A Preview to Country Music Concerts (Germany & More)

After my posting in April, which was already speculating about a country music boom in Germany and Central Europe, a lot has changed in the German country music scene and list of upcoming concerts. In general, internet forums and discussion groups feel to be much more active to me. The C2C in Berlin in March 2019 was like an initial spark for it. The much it was surprising that Germany gets that festival at all, the more it was that it will be played on three days in 2020, a weekend before the “big” C2C in London.

However, not just that festival is a factor. A lot of artists seem to take the detour to Germany, the Netherlands, sometimes even to Spain and France now, when they are doing some shows in the United Kingdom. On the German side, there are especially two promoters, Wizard Promotion and Semmel Concerts with their “Sound of Nashville” series, who seem to believe – and invest in this genre. I have seen quite some acts which will be visiting Germany and Central Europe the next months – here is my view on the country artists which make it to Germany the next months.


List of Concerts – Summer 2019 to Winter 2020

Here is the list of concerts I am aware of. I may update the list, where necessary. My review is based on my experience on recent festivals. I sorted the acts in chronological order of their first concert in Germany. Thus, some of the biggest acts are quite towards the end. Shows I am planning to attend with are marked in bold.

Mrs. Greenbird

Mrs Greenbird is one of the few German acts who already gained reputation. Sarah Nücken and Steffen Brückner deliver very versatile country and folk music interpretations. They are more or less touring Germany all over 2019 with their 2019 album Dark Waters.

We 30.10.2019 Dresden, Scheune
Th 31.10.2019 Leipzig, Moritzbastei
Sa 02.11.2019 Hildesheim, Bischofsmühle
Su 03.11.2019 Brandenburg, Zickengang Golzow
We 06.11.2019 Berlin, Wabe
Th 07.11.2019 Frankfurt, Ponyhof
Sa 09.11.2019 Gaggenau, Kleine Bühne
Th 14.11.2019 Münster, Hot Jazz Club
Sa 16.11.2019 Wolfsburg, tbc
Su 24.11.2019 Mönchengladbach, Tig Theater
Tu 26.11.2019 Unna, Kühlschiff in der Lindenbrauerei
We 27.11.2019 Bielefeld, Bunker Ulmenwall
Th 28.11.2019 Göttingen, Norgelbuff
Fr 06.12.2019 Eckernförde, Carls Eventlocation
Sa 07.12.2019 Bremen, Kito

Mrs. Greenbird is one of the few German country music acts who deliver international class production. It will definitely be fun to enjoy the couple on stage. I saw them at the C2C in Berlin  2019 and will join their tour in Frankfurt – and already looking forward to that.


Kiefer Sutherland (Support: Twinnie)

Listing all movies and awards of Kiefer Sutherland’s career as an actor would likely blow up this posting. In 2016. the Hollywood Walk of Famer released his first album, Down in a Hole. Especially with his latest 2019 one, Reckless and Me, Sutherland had quite some success in Germany as well as in the UK. Thus, it is not that surprising that he is touring Europe for the second time in 2019 after he did some album preview shows earlier this year. In addition, he will play two shows in Wolfsburg in August. On the European October dates, he will be supported by my friend Twinnie.

Su 11.08.2019 Wolfsburg, Autostadt Sommerfestival
Mo 12.08.2019 Wolfsburg, Autostadt Sommerfestival
Th 03.10.2019 Hamburg, Fabrik
Fr 04.10.2019 Berlin, Heimathafen
Sa 05.10.2019 Vienna (AT), WUK
Tu 08.10.2019 Munich, Technikum
We 09.10.2019 Cologne, Carlswerk Victoria

My View:
I unfortunately haven’t seen Kiefer Sutherland live yet (and will also not make it to his concerts due to vacation), but I really like his straight music. The reviews of the shows he had earlier this year were massive, the intimate venues sold out in minutes – so I am sure he will give you a great evening during his October concerts. I feel so sad that I cannot go – Twinnie will have a blast as a support – a very wise addition to the shows.


