Spotlight – meets Brittany Brodie (27th January 2022)

Ontario, Nashville, Scotland – Brittany Brodie is home somehow in many places in the world. I have been in contact with the lovely Canadian artist, who is now living in Nashville, for quite a while. Now, we finally made it! I absolutely loved the chat with her about the beginning of her career, past experience, but also – last, but not least – her new single Not My Business, which has been released this week on Monday, 24th January 2022. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I being in contact with Brittany! meets Brittany Brodie

FLYC: Brittany, thanks for joining my blog. Let me start with a sentence I found on your homepage: “Brittany Brodie is a singer-songwriter who admires every genre of music.” What is the special about country music for you?
Brittany: Country music is in my blood. I felt it in my soul before I even entered this world. Country music is real life. It sounds plain and simple; but it’s the truth. It just is real, honest and heartfelt.
FLYC: If you would not do country music, which would be your favorite genre?
Brittany: That to me is like asking someone which child is their favorite, haha!
I am happy to explore other genres but as an artist I will always be country. I did not choose it. It chose me. It might sound silly to explain but I feel at home and right where I belong with country music.

FLYC: You were born in 1985 and grew up in Fergus, Ontario. When did you feel you want to pursue a musical career?
Brittany: First off. The 80’s were the best. When I was 3 years old I specifically recall watching the Opry with my Mama & Daddy and remember saying I was going to do that one day. It’s wild how this little girl just knew. Not long after I was doing home concerts for family and friends and of course in school. Then from 8 years old I was in every singing competition and gigs all over Ontario, Canada and it just went from there.
FLYC: The very first song you released was in 2010. In which way did Brittany Brodie develop during these eleven years from 2010 until today?
Brittany: I found my voice in writing songs about real life.
I was so young and naive growing up and did not have much experience with a lot of things and until I got older and had them myself I could then write and sing the truth…be it from my personal journey or others who inspired me.
I know who I’am more than ever and just have to do what I do best and try not to fit into a mold of what others are wanting. When you are real and authentic to yourself and what you put out will eventually all come into place. I believe in what I do and have no doubts and it will all work out. Not saying hard days don’t exist but you have to keep believing and doing you!

FLYC: Five years thereafter, you had something like a “re-start” of your career. The first single was Together Never Alone. What did you do in the five years between – and what made you publish that song?
Brittany: I think like any Independent Artist we struggle in every sense of the word and then some. I was going through all that during that time period. I was doing my thing before that but not 100% authentic and trying to get somewhere not being true to me as an Artist. We all go through it. We are pulled in SO many directions and told no to this, change this about your image, don’t change that, this is no good, your never getting this, but if you do what I say…you will.

It’s just the craziness of this life that sometimes gets to you and confuses you and what your doing but at the end of the day we all know what we want to do but somehow seek the approval of these other “powers that be” to get it…but they really want something authentic and that’s YOU! If I knew to just have thicker skin earlier and not take on a lot of the advice…things would be different..but with all that to say, I’m grateful for it all and who I am now and totally ready for it. That song Together Never Alone I wrote with my buddy Don Gallardo (Americana Artist) about my parents and my Daddy being a truck driver, away from home a lot and my Mama working full time and raising us kids. It was just so easy to write about. Our world moves by trucks and its an honor for me to sing this for my parents and all the other hard working families out there making sacrifices.

FLYC: You bio states that you have been exposed to bullying. Your second 2015 single Phoenix, which is also used for anti-bullying campaigns in Canada and Australia. In which way do you collaborate with these campaigns?
Brittany: Yes, I grew up being bullied and it was hell but somehow I got through it and I have The Spice Girls, Dixie Chicks, LeAnn Rimes and country music as a whole and my dreams of being a country music star to get me through it. My parents were always there for me to lean on and keep my head held up.
I gave them permission to use my song Phoenix during their annual events and support them in any way that I can.
FLYC: Do you use Phoenix also as a statement towards the people who mis-treated you in the past? Something like telling the people “Have a look, I made it”?
Brittany: No, I always had Phoenix as therapy in a way…the entire song is not based on my personal journey, again drawing more inspiration from other stories of peoples struggles, but “rising above it all” is what clicks for me. I think me living my life fully and with purpose is evidence enough to those who bullied me.

