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Levara - Levara



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very straight classic rock
  • Just a lovely, good listen
  • Great instrumental parts Cons

  • They rock much better than they do ballads 🙂

A new release on 14th May 2021 – the California project Levara debut with their self-titled album. I got in contact with the album on a promotion platform and felt that it is a nice piece of music to share. Apart from that, the band member have some quite interesting background. Here are my thoughts about the album.

Levara – About The Artists

Levara is a band which has been founded in Los Angeles. The most prominent member of the band is likely Trev Lukather, the son of Toto guitarist Steve Lukather. He also joined the band Diamante in the past. Josh Devine, the drummer of Levara, is originally from Bournemouth, England. He was part of One Direction before. Last, but not least, Jules Galli is the singer of Levara. He came from France to California. Before the band renamed to Levara, they toured as ZFG.


Levara – Levara – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Heaven Knows

Levara start their debut with three songs they have in fact released already. The first one is a great rock anthem, having a nice touch for a stadium rock party. Straight, good sound and a nice sing-a-long potential. That’s lovely stuff for music lovers, indeed.

2. Automatic

The verses of Automatic gives the track a bit of a pop-ish touch – but the chorus is leaving no doubt: this band rocks. The bridge also comes with powerful guitar riffs. Feels like the good, old 1980’s. Just very rare occasions tell the listener that this track is in fact more modern than it feels to be.

3. Ever Enough

Ever Enough has been released as a single just a few weeks before the album. This song feels rather modern. Again, the guitar elements come with a lot of power, the song is a catching, good. Is it ever enough? Not yet! So many songs to go… But the beginning is truly promising.

4. On For The Night

The first song on the album which has not been released as a single yet is always a critical point of a review. Good or bad – in this case On For The Night is a hint if the album rather goes to a thumbs up or thumbs down direction. The song is a bit of slower, but it still comes with the same elements you explored in the tracks before: great work on the instruments, good and catching melodies and a nice vocal performance. When the backing vocals sounding like a stadium crowd shant Ooh-ooh-ohh-ooh On For The Night, you feel that you cannot be too wrong in listening to this album.

5. Allow

The whistling at the beginning of Allow almost feels like birds singing. The song rather comes like a semi-powerful ballad. The song does not work out as well as the songs before to me, though. Not emotional enough for a good rock ballad, but also not rocking enough for a good rock song. The instrumental part will be loved by riff enthusiasts (again), though.

6. Can’t Get Over

After this rather critical though about Allow, it is good that Levara a powerful song with a bit of pop touch. Can’t Get Over is one of these harder rock songs, which could still be a mainstream radio success. The key reason is simply the lovely and catching melody. Good one.

7. Chameleon

Levara majorly do songs with a lot of on-stage potential. Chameleon has a lot of chances for the guys to interact with their fans, even though I felt this song is even stronger when I listened to it for the first time. Despite it is just 3:28 minutes, it feels a bit of lengthy.

8. Ordinary

The last single release (so far) on the album, Ordinary, may feel a bit of lame, but the chorus is again the core element of the song. The trio just do this part of their songs on point. Easy to remember, good to sing along – and the spirit of nostalgia.

9. Just A Man

The ninth song is a nice, special track. Nothing surprising, but a really good listen. You feel comfortable when Jules Galli is singing, you like their solos. Classic rock music in the safe comfort zone of the listener.

10. No One Above You

One for the heart, second try: the album’s closing track is another rock ballad. No One Above You works much better than Allow in my point of view. Still, it is not the most promising track on the album. Let’s say it like that: Levara are rockers, they do stadium rock great (this one comes with sing-a-long as well).


Levara – Levara – Spotify

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Levara – Levara – My View

It is really hard to find negative points about this album. You simply feel that this project is a collaboration of three really talented musicians. There is some weakness on the power ballad side maybe. Apart from that, the Los Angeles band debut really well with this album and show great classic rock tunes. Really good listen if you like that genre.


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