Zwanie Jonson – We Like It

Zwanie Jonson - We Like It



2.9/5 Pros

  • Very promising beginning of the album
  • Nice touch of different genres Cons

  • Second part of the album is too monotonous

It’s just about a month ago since I reviewed the 2021 album of Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen, GschichterIn aus dem Park Cafe. The opening track of the album is Yo Zwanie!, a reference to their former member Zwanie Jonson. Jonson is now part of a review himself. I am having a deeper look into his album to be released on 6th August 2021, We Like It. Here is my review.


Zwanie Jonson – About The Artist

The civil name of Zwanie Jonson is Christoph Kähler. He became famous as a drummer for several German bands like Fettes Brot of Die Fantastischen Vier. However, he is also playing other instruments and is a songwriter and producer. In 2007, he published his solo debut album It’s Zwanietime. Two more albums followed so far – the 2011 I’m A Sunshine and the 2017 Eleven Songs For A Girl. Thereby, the Hamburg resident is majorly doing West Coast-style pop tracks which elements from other genres.


Zwanie Jonson – We Like It – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 35 minutes

1. We Like It

We Like It is simply a cool openener. I can hardly find good words for it. It comes with the energy of a good Bruce Springsteen song, but on the other hand it is easy listening and grooving like a surfers’ song. Love to listen to it.

2. Empty Cities

The second song on the album is extremely laid back. I love the cool vibe of this track, which has an R&B touch with a big blend of pop. The rhythm and groove is again catching, Zwanie’s dark voice is spreading a blues spirit to the song as well.

3. The Hook

After two really cool songs, I don’t get that well into The Hook. The chorus is very catching, though. Together with the present rhythm, the key part of the song even touches funk.

4. Bring Me Colour

The fourth track is slower than any of the songs before. Especially in the bridge, the song reminds me of psychedelic pop/rock tracks – Zwanie Jonson is reaching out to a wide range of genres in his 2021 album.

5. It’s Our DNA

It’s Our DNA feels like a kitschy 1980’s pop track to me. The song feels very pure to me, just comes with limited instrumental elements and concentrates on the permanent and present rhythm as well as the vocals, which feel to be rather in the background. Interesting listen.

6. You Wrote A Book

Zwanie Jonson is very often named to be a folk pop artist – You Wrote A Book illustrates the reason for that. The song is very melodic, combines electronic sounds with the typical structure of folk music. Good one.

7. Anthony

iAnthony has a very nice groove and is a nice Easy Listening / lounge music sound. One of the best tracks in this part of the album.

8. My Apartment

My Apartment reminds me of the ease of an Andreas Dorau track – but overall, it uses much more electronic elements and distortion. Not my favorite song of the album, even though it comes with a nice touch.

9.  Hate Is Coming Back

I have to admit that the first half of the album got me much more. Hate Is Coming Back is nicely done, but feels significantly less entertaining than some songs in the first half of the album. The song is also rather monotonous.

10. I Wobble Today

I Wobble Today is a synth pop track with dreamish elements and some sounds, which could be taken from a 1980’s video game. Again, the song feels too long to me (3:24 minutes). I feel it would have been a better one with some thirty, forty seconds less).

11. My Midnight Train

Keyboard sounds, dream-alike elements and a lot of atmosphere: Zwanie Jonson is approaching the folk genre in this final song of the album again. Not too bad!


Zwanie Jonson – We Like It – Spotify

Here is We Like It on Spotify:


Zwanie Jonson – We Like It – My View

We Like It is an up and down to me: the first part of the album is rather the upwards, uplifting part, while the second half of the album does not give me too many entertaining moments. The songs feel very similar and contain a lot of loops. I am sure that fans of Zwanie love it – but I just struggle too much.Thus, the album does not make it better than an average rating.


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