Danielle Bradbery, Devin Dawson, Travis Denning, Rachel Wammack (Introducing Nashville)

The CMA itself presents Introducing Nashville, which will feature slightly different lineups in the UK and “European” tour version. Danielle Bradbery will headline both variants, which I am unfortunately just able to see in Gateshead, UK, in October. The other artists, which are coming to Hamburg, Berlin and Amsterdam are Devin Dawson, Travis Denning and Rachel Wammack.

Sa 12.10.2019 Hamburg, Grünspan
Su 13.10.2019 Berlin, Columbia Theater
Mo 14.10.2019 Amsterdam (NL), Zonnehuis
My View:
Though I was really bit worried about Danielle Bradbery at the CMA Fest, where she felt to fight through her performances, she is still one of my favorite artists. It will be cool to have her in Germany and Europe in general. Devin Dawson and Travis Denning will both be strong acts on stage as well. Rachel Wammack is a quite young, but upcoming artists. Thanks to the CMA for that strong show lineup.

Kenny Foster, Sarah Darling, Robert Counts

Originally, Sound of Nashville intended to bring Sarah Darling, Kenny Foster and Twinnie to a songwriters round for four dates to Germany. Twinnie had to withdraw due to the massive chance to support Kiefer Sutherland and was replaced by Robert Counts. There will be still two Featured Artists on stage in parallel, I saw them together with Twinnie and Jenn Bostic at the  legendary Listening Room in Nashville, right before the CMA Fest and had a blast of an evening.

Sa 12.10.2019 Cologne, Helios 37
Su 13.10.2019 Frankfurt, Das Bett
Mo 14.10.2019 Hamburg, Nochtspeicher
Tu 15.10.2019 Berlin, Musik & Frieden
My View:
I don’t know too much about Robert Counts, but Sarah Darling and Kenny Foster will be amazing already. Sarah was the angel and the sunshine of the recent British Country Festival in Blackpool and dominated Day 1 on stage. It will definitely be worth going to these rounds!

Striking Matches (Support: Sarah Darling)

You just cannot argue against it – one of the drivers to populate country music outside North America is the TV series Nashville, which shows so much about the life of country musicians. The Striking Matches are one of the bands, which emerged from the series and gained huge popularity worldwide. In October, they will come to Germany for two concerts, supported by Sarah Darling.

Th 17.10.2019 Hamburg, Indra Musikclub
Fr 18.10.2019 Berlin, Badehaus Szimpla

My View:
Nashville is a fantastic show – and so are all the acts spun off the TV series I saw so far. I am sure you will have a great time in Berlin and Hamburg. Of course, having Sarah Darling as a support act will be a superb add-on.

Scotty McCreery

While in Germany, many casting show winners have moderate success, winning shows like American Idol gives you a lasting boost in your musical career. Scotty McCreery won the tenth season of that TV format in May 2011. His first album, which he realeased some five months after that success, already reached Platinum status. Apart from his 2012 Christmas with Scotty McCreery (which places 2nd), all his four albums topped the US Country album charts, including his latest, the 2018 Seasons Change. On the singles side, his two latest releases, Five More Minutes and This is It each topped the US Country Airplay. This Is It is still a massive airplay song in the States, as I could experience during my two latest longer trips, my road trip towards the CMA Fest 2019 and my trip following Weird Al Yankovic on tour.

We 23.10.2019 Berlin, Privatclub
Th 24.10.2019 Cologne, Helios 37

My View:
It is hard to believe that acts like Old Dominion or Scotty McCreery really make it to Germany – and just add my home country to the “ordinary” UK concerts on their European schedule. The UK shows have been sold out in seconds – and there is a good reason for it: This Is It may be the most prominent song of McCreery, but I am sure that there will be an amazing time in Berlin and Cologne for this show. Congrats, Sound of Nashville – fantastic pick!

