Chase Rice – I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell

I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very nice country album
  • Some unique tracks like "Oklahoma"
  • Good storytelling Cons

  • Could have more catching tracks

After I presented you the EP The Album Part II in May 2020, this one is the first full album release by country music artist Chase Rice I feature on The title of his 10th February 2023 release might feel a bit of weird. I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell is not an angry statement of a grumpy guy, but two of the song titles of this


Chase Rice – About The Artist

Chase Rice was born Florida in 1985, but grew up in Nashville, North Carolina. I gave you some more bio when I reviewed the second part of The Album, as stated above. After the two parts have been released together as one full release, The Album hit the 34th spot in the US Country Billboard Charts.


Chase Rice – I Hate Cowboys… – Track by Track

The thirteen song album lasts 49 minutes.

1. Walk That Easy

The opener starts gently and then more and more develops into a nice mid-tempo modern country song. Some rock elements, very present sound, and a typical country music message – Love don’t walk that easy. Nonetheless, this opener to the 2023 Chase Rice release is not a stereotypical song and in fact a good listen.

2. All Dogs Go To Hell

Is this one a title track now? Or half a title track? The song is slower as the first song, has a nice groove, beautiful steel guitar… and also some alcoholic references on the lyrics side. A beautiful chorus stating I don’t miss you baby and All dogs go to hell – with making clear before that all statements in the chorus are lies.

3. Way Down Yonder

Way Down Yonder is one of the single releases of the album – and it is also its first more energetic country rocker. Nonetheless, the third track also has a few more quiet moments. Nice listen.

4. Key West & Colorado

Three already released tracks in a row – the second one is Key West & Colorado. After the energetic predecessor, Chase Rice presents a beautiful, gentle song with a lot of love and emotions.

Somewhere between Key West and ColoradoI found God in a gold SilveradoHad to get a little lost to get a little foundLearned you can’t find love if you can’t slow down

5. Bench Seat

And we’d roll the windows down
Here right there in that bench seat next to me
There’s a smell of fresh cut grass
Mr. Reynolds waves as we roll past
State Road 44
First light arrives, the best view in Tennessee
And then I’ll say I saved your life
Oh but I know that’s a lie between
You and me and a bench seat

Another song which is just made to touch the North American country music consumer’s heart. The very slow and quiet Bench Seat does not touch me that much, but I am sure, it’s got its die-hard fans out there.

6. Life Part Of Livin’

The album continues with rather emotional recordings. Life Part Of Livin’ is a nicely written 3:18 minute listen. I do like the song, but somehow I am missing the final catch in it.

7. Bad Day To Be A Cold Beer

Bad Day To Be A Cold Beer is maybe just the right song I need now. Getting out of the emotional side and rather doing some rocking, partying stuff. Okay, alcohol is back to the album as well. I still enjoy this one, even though it is a bit of simply done.

8. Oklahoma (feat. Read Southall Band)

At a time where three minute country music songs more and more feel like a longer recording, I appreciate songs like Oklahoma. This beautiful storytelling takes 7:38 minutes. The song is the epic and dramatic heart of the album to me. I just can’t leave Oklahoma is the key statement in here – and I just cannot skip this song.

9. I Walk Alone

Maybe it is not just coincidence and the music industry somehow believes that the average 2023 music listener needs to “recover” from the long listen. Whatever the rationale is, I Walk Alone is the shortest song of the album. Thereby, the 2:41 minute song needs two minutes until a slow song is breaking out and starts to power and rock. The whole thing feels a bit of suspicious to me.

10. Sorry Momma

With howling steel guitars and nice piano lines, Sorry Momma is a song which may also make country music traditional listeners smile. The song also has a bit of a sing-a-long swing, which I albsolutely enjoyed while listening.

11. If I Were Rock & Roll (Album Version)

Chase Rice already released this song, which is part of his 2023 in a slightly updated version. The arrangement of thiis version, however, is not that much my favorite one.

12. Goodnight Nancy (feat. Boy Named Banjo)

Boy Named Banjo feels like Chase Rice has upgraded this song with a single artist – but in fact, it is a combo of five muscians, who lead to a beautiful addition to the sound of the album. On the melodic side, this is my favorite song of the whole album.

13. I Hate Cowboys

The album is closing with the second title-track-or-whatever thing. A nice and intense way to close this long-play.

‘Cause they think that they’re John Wayne walkin’ through the door
Turnin’ every head including yours
Pretty thing that’s never seen one before
Has got a thing for bad guys, yeah
They ask her to dance while you’re at the bar
Starts talkin’ ’bout them Texas stars
Next thing you know you got a broken heart
She’s gone and that’s why I hate cowboys


Chase Rice – I Hate Cowboys… – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Chase Rice – I Hate Cowboys… – My View

I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell is definitely a nice album. But it is not top notch to me. In a bit of too many songs, I miss being caught by the music. Songs like Oklahoma, however, give this 2023 a very unique touch and thus still boost it to rather high rankings.



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