Spotlight – meets Lindsay Ell (before her Cologne Show in Aug 2022)

I simply cannot deny that I have been a bit more nervous before this Spotlight interview. While most of the interviews you read in my interview section are typically written interviews by e-mail or at most video conference meetings, I have been able to have a chat with the lovely Lindsay Ell right before her show in Cologne on 23rd August 2022. Unfortunately, there has been a bit of an delay on the publication after the Sound of Nashville show, as I obviously did some communication mistake. Nonetheless, it has a great read and again shows what a fascinating person this Canadian country lady is. Hope you enjoy the posting. Meets Lindsay Ell

FLYC: First of all, thank you for coming to Germany!
Lindsay: Oh my goodness, thank you so much for having me. It feels so good to be back!

FLYC: How was the trip going?
Lindsay: The trip was so smooth. We’ve just been very excited and grateful to come overseas again. My last show before the pandemic shut everything down has been in Berlin. So Germany has been like so, so kindly on my heart and I have been counting the moments to come back.

FLYC: I have been recently checking the social profile of your dog Hendrix – and has more followers than people you will meet in Germany apart from the Ben Zucker show. How did you explain to her that you have to leave?
Lindsay: You know, I love her so much and it has been so hard to leave her. You know, you do things you need to. [laughs] She comes on the road a lot. Actually, like when we are on a bus in the States, she loves coming on tour. But the flight across the pond is a little bit long for a dog. So, she is having fun with her friends.

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FLYC: You played a lot of large festivals like CMA Fest this summer. Was it a bit easier to start with a larger gig, when you supported Ben Zucker on your first show here, to get into the German crowd?
Lindsay: I have just felt so loved and accepted by any German crowd. I mean, any time I can go up on stage and start playing guitar, they are ready to listen, they are ready to clap, they are ready to sing along.

We had so much fun playing for the Ben Zucker crowd. It has been amazing to tour to parts of Germany that I have never been before and get out of the big cities. We had so much gratitude towards Ben and his whole crew. We were able to celebrate the reunion and were able to play in Hanover a few nights ago, so that was so fun. We were able to sing Shallow as a duet on stage, which was so awesome. We love Ben and his crew and hope to do more shows together.

FLYC: With the non-country music fans of Ben Zucker, is there maybe a song, which works especially well with the Ben Zucker crowd?
Lindsay: Ya, I feel like our music worked really with the Ben Zucker crowd. You know, his music is a lot about rhythm and dancing and [Lindsay is singing] ooh-ooh-ooh. And so, I definitely jump into that vibe very easily. And we had a really exciting set. I was trying to say some things in German and the crowd loved that and roared and it was really fun.

FLYC: You have 400k followers on Instagram only. On the other hand, you are named to be very well connected to your fans. Is it easier for you to play in a large venue like the gig in Hanover or has it been easier in Isernhagen the night thereafter, which has been a very intimate gig, many familiar faces.
Lindsay: You know, they are both amazing in their own way. I like both of them for different reasons, but they are completely different shows. It’s a different show playing in front of 50,000 people compared to playing in Isernhagen, when it was a handful people, like a hundred
people. And I love both, they are both intimate in their own ways. But there is something so special about a small venue, especially these clubs in Germany, where I feel I can hold the audience in the pawn of my hands and we can get to a really special place.

FLYC: One way of connecting to you and artists in general which we don’t have in Europe is that your fans can sent you text messages. What has been the most special text message you have received so far?
Lindsay: Oh, that’s such a good question. Do you know, one of my favorite things to hear back from fans is how a song I’ve written has affected them. I wrote a song called Make you. It was a song about my journey as a survivor when I was a little girl. And writing that song, I have gotten so many text messages of other survivors saying, “This song has helped me through very hard times” and even has saved their lives in a couple of instances. It is just wild to feel that music can have that impact to a person.

FLYC: As you are just traveling through Europe, is there maybe a difference between the fans in North America and in Europe, maybe even between the fans in Germany and the UK?
Lindsay: Yes! I totally see a difference between all three actually. I mean, I wish I could take all the fans in Europe and put them in my pocket and travel with them where I go in the world. Because there is such respect and such an appreciation for musicality that you don’t see
in every place in North America, for instance. And I just love that how audiences are ready to sing, they are ready to clap, they are ready to dance. They are just with you, whereever you want to take them. There is just a magic to play for an audience like that. Specifically for crowds
in Germany, I just feel that they are ready to sing or clap even before I invite them. [Lindsay is clapping in her hand] They are just starting singing along and I am just like “This is so amazing, so refreshing”. I just don’t necessarily need to instigate it, they just do it on their own.

FLYC: You are having five tour stages in Germany on that tour. Do you have any chance to see something of the cities or is it just majorly traveling, promotion and the shows?
Lindsay: It’s a lot of traveling and promotion and doing the shows. But you know, I see a lot of wonderful Germany from the car window or the train window or the plane window when we are traveling. You know, I have been touring since I was a little girl, playing shows ever since I was
ten years old. So, you know, the fact that I’ve been able to see the world from doing shows is so cool. It is something I will never take for granted. But you don’t get too much time for sightseeing.

FLYC: You are Canadian citizen living in Nashville. What does mean “home” to you?
Lindsay: You know, right now my suitcase is my home. [laughs] Because I’m a believer that home is really my good. Home is definitely differently when we are on the road, playing shows. I definitely made Nashville my home for the last ten years. I love being Canadian and I love Canada so much, but I definitely go for life in Nashville, as it feels amazing. The music community there is just so, so special. But I am such a proud Canadian and I so appreciative to be to tour to Germany and the UK and Australia later this year. So I would really say my home is my suitcase.

FLYC: After Germany, you will be touring the UK. And I saw in a couple of weeks you are also going to Australia. Is there something you look especially forward to when you go to these two countries?
Lindsay: I just love being able to eat really good food. Great music is made from great food, I always say. So, eating food and get to see fans and meet new people after the pandemic. You know, it was three long years of not having seen a lot of people. So, I am so grateful to able to see fans again, who I haven’t seen for over two years.

FLYC: Your last album is from 2020, the single Right On Time has been released in April 2022. So what is about the future of your music the next months? Will you release some new songs?
Lindsay: I will, yes. I have been busy in the studio and I have been working on my third album. I am so excited about all this music we have been working on. I cannot wait to release it. I’ll probably have some songs coming out this fall with the album being published next year.

FLYC: A final question: You have been supporting Ben Zucker twice now in Germany. Would you take him to North America as your support act there as well? And how would the people react to him, especially as they don’t understand the lyrics?
Lindsay: Of course I would! It has been amazing to watch the German audience even listen to my music when I know we are playing places apart from bigger cities where people may not know English. And they still get so much into the music and into the melodies and into my personality, which I am so grateful for. I think if you chose the right venues in North America, they would have an appreciation for Ben, ’cause his melodies are so infectious. When that falls on the floor, hits the sound system, I think people just wanna dance.


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