoms Up

If you like harder guitar tunes and a bit of darker atmosphere in the land of pirates, Bottoms Up might be the right listen for you. The song sounds like pub chant right before last call. Raise your drinking horns – and your devil’s horns – to Storm Seeker for this one.

5. Blow Winds Blow

Blow winds, blow
Tremble and raw
Raise up, might storm
Blow winds, blow
Tremble and raw
Flow me away from shore

The song is not only about some natural support for a quick sail to the next destination, but also dealing with the struggle of sailors’ life in general. With the Fabienne vocal solo in the bridge of the song latest, this one turns out to be a special song with a nice pumping rhythm.

6. Nine Ships by Night

This three minute track is not only one of the shorter listens, but also one of the rather quick rhythms of the album. Like at the predecessor, the rhythm of the song is catching you and you have to move to the vibes of the track. However, Nine Ships by Night has a stronger pub-shanty touch and the rougher vocal sound which makes you sing with the band even quicker. Hey, Hey ho and Hey, let’s go in the chorus definitely lead to an easy access to the chorus. Nice flute and bass instrumental part.

7. Bound to the Waves

Bound to the Waves is a bit on the harder side again and therefor has less of the swaying touch. Even though the verses don’t get me that strongly, the chorus latest is definitely a blast. And the choir-alike interlude is a nice element as well.

8. Mare Len Iunor

Slow, quiet, very handmade style – Maren Len Iunor is a contrast to the rocking sing-a-long party tunes of the album. Vocals are just used as a non-lyrical backing choir, which leads to a very majestic instrumental listen.

9. Cannonthunder

The name of the ninth song is already suggesting that it will likely not connect to the slow signature of Mare Len Iunor. And, indeed, Storm Seeker seek for the pirate-metal storm in here. You just have to like what they are doing in songs like these.

10. Rolling Home

Rolling Home starts with a typical shanty touch. However, finally, the band is at least unveiling a bit of their rock heart as well. Nonetheless, the song has some nice instrumental sections for the less rowdy instruments. I enjoy the flute part, for example.


11. Pump Shanty

Many songs on this album sound like traditional shanties – but in fact, only the final track is not a Storm Seeker writer. When these guys perform this traditional track, it feels to fit in seamlessly into the other recordings for a beautiful close.


Storm Seeker – Nautic Force – Spotify

Here is Nautic Force on


Storm Seeker – Nautic Force – My View

I had a lot of fun with this album, which finally deserved to grasp my final spot for album reviews in that week. Storm Seeker are simply fun, they create their own sound and style. Absolutely loved listening to them.


Storm Seeker – Tour Dates2023

Currently, Storm Seeker are touring with Mono Inc., who present their Ravenblack album. They have some additional tour dates thereafter.

Fr 28.04.2023 Cologne – Carlswerk Victoria
Sa 29.04.2023 Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle
Su 30.04.2023 Hamburg – Sporthalle
Fr 05.03.2023 Berlin – Columbiahalle
Sa 06.05.2023 Leipzig – Haus Auensee
Fr 12.05.2023 Munich – Zenith
Sa 13.05.2023 Dresden – Alter Schlachthof
Fr 19.05.2023 Frankfurt – Jahrhunderthalle
Sa 20.05.2023 Hanover – Swiss Life Hall
Fr 26.05.2023 Fürth – Stadthalle
Sa 27.05.2023 Stuttgart – Porsche Arena
So 28.05.2023 Bielefeld – Ringlokschuppen
Th 08.06.2023 –
Sa 10.06.2023
Gardelegen – Metal Frenzy
Th 15.06.2023 –
Sa 17.06.2023
Krainichfeld – Sternenklang Festival (Freilichtbühne)
Fr 23.06.2023 –
Sa 24.06.2023
Abenberg – Feuertanz Festival
Fr 30.06.2023 –
Sa 01.07.2023
Mülheim – Castle Rock Schloss Broich
Sa 05.08.2023 Kaarst – Bioland Lammertzhof
We 16.08.2023 –
Sa 19.08.2023
Dinkelsbühl – Summer Breeze
We 23.08.2023 –
Sa 26.08.2023
Schleswig – Baltic Open Air


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