My Country Music Picks (22nd June 2021)

After quite a hiatus – the last regular Country Music Picks edition is as of November 2020, I felt it is time to introduce you to some songs I loved listening to in the past weeks. After I had special editions with Christmas Songs 2020 and a German / German-speaking authors, this is a mixed song episode again.


Katrina Burgoyne – Tennessee

Tennessee by the Australian artist Katrina Burgoyne is in fact the oldest song in this posting. The release date has been at the end of 2020 already. I love this song so much that it was the longest-running actual entry in my Country Music Playlists for quite a while. I finally decided to take the song out of the playlist – but I wanted to praise Katrina and her great songwriting here – even though there have been some song releases in the meantime.


Ryan Laird – If I Ever Lost You

I interviewed Ryan Laird in my Spotlight section in October 2020. I am currently very busy, but I am hoping we will make it happen and have another chat very soon. If I Ever Lost You is his new single. Really good song again.


Lauren Jenkins – Dance In The Kitchen (Tiny Desk Contest Version)

Lauren Jenkins is working on new publications. If you listened to her streaming shows, you know this song already – Dance In The Kitchen is just a lovely track which made me smile during the Covid-19 period a lot. Here is a spontaneous recording and release. Great song.


Nik Wallner – Hell Yeah!

Another song which I could comment on something like If you know his shows, you know this track already. It took quite a while until Bavarian Nik Wallner finally released this song as a single. He even made it to German TV, into a very popular Sunday morning TV show. Country rock performed in German.


The Cumberland River Project feat. Ron Wallace – Santa Cruz

Frank Renfordt and his The Cumberland River Project are somehow regulars in this category and on my website publications. The German songwriter from Hagen in the Ruhrgebiet region is such a creative mind – and is enhancing his project with suitable musicians, typically vocalists. Some summer feeling from Germany together with Ron Wallace here.


Jessica Lynn – Roadhouse

Jessica Lynn is just such an amazing artist. Her powerful, catching songs are very often an amazing listen. One of her recent releases is Roadhouse, which I really loved to listen to.


Brett Eldredge – Good Day (Live From Europe)

Brett Eldredge originally released Good Day in 2020. After an acoustic version, he recently also released this live video and recording from his European tour. A very nice way to greet his fans on this side of the big blue ocean – too few artists did similar things during the travel restrictions, I feel.


Derek Cate – Summer Of ’69 (Cover Version)

I already uncovered Summer of ’69 and its alternative tennis-adopted lyrics Summer of ’99 as one of the Songs of My Life. Just one reason why I love this cover version by Derek Cate. Finally, he is just doing a great song here! Hope you enjoy, too.


Kylie Morgan – Mad I Need You

Kylie Morgan did an amazing EP with Love, Kylie, which has been released in June 2021. She caught me with her cheeky track I Only Date Cowboys – but this one is a great listen as well. Enjoy!


Title Picture: Ryan Laird – If I Ever Lost You Single Cover


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