FLYC: You nowadays live in Nashville. How is it to move from Canada to Music City and do the first step there, earn your first merits?
Brittany: You just have to believe in what you do and what you have to give to the world and never give up. It’s with anything…if you want something THAT bad that it’s in every fiber of your being to succeed at that and make your life doing it, you have to attract it with positive energy and go for it. You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything in your life to change.
FLYC: Since 2015, you regularly release music. Is there maybe a single – apart from your very recent ones – which you especially like? And why?
Brittany: I believe I have some of the best music I have ever written and sang that is still unreleased. Now if that doesn’t leave you wanting something more…ha!
Dangle the carrot a wee bit.

FLYC: We mentioned Ontario and Nashville already – but I guess we should also have a look at a third very important place in your life: your fiancee is from Scotland! How did you get to learn him?
Brittany: Yes! Scotland is a very dear place to me. A place I have always dreamed of spending a lot of time in and who would have thought it’s because my now fiancee is Scottish?! Crazy how life happens. It’s like a willed it to happen. Again, law of attraction and the power of what you want.
I met him in Nashville 2.5 years ago in a local honky tonk on a Tuesday night. You can hear the story of us in my last Single Found The One. Scotland is about to get even more special as we are to be married there in the Fall.
FLYC: You also had some gigs in Europe, at least in the U.K. Is there a difference between the European audience and the North American one?
Brittany: I love a great audience no matter where in the world I’am. The U.K. audiences so far have been beyond. They listen to every single word you have to say with intent and have sold me out of merch, so that’s always nice too! They respect you as an artist and a human, they are wonderful.

FLYC: Last year, you released two singles, Death of Me and Found The One. How was 2021 alike for you?
Brittany: Yes, very drastic changes between the two.
FLYC: What are the two songs alike? What is their topic?
Brittany: Death of Me was so therapeutic for me as I went through a horrific experience, again every detail is in the song.
Found The One, again is about finding your real, true love.
I realize I leave nothing out and no guessing what I’m singing about which everyone who loves my music appreciates and looks forward to. I have a song for everyone and what they are going through. Because I too have been there.

FLYC: Now, you are back with a new single: On 24th January, you released “Not My Business”. What is not your business, regarding to the song?
Brittany: So excited this one is FINALLY out!!
NMB was written a couple of years ago. At the time I had someone checking in on me and judging my every move from afar…”he who shall not be named”. Again, SO many people relate to this. It is NOT YOUR BUSINESS what anyone thinks of you. Move on and up and take your power back!
FLYC: How did you write that song? Have the lyrics been there first or the music? How long did it take you to finally write it?
Brittany: This song was written very quickly as it was a hot topic at the time and I was living it. I seem to do well with current experiences and getting it out as soon as possible because you capture that emotion and attitude at the time and eventually you get through it and see it on the other side…so lyrics and melody came very close to one another for this one.

FLYC: It’s quite early in 2022. The situation about being able to be on stage, at least in Europe, is still uncertain. Nonetheless, what are your plans for this year?
Brittany: Yes it’s tough in many ways especially an an Independent Artist. It’s a real struggle. I look forward to performing at Belladrum this summer in Scotland and adding more dates.
My wedding is this fall and that is a major life event, if not the most important one…very much a big year for me.
FLYC: Last but not least: What do you miss most about Ontario, Nashville and Scotland each, when you are in one of the other locations?
Brittany: Ontario, Canada will always be home. It is where by beautiful parents are, my childhood everything.
Scotland is just magical, no need to explain. If you have been…you get it.
Nashville is also home and a million reasons why I miss it when I’m not there, also they have amazing food.


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