Ho Ho Ho – The Country Christmas Playlist 2021

Okay, I give in. In the world of country music, Christmas starts in early September. That’s when the first song releases are happening. Now that we are in advent time, it feels like the majority of country music releases deal with that religious background – much more than I explore in the German music market or in any other genre. I am not too religious, but if that’s what you like, that’s what you get – and I wish you a great Christmas time with my new Country Christmas Playlist 2021. Country Christmas Playlist 2021 – What’s In?

At the time of publishing this posting (29th November 2021), the playlist holds 128 songs at a playtime of almost seven hours. I will update the list until Christmas this year (once a week). The playlist will not be removed, so that you may also party Omicron-free Christmas 2021 in July 2022… Maybe…

I set up the playlist as follows:

  • I only deal with 2021 releases. The active work on this playlist started in September 2021. If you released something earlier… I am sorry…
  • Each artist is represented with one song. I see collaborations and being part of a group act and releasing solo in parallel as separate things here, so that some artists pop up multiple times. I typically used the very first single release. If the first release is an EP or album, I chose my favorite. Re-releases (like the upgraded version of Carrie Underwood’s My Gift) have not been taken into account.
  • I tried to prefer originals over Christmas classic covers. Nonetheless, classics like Please Come Home For Christmas or O Holy Night make it five / four times to the playlist, by different artists.
  • The songs are more or less in chronological order of release. If a or Featured Artist is releasing a Christmas song, I will push that song to the top of the list. This is why the playlist currently starts with German artist Van de Forst.
  • I did not filter for any matter of my musical taste (apart from some really weird songs, which for example stated that Joe Biden is sexually abusing kids – does someone really listen to that under the tree?) – this leads to a pretty wide range of tracks. I am still sure I missed some releases.

Of course, I am always happy to have some feedback from you, whether you like that idea.


The Country Christmas 2021 Playlist

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Country Music Christmas

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