Logan Mize

As part of the “Country Music Week” (which will last a bit longer than just a week…), Sound of Nashville brings Logan Mize to five shows in Germany. It will be the second time he is playing on German soil after he played Sound of Nashville shows in March 2019 between the Country 2 Country 2019 Festivals in Berlin and London.

Sa 26.10.2019 Cologne, Club Volta
Su 27.10.2019 Frankfurt, Das Bett
Mo 28.10.2019 Berlin, Musik & Frieden
Di 29.10.2019 Munich, Feierwerk
Th 31.10.2019 Hamburg, Nochtspeicher

My View:
I did not visit the Logan Mize shows in March 2019, but his reviews were excellent, even though the set played was rather short (as he played with Craig Campbell and Lauren Jenkins). It will be interesting, which support acts are added to him for the October dates and whether he will be able to attract the audience again as he did before. The press event as a promotion in September was very promising already!


Nikki Lane

Nikki Lane already released three albums. Her last one, Highway Queen even made to second-highest on the minor US Heat Album charts. The South Carolina Girl plays Outlaw Country. She won the Ameripolitan Award in Female Outlaw Country in 2017.

Mo 04.11.2019 Copenhagen (DK), Hotel Cecil
Fr 08.11.2019 Berlin, Musik & Frieden
Mo 11.11.2019 Neustadt am Main, Nachtleben
Do 14.11.2019 Cologne, Helios 37

My View:
Lane has a very characteristic nickname: “Badass”. I feel that this is quite promising for her 2019 tour. I am not too much in her music and neither haven’t seen her live on stage. However, the reviews are very good and there is not too much good Female Outlaw Country on German stages anyway. I guess she will be worth the visit.


James Barker Band

The nice Canadian band was one of the fan favorites at the C2C in Berlin. They also did convincing shows at the initial Sound of Nashville shows in March 2019, when I saw them in the Cologne Blue Shell. Now they are back for six tour dates, including a stop in Zurich, Switzerland.


Fr 15.11.2019 Munich, Backstage Club
Sa 16.11.2019 Hamburg, Nochtspeicher
Su 17.11.2019 Cologne, Helios 37
Mo 18.11.2019 Berlin, Musik & Frieden
Tu 19.11.2019 Frankfurt, Das Bett
We 20.11.2019 Zurich (CH), Komplex Klub

My View:
I am not the biggest James Barker Band fan. I also just gave an average rating to their 2019 EP Singles Out. Somehow, I am strange and alone – most people party their shows. Off stage, they are definitely amazing characters anyway. Thus, I am sure you will have a great evening.



Midland had a blasting and overwhelming debut album. On the Rocks went second place in the Billboard Country album charts, Drinking Problem was likely the country music summer party song in 2017. Mr Lonely is the leadoff to a 2019 album, which they will feature in Amstedam in December. Surprisingly, they announced two more dates in Germany in March 2020 in October 2019.

Tu 10.12.2019 Amsterdam (NL), Melkweg SOLD OUT
Tu 17.03.2020 Hamburg, Mojo Club
We 18.03.2020 Berlin, Columbia Theater

My View:
I went to Glasgow to see Midland for their last tour in 2018 – and I was not caught that much. Many reviewers shared this feeling with me. Midland has to proof with their new album and the tour that they are not only an excellent studio band, but also good on stage. Hope they will make the Netherlands dance on 10th December.


Chase Rice

Chase Rice is another big name in the business. His 2015 album, Ignite the Night, topped the US country charts. Two years later, Lambs & Lions made it to #3. For his German and Dutch concerts, Chase Rice announced to play and acoustic set in five venues.

