Max Giesinger – Vier

Max Giesinger - Vier



3.9/5 Pros

  • Great voice
  • Nice stories
  • Overall good album Cons

  • Some tracks feel quite thinner than others

Max Giesinger has grown his fan base in Germany steadily over the last years. Three years after his most recent release, he is back in the virtual and physical stores with a new album: his fourth studio album is simply called Vier, which means “four”. Release date has been 12th November 2021.


Max Giesinger – About The Artist

Max Giesinger was born on 3rd October 1988 in Waldbronn, South of Karlsruhe, Germany. His first major steps to the German public was in the German version of the The Voice talent show, which he finished fourth in 2012. His debut album Laufen Lernen in 2014 did not have commercial success. The breakthrough was the 2016 Der Junge der rennt (“The boy who runs”), which was boosted by two successful singles, 80 Millionen and Wenn sie tanzt, which received a triple golden / a platinum record in Germany. The album stayed in the German charts for 94 weeks and, even though it peaked on the 17th spot, got a platinum record. Two years later, in 2018, he released his last album so far: Die Reise went up to the second spot in the album charts.


Max Giesinger – Vier – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 35 minutes.

1. Irgendwann ist jetzt

Giesinger starts the album with a single released song. A bit of groove, some power – finally, his voice is the most catching element of Irgendwann ist jetzt – “Some time is now”. I would not rate this starter too high – but there eleven more episodes of the Vier story to follow.

2. Fenster

Before writing a review, I read an interview with Giesinger about the album. One of the first statements he gave is that he hopes that the album is touching the listeners somehow. Fenster does that much better to me than the opening track. Lovely storytelling.

Hinter jedem dieser Fenster
Liegt eine eigene Welt
Hinter jedem dieser Fenster
Ringen Menschen mit sich selbst
Sieh’ die Lichter brennen und denk’ dran
Wenn ich durch die Straßen geh’
Ob hinter einem dieser Fenster
Jemand ist der mich versteht.

(“Behind any of these windows
There is a very unique world
Behind any of these windows
People struggle with themselves
I see the lights burning and think
When I am strolling through the streets
Whether behind one of these windows
There is somebody who understands me”)

3. Deine Zweifel

In this song, Giesinger is looking back, how his childhood years branded his way of thinking and acting. A very deep song, with very straight and honest lyrics.

4. Irgendwo da draußen

The fourth song is again with the struggle Giesinger felt in his youth years. Being in his room at his parents he is dreaming of the world “somewhere out there” how the song is called. A rather uptempo and rhythmic German pop song. Nice lyrics.

5. Berge

The fifth track takes you into the “mountains” – that’s at least the translation of the title. The song is a pop song with a nice groove and a touch of folk musicBerge has a very special sound, which could be amazing for an intimate acoustic show. On the album, there is a risk that people don’t give it sufficient attention.

6. Der letzte Tag

Der letzte Tag almost feels like an energetic musical road movie. Giesinger is looking back to the early days of his career. Again, he is nicely describing stories and feelings:

Wenn dieser Tage hier wirklich der letzte ist
Wird uns dann klar, was eigentlich wichtig ist
Weiss nie, was man hat, bis man es verliert
Ich wünschte, Du wärst noch immer hier

(“If this day is really the last one
Do we understand what is really important
You never know what you got, before you lose it.
I wish that you would still be here”)

7. In meinen Gedanken

Even though the background music feels a bit too pop-ish to me, Giesinger’s voice is beautifully in the center of In meinen Gedanken. I would love to listen to songs like this in a more intimate, acoustic setting. The track has such a great potential for that.

8. Seit es vorbei ist

There are quite a lot of songs on this album dealing with lost love, missing people and similar topics. Seit es vorbei ist (“Since it is over”) is one of them – honestly, I have to say that I feel that it is one of the weaker songs of Vier.

9. Hotel (feat. Madeline Juno)

For Hotel, German singer-songwriter Madeline Juno is supporting Giesinger. I like the vocal harmony between the two voices. The song itself has a very quick rhythm – I sometimes feel that the arrangement is rather bothering than catching.

10. Das Wunder sind wir

According to the press kit, Giesinger wrote this song when he saw how hordes of influencers stormed Bali during his vacation there, trying to haunt the best picture. Das Wunder sind wir (“We are the wonder”) is a beautiful appeal to search for the good things inside yourself. A song I love the more I am listening to it.

11. Stuntman

Stuntman is a song, which I feel is not adding that much to the album. However, individually, it is a nice song, which is creating a very intense atmosphere.

12. Das letzte Prozent

The album closes with this lovely piano song. A nice focus on the story and Giesinger’s voice – even though I would rate the track to be rather average.


Max Giesinger – Vier – Spotify

Here is Vier on Spotify:


Max Giesinger – Vier – Track by Track

Can I relate to Vier? Definitely yes. Giesinger is doing some really catching stories on the album. Some others are feeling to be comparably average and thin though, so that the album does not make it to the absolute top ratings to me. Nonetheless, if you like thoughtful, rather deep German pop with good stories, Giesinger’s 2021 release is a safe way to happiness for music lovers.


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