Julian Taylor (15th February 2023, Cologne)

February and early March 2023 held a couple of concerts and shows for me. Thus, right after returning from the Weird Al Yankovic Tour 2023 leg in Manchester and hours before heading back to England to see the five time Grammy Award Winner in London, I had a Sound of Nashville show in Cologne. On 15th February 2023, Julian Taylor stepped on the stage of the Helios 37. After I recently had an interview with him, I was really looking forward to that experience.

This posting comes with 191 major size pictures as part of the concert gallery.


Helios 37 – About The Venue

The Helios 37 in Cologne-Ehrenfeld somehow turns into my resident venue for coverage. I have been at several shows there in recent parts, including the Sound of Nashville shows by Alexander Ludwig in November 2022 and by Lindsay Ell in August 2022. The venue is nicely connected to public transport, but not the nicest spot in Cologne regarding parking.

Julian Taylor – About The Artist

Julian Taylor is an active musician since over 25 years. Nowadays, the Canadian artist is living in Toronto, but has a long history of touring, especially in North America. Before the shows in Germany and the Netherlands, Taylor had a rather extensive tour through the United Kingdom. If you want to learn more about him, look into the interview below, which I released just a few days before the Cologne show.

Spotlight – meets Julian Taylor (February 2023)


Julian Taylor – The Show

The show started right in time at 20:00. However, in fact Julian Taylor started earlier as he was chatting with the people up until some fifteen minutes before he finally stepped on stage. The Helios27 was rather empty at this time, one day before carnival. However, the show has finally been attended by some 60 to 80 people roughly.

They had a great evening. Taylor started with songs like Wide Awake, Human Race and Back Again and told a lot of personal stories. Even though the crowd kept a bit of distance to the stage, Taylor and his songs more and more caught the audience. A song which impressed me deeply was 100 proof about his grandfather, who recently died at the age of 101. But the evening also had some very joyful moments – for example when Taylor told the story about the bartender Billie Champagne, who was featured in a song in the middle of the show.

The crowd more and more stated loving Taylor, who created a couple of magical moments and nice sing-a-longs with the Cologne people. He felt absolutely happy about the atmosphere at his very first show in Germany. One song the Helios37 guests absolutely loved was Seeds. With the encore track The Ridge, Taylor closed the evening after 90 minutes and left the vast majority of the audience with a smile in their face.


Julian Taylor – The Gallery

Here are 191 major size pictures of the show. They are located in the concert gallery:


Julian Taylor – My View

Together with the Lindsay Ell show, was definitely my favorite concert so far at the Helios37: Julian Taylor created an intimate, very personal setting. He invited the people to his stories – and the Cologne crowd followed him. They sang with him and danced to their music – and were simply caught by the magic created by the Canadian artist. I absolutely loved the evening – and many of the visitors felt to be in line with that. Excellent work by the Helios37 staff, by the way – the sound and especially the light was excellent so that it is definitely the best picture set I ever took in this venue.



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