Songs Of The Week (week of 25 August 2023)

I have quite intense weeks at work, not too many thrills on the side. The next weeks will have some interesting concert and sports reports, though. Before that, here are my favorite releases in the week until 25th August 2023 – hope you enjoy this truly wide-range and international set of tracks.


One OK Rock – Make It Out Alive

The Songs of the Week episode this time open with rock music. The Japanese alternative rock band is very successful in their home country. Four of their albums topped the domestic charts already, neither of their last ten long plays peaked lower than fourth there. However, they also more and more grow in the USA, UK and other European markets. Make It Out Alive is a really an excellent, modern track in my point of view.


Royal Tusk – Head Up

Royal Tusk are a hard rock band from Edmonton. They have their tenth band anniversary this year. Last year, they had to cancel their tour as singer Daniel Carriere had severe Long Covid symptoms. Let’s keep the fingers crossed for them. The new song Head Up is a really good one.


Blind Channel – Deadzone

Music lovers know Blind Channel, as the post-hardcore / nu metal band represented their country Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Dark Side finished sixth. Deadzone definitely illustrates that this one has not been a one hit wonder for the band from Oulu.


The Killers – Your Side of Town

I feel that the new single by The Killers sounds much more pop-alike then you are used to. Still I feel that the sound of Your SIde of Town is a nice catch. Let’s see how the next songs by the Las Vegas band will be alike.


Soccer Mommy – I’m Only Me When I’m With You

In the land of social media and where any band name has already been used several times, I am happy to run into artist names like this one. Sophie Allison is born in Switzerland, but grew up and now lives in Nashville. On 23rd September 2023, she will be releasing a new EPKaraoke Night. This single release feels promising.


Esther Graf – urlaub

Esther Graf is an Austrian musician, who is also working as a model. In her latest pop-rock single, she asks Kannst Du nicht bitte für immer in den Urlaub fahren? – “Could you please not go on vacation forever”. Even though she is already quite established in the German pop music scene, she is still working on her debut album.


Dilla – Teen

Dilla is typical Berlin pop. She is not a local, but now growing in the music scene of the German capital. The song has a nice touch of irony and a flavor of teen pop and thus reminds of one of the most characteristic German music genres of the 1980’s, the Neue Deutsche Welle. Cool listen.


Sem Eisinger – Rodeo Love

Sem Eisinger is the 2023 winner of Deutschland sucht den Superstar, the German equivalent to American Idol. After the winning song Don’t Let Me Go, which just had average chart placements (and even worse then the second placed song), he released his second single this weekend, Rodeo Love. I like the happy vibes of the tracks.


Ana Kohler – Wie eine Prinzessin

Wie eine Prinzessin is also classified as children pop – but I feel that you can also listen to this song as an adult. The title translates to “Like a Princess” and references all the princesses in Disney movies. The Swiss social media star is nowadays living in Cologne, Germany. She’s got half a million followers on Instagram and 1.5 million on TikTok.


Holger Schäfer – Wie Weit Willst Du Gehn

Holger Schäfer is opening the section of German schlager tracks. Unfortunately, I don’t have too  much bio information about he artist, who is releasing since 2009.


Wolle Becker – Lass uns Durchdrehn

Wolle Becker is doing a nice blending of schlager and pop elements with his new single. The strumming guitar even leads to a slight folk music touch. The song stays in your mind – and thus deserves the spot in my Songs of the Week.


Julian Reim – Grau II

I recently saw Julian Reim live on stage – as a background singer for his father Matthias at his Oberhausen show. However, the schlager career of Julian is steadily growing. The song is named Grau II, as it connects to his breakthrough single Grau. The song is about the same lady, a similar situation. This girls seems to lead to really cool songs.


Mike Leon Grosch & Daniela Grosch – Du bist alles

Mike Leon Grosch is likely one of the most frequently featured schlager artists in this category of song presentations. For his this week’s release, he is pairing up with nobody but his wife Daniela – and they do a lovely duet. Very nice listen.


ELEHA – Muss Dir Was Sagen

Muss Dir Was Sagen is a typical modern German pop song. Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about the artist ELEHA – but it feels that we will soon hear even more good songs from him.


Sarah Straub – Du bist so schön, wenn Du lachst

Du bist so schön, wen Du lachst is one of the most beautiful releases of the week to me.Sarah Straub is not only (obviously) an excellent singer-songwriter, but she is also a psychologist and writer and also holds readings about dementia. She will be very actively on tour in late 2023 and early 2024.


C.B. Green – It’s A Beautiful World

My list of songs this week close with a lot of emotional songs. It’s a Beautiful World by C.B. Green (the C.B. stands for the civil name of the artist) was one of my most favorite picks to lead this list of songs. Finally, I started with rock. But you should definitely listen to this beautiful recording from Southern Germany.


Thomas Lehmkühler – Things are what they are

Regarding emotional songs and songs which touched me, Things are what they are by Thomas Lehmkühler would be quite on top of my his week’s list as well. This neo-classical piano-lead instrumental track is such a beauty. Music can have very different styles, but may still touch you. Love it!


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