Di 21.01.2020 Hamburg, Mojo Club
Mi 22.01.2020 Cologne, Luxor
Do 23.01.2020 Munich, Hansa 39
Fr 24.01.2020 Berlin, Bi Nuu
Mo 27.01.2020 Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht (NL)

My View:
I saw Chase Rice a couple of times on stage in the last two years. However, he was always playing with a full band. He gave a blast to the audience from the very first to the very last minute. I absolutely look forward how he will be in an acoustic set. There are a lot of great songs so I cannot believe any other scenario than going home with a very, very happy smile.


Tyler Childers

Though Tyler Childers has quite great reviews, I did not know about him before I reviewed his amazing 2019 album Country Squire. Playing a mixture of country, folk and bluegrass, Childers is not necessarily a mainstream artist, but definitely an amazing musician.

We 22.01.2019 Nijmegen (NL), Doornroosje
Fr 24.01.2019 Copenhagen (DK), Pumpehuset
Tu 28.01.2019 Berlin, Franz
We 29.01.2019 Amsterdam (NL), Paradiso Noord

My View:
The Country Squire songs and the bootlegs and songs I additionally heard during the review absolutely blew my mind. Bad luck that the Nijmegen show is on the same day like the Cologne Chase Rice one – I would definitely go there. I think that this show is an absolutely no-brainer – you will have a good time!


Brett Eldredge (Support: Lauren Jenkins)

Nearly in parallel to Chase Rice, Brett Eldredge will come to Germany for two shows in Cologne and Hamburg. The German fans loved him already during his C2C performance 2019 in Berlin. Any of his four studio albums has either topped the US Country charts or was second placed. Five of his songs lead the US Country Airplay charts – these are just two stats which show how successful Eldredge is in his home country. He will be supported on his European tour by Lauren Jenkins, who is one of my absolutely favorite people in the business and a Featured Artist of the website.

Fr 24.01.2020 Cologne, Carlswerk Victoria
Sa 25.01.2020 Hamburg, Docks

My View:
I remember sitting with my wife Sarah at breakfast in the Hampton Inn Berlin the morning before the C2C 2019. There was a guy sitting next to us on the table, super-friendly, absolutely unremarkable. I somehow recognized his face – but I would never have dared to think that I am having my scrambled eggs next to a superstar like Brett Eldredge. Country musicians in general are very handy and easy to take – but the way he acted at the breakfast buffet, he did magic to the fans in Berlin in March 2019. I am sure that he will do musical magic again in January 2020 in Germany. Having Lauren with him will be a great one on top. You just must not miss it!


The Dead South

Bluegrass is something for country music nerds? The Dead South are proving you wrong if you feel so! Their 2016 In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company has been viewed 136 million times on YouTube. Their 2020 tour is one of the most massive ones in the country music scene. Thereby, the Canadians released their first album Good Company in 2014 through a German label. The 2016 long player Illusion and Doubt made it up to #5 in the US Bluegrass Billboard Charts. They are regarded to be a classic touring band.

Tu 24.03.2020 Utrecht (NL), Tivolie Vredenburg
We 25.03.2020 Antwerp (BE), De Roma
Fr 27.03.2020 Hamburg, Docks
Sa 28.03.2020 Copenhagen (DK), Amager Bio
We 01.04.2020 Berlin, Columbiahalle
Th 02.04.2020 Hannover, Capitol
Fr 03.04.2020 Leipzig, Werk 2
Sa 04.04.2020 Prague (CZ), Palac Akropolis
So 05.04.2020 Vienna (AT), Gasometer
Tu 07.04.2020 Zurich (CH), Volkshaus
We 08.04.2020 Munich, Tonhalle
Th 09.04.2020 Frankfurt, Batschkapp
Sa 11.04.2020 Cologne, E-Werk

My View:
Even if bluegrass is not your favorite country music genre, The Dead South may be worth a try. Their concert reviews are excellent and the number of concerts in this region shows their popularity on stage. I feel it will be a good time for you!


