TownePlace Suites Mississauga-Airport Corporate Center

TownePlace Suites Missisauga-Airport Corporate Center

160 CAD


4.4/5 Pros

  • Good location
  • Overall, really nice and well-sized room
  • Lovely kitchen
  • Good staff Cons

  • Narrow sleeping room

Right after arriving at Toronto-Pearson Airport (YYZ) in November 2021, my wife and I headed to the TownePlace Suites Mississauga-Airport Corporate Center. We were looking for an airport hotel location with good traffic connection – and a reasonable price. As we stayed at the Delta Hotel in Toronto City thereafter, it has been a trip with Marriott Group hotels only. Here is my view about the hotel.


TownePlace Suites Missisauga-Airport – Location

The hotel is located more or less right at the prolonging of the 19L runway of Toronto Pearson Airport, South of the terminal building. The area is a rather commercial one, there is a MiWay bus station close to the hotel, in case you are not arriving by car. Just across the main road, Eglington Ave W, is the Centennial Park, which is a lovely place to recreate in summer also also hosts some minor sports facilities, including a small skiing facility.

There are some touristic services like a McDonald’s restaurant and other hotels around, but overall, the region is comparably limited in food and shopping facilities. However, there is a nice proximity to the Ontario 401 Express highway and the 427. The distance to Downtown Toronto is roughly 25 km.


TownePlace Suites Missisauga-Airport – The Room

We booked a standard suite room in the hotel. The flexible rate was 420 CAD for two nights, from Thursday to Saturday in November 2021. However, the rate included a 100 CAD prepaid credit card, which you should deduct from the two night price. The room featured three sections, the kitchen with living room and work desk, the sleeping room and the bathroom, which was en suite to the sleeping room. The living room and working section was really nice and cozy as you can see on the pictures below. The suite was overall really spacious and we had no issue to store our suitcases, even after some extensive outlet shopping (aka: even more full suitcases…). The work desk did its job well. I liked all the cupboard and facilities around.

Especially if you are not that experienced in North American suite hotel brands, the kitchen area can sometimes be a bit of disappointing as you expect more than a fridge and a microwave oven. However, that did not at all apply to the TownePlace Suites Mississauga Airport, which featured a nice, really well-equipped kitchen. The microwave oven also included oven facilities. There were two cooking plates, a huge fridge with a freezer and a all key items you need to do simple cooking. Additional cooking gadgets like a rice cooker were available on request. The kitchen was really cool.



Sleeping Room & Bathroom

Especially if you wanted to pass along the end of the bed, you just could not neglect that the sleeping room felt a bit narrow-ish. However, it did its job – and overall, I am of course also a rather oversize hotel guest. The bathroom, which only featured a shower, felt sufficiently spacious as well. I personally would have loved to have more space to store the toiletries, though.


TownePlace Suites Missisauga-Airport – Breakfast

Despite the kitchen, TownePlace Suites features complimentary hot breakfast. There is typically a buffet. However, Covid-19 restrictions did not allow the hotel to drive it, so that you could either carry the breakfast to your room or use the breakfast room (vaccination required). We used the room for the first day and really enjoyed it. Nonetheless, we decided to go for the in-room breakfast. The serving at the buffet was really friendly and efficient and we absolutely enjoyed the items we got in Mississauga. Of course, due to Covid-19 restrictions, everything was somehow sealed, so that the breakfast caused quite some dust.


TownePlace Suites Missisauga-Airport – Service

The hotel drives a gym and a nice (typical North American) pool. Due to the Covid restriction, I just took a look from outside – which felt really nice.

The hotel staff has been really nice. Check-in and check-out worked well. Housekeeping was good as well. The hotel also drives a small kiosk with drinks and basic food items. In-room WiFi worked really well.


TownePlace Suites Missisauga-Airport – My View

It’s been a cool experience to stay at a TownePlace Suites. The hotel did a really nice job, I have been especially impressed how they handled the breakfast situation (they even felt to have some quarantined people in the hotel). The room had a nice size, we especially loved the living room with the kitchen. I would definitely recommend this place if the kind of hotel and the locations suits your needs. If you want to spent a lot of time in Central Toronto, you definitely might opt for a place closer to its Downtown.


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