Songs Of The Week (week of 14 April 2023)

After some rather intense traveling, I am glad that there is just a short trip this week. I concentrated on watching a musical (no coverage) in London on Friday, followed by the women floorball semifinal match in Dümpten. Quite some interesting new tunes on the music side. Hope you like my 14th April 2023 collection of tracks. 22 songs this time, by the way.



Ghost – Jesus He Knows Me

Even though YouTube does not allow to embed this video to websites in Germany, I just had to go for Ghost this week. Jesus He Knows Me by Genesis is one of my favorite songs of all times. Now, the Swedish metal band released their very own version of the 1990’s legend. I love it!


Indecent Behavior – Twice As Good

I already have the album Therapy In Melody on my desk for review. Release will be 12th May 2023. However, the pop-punk / emo band from Merzig in Germany is heating up their fans with Twice as Good. And – as I did not have a deeper listen into their album yet – I feel pumped now, too.


Kvelertak – Kroterveg Te Helvete

Quite a lot of Scandinavian and Nordic sounds this week – and Kvelertak is in line with that. The Norwegian rock band did not only release this smashing song, but also announced that their new album will be available on 8th September 2023. Unique sound.


Danko Jones – Guess Who’s Back

That’s rock’n’roll, baby! The Toronto-origin band Darko Jones share their latest song with us. An album will follow in September 2023 as well. The Canadians will hit Europe for some festivals in summer and tour later this year. Feels as if this could be fun.


The Linda Lindas – Too Many Things

I already featured The Linda Lindas in one of my very first Songs of the Week editions, on 4th February 2022. The Los Angeles teenage ladies had a quite intense last year and will tour with Paramore later this year.


Nino de Angelo x Sotiria – Memento Mori

Nino de Angelo openly discusses his disease COPD and that he will likely die due to it during the next years. The song Memento Mori is thus a(nother) very personal and touching track dealing with enjoying life even if you know that life may be over the next morning.


Bellucci Boi – Wein mich in den Schlaf

Welcome back, Bellucci Boi. After the German artist lead my Songs of the Week with his Red Bull Dose in November 2022, I just enjoy following him. This one is another really nice and individual listen.


Madsen – Ein bisschen Lärm

Sascha Madsen double this weekend: after I featured him as a drummer in Musa Dagh’s album No Future, he is also releasing a single together with his brothers and the band Madsen. You got the choice which style you like more.


IHR! – Lass los

The band IHR! (German plural form of “You!”) released the song Lass los this week, which is the title song to the accordingly named movie. Or is the movie there because of the song? The promotion heads in both directions – interesting. The song is a great one.


Michael C. Kent – Nachtlichter

The “Pianocowboy” Michael C. Kent is majorly known as a very busy studio musician. However, he is also doing own songs and own stories. This one about the “Lights of the Night” is a real beauty.


Heinz Rudolf Kunze – Halt das Herz an

I love Heinz Rudolf Kunze. He is one of Germany’s best rock lyricists. His songs are on point – and so is Halt das Herz an, which is about struggling with the future of humankind. Beautiful.


COSBY – Here I Am

Cosby have played in so many countries, including globally known festivals like the Icelandic Airwaves. However, the indie-pop quartet, which is having its tenth band anniversary this year, is a German act. Based in Munich, they present their new single Here I Am. Amazing sound, especially by singer Marie Kobylka.


Elettrotape – Wrong Question

Italian music mixed with Austrian influence – this is Elettroptape. I nominated this band already for the second time this year. Their new single Wrong Question is a lovely blend of indie, pop and rock elements.


Arstidir – A New Tomorrow

A New Tomorrow is already the fourth single release of BLIK by Aristidir (correctly spelled as Árstíðir). It is still some months until the Icelandic band is releasing their new albums – but this single definitely makes you looking forward to September, when the publication will finally happen.


Michael Bolton – Just The Beginning

I guess I don’t have to introduce this guy. The US-American Michael Bolton is releasing music since 1975 (fun fact: his debut album was named after his civil name, Michael Bolotin). His last album is dates as of February 2019 – and it feels that new stuff is in the pipeline. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Rebekka Bakken – Here Comes The Flood

I already had the chance to have a listen to Rebekka Bakken’s album Always On My Mind, which will be released in two weeks. The Norwegian jazz-pop artist covers big pop and rock music songs and transforms them into her musical spheres. Peter Gabriel’s Here Comes The Flood is the teaser for these songs.


Harald Reitinger – Wo warst Du

Harald Reitinger is a German music producer. This song is coming with excellent lyrics: based on the question Wo warst Du (“Where have you been”), he is listing a bunch of sad and dramatic events, which leads to the message that the past might not have been as good as you believe from time to time. Love it!


Paul Kowol – Letzter Trip

This week, there are also a bunch of excellent German pop and rock tracks, which strike with amazing lyrics. One of them is the sad Letzter Trip (“Last trip”). A sad song with farewell feeling, desperation. Touching.


Ben Zucker – Heute Nicht!

Be Zucker sounds a lot like schlager music in this song. However, his dark and raspy voice always leads to a very special sound. Hope to make it to one of his shows in summer 2023!


Santans – Mentos

Santans is an indie-pop artist from Munich. The title of the track is indeed about the mint drops (which you nowadays love to put into Coke bottles…) – his mother loved these ones. Cool, laid back song.


Lara Samira – Forever Me

Lara Samira was a 2017 semifinalist at The Voice of Germany. This week, she released a new electro-pop song, Forever Me, which also is aiming to promote her second EP, which will follow later this year. Nice listen.


Laurell – Best Night Ever

I had to remove some songs from my list of songs this time (because they have been released before) – and thus, it was Laurell who is on the “Last, but not least” position this time. The Canadian majorly became famous as a writer of Eurovision Song Contest songs. For example, she is the composer behind Luca Hänni’s She Got Me, which closed fourth for Switzerland in 2019. This one is a solo track. Maybe not a 12 pointer – but it would beat a bunch of tracks this year in Liverpool, for sure.



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