Keith Urban

Keith Urban is one of the few country musicians who regulary make it to the charts in non-country music countries like Germany (or are we just becoming one?). After he headlined the C2C 2019 in Berlin,  he is coming back to Germany for five shows in 2020. Definitely already one of the country music highlights of that year!

We 20.05.2020 Munich, Zenith
Fr 22.05.2020 Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle
Sa 23.05.2020 Cologne, Palladium
Mo 25.05.2020 Hamburg, Sporthalle
Tu 26.05.2020 Berlin, Verti Music Hall
Fr 29.05.2020 Copenhagen (DK), Falkoner Salen

My View:
Wow, he promised to come back to Germany during the C2C in Berlin 2019 – and so he does. I saw him four times in 2019 (Philadelphia, Berlin, London, Nashville) and I just promise you you will have an amazing time! Look forward to the tour in 2020 that much!


Past Concerts – Covered by

I decided that I only list the past tours which I featured with to keep this posting shorter. Furthermore, I removed the My View section – you can read my view in the reviews anyway.

Wade Bowen (Support: Jamie Freeman)

Eleven albums published since 2002 – Wade Bowen is definitely not a newbie to the genre. The Texas Country artitsts had a couple of Top 10 country album chart entries and is beloved by the critics. After he already announced his first German concerts earlier, he will be in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Cologne for four shows. His support, Jamie Freeman, just released his debut album Dreams about falling in May 2019.

Sa 03.08.2019 Hamburg, Nochtwache
Su 04.08.2019 Berlin, Privatclub
Mo 05.08.2019 Munich, Folks! Club
Di 06.08.2019 Cologne, Blue Shell Review



Eric Paslay (Support: Cash Campbell, Lainey Wilson)

Eric Paslay’s Friday Night is one of the first songs which raised my interest into country music. The show curently has 14 million views on YouTube, She don’t love you has even been played there 20 milion times. These figures show: Eric Paslay is a big name and brings some hits to Germany. His supports are Cash Campbell and Lainey Wilson.

Th 29.08.2019 Amsterdam (NL), Melkweg
Fr 30.08.2019 Hamburg, Knust
Sa 31.08.2019 Cologne, Luxor
Mo 02.09.2019 Berlin, Lido
Tu 04.09.2019 Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal Review
We 04.09.2019 Munich, Hansa 39


Thompson Square

Keifer and Shawna Thompson will visit Germany and the Netherlands for four concerts in early September. The married couple plays rather small clubs here, but they had quite significant success in North America already. Are you gonna kiss me or not has a stunning number of 25 million hits at YouTube and topped the US Country Charts. Their first two albums, Thompson Square and Just feels good came quite close to the top of the Billboard Country Album charts. Their 2018 album Masterpiece was, however, not that successful.

Mo 02.09.2019 Amsterdam (NL), Q-Factory
Tu 03.09.2019 Hamburg, Nachtspeicher
We 04.09.2019 Berlin, PrivatClub
Th 05.09.2019 Cologne, Blue Shell Review


Austin Jenckes, Jillian Jacqueline, Lauren Jenkins

As Austin Jenckes is unavailable on the first tour date at YUCA Club in Cologne, this small Sound of Nashville Tour of three artists is having a bit of an odd calendar. He will be supported by Jilian Jacqueline and Lauren Jenkins, who I both already saw live on stage. Jacqueline will be the headliner of the tour. Her biggest success was a duet with Keith Urban, but also her other songs had decent clicks. I love Lauren Jenkins and her music, her debut album No Saint received a well-deserved Top Pick! review on

Mo 09.09.2019 Cologne, YUCA Club w/o Jenckes


Tu 10.09.2019 Berlin, Franzz
We 11.09.2019 Munich, Backstage
Th 12.09.2019 Hamburg, Indra Club 69
Fr 13.09.2019 Cologne, Luxor Jenckes only
Mo 16.09.2019 Amsterdam, Q-Factory w/o Jacqueline





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Featured picture: Brett Eldgredge (cut), original by Michele Laurita





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