Songs Of The Week (week of 22 September 2023)

There is somehow always some sort of “topic” behind each and every Songs of the Week episode. If I would pick one for this week, it would likely be cover versions – the list starts with four songs you at least might rather associate with other artists. Overall, there is a lot of pop music in here this time – but rock music fans have a good start and a happy ending as well.


dArtagnan – Hey Brother

That one is such a bummer: the Nuremberg folk rock band dArtagnan takes the Avicii classic and puts it into their very own style of doing music. The result is this amazing piece of cover music. Love it!


Karin & da Hefter feat. Silverjam – Warum hast Du ned na gsagt (Silverjam Remix)

The song is originally a Roland Kaiser and Maite Kelly release – and has been a massive success in Germany. Then the Bavarian artists Karin & da Hefter turned the song into Bavarian German in summer – and the song became a certain regional success. With this dance remix, I am sure that their version becomes even more popular.


Ana Kohler – Torn (Perfect Sky)

Born in Portugal, grown up in Switzerland and now living in my home town Cologne in Germany – Ana Kohler is growing her career in modeling as well as in music. This week she is releasing her very own own version of the Natalie Imbruglia classic. I love it.


Trevor Horn feat. Lady Blackbird – Slave To The Rhythm

Maybe the most special cover version of this week is the extremely stripped down and lovely version of Grace Jones’ Slave To The Rhythm. However, the wording “cover” is not fully correct as British musician and producer Trevor Horn has been one of the original songwriters and the producer of the 1984 classic. I love what he did here, almost forty years later.


Glen Hansard – There’s No Mountain

Glen Hansard is an Irish singer, guitarist  – and actor.There’s No Mountain is a feature single towards his new album All That Was East is West of Me Now, which will be released on 20th October 2020. In November, he will also be touring with his music all over Europe.


Holly Humberstone – Into Your Room

Holly Humberstone is a British artist from Grantham, Luncolnshire – which is by the way the sister city of Sankt Augustin in Germany, where I grew up. She is well-known for her slightly dark way of doing pop music. In 2022, she won the Rising Star Award at the BRIT Awards. Another really cool song by her.


Leona Heine – Langeweile

Leona Heina is a German singer-songwriter from the Berlin/Brandenburg region. This boredom is p’ssing me off is the first line of her chorus, roughly translated. Very energetic, straight German pop music.


Bowie – Keeper

Even though I received quite a press kit together with the single release Keeper by the German artist Bowie, it was not too easy to find some more bio about her. There simply has been this David guy doing quite some music. However, this young lady is during really lovely, straight pop music – and Keeper is one of my favorite listens of the week.


Becks – Wolke8

Becks is a young German artist from Düren near Cologne. Her August single June has been her first song which made it into the German Singles Top 100. This summer, she also played some major festivals. I really like that one.


Paulina Wagner – Noch nie geliebt

I really enjoy following the career and development of German schlager artist Paulina Wagner. The former Deutschland Sucht den Superstar (German American Idol) contestant releases another straight and easy listen single. Nice!


Maexville – Wir schreiben Geschichte

Unfortunately,, I just have limited bio information about this German artist, who is stating “We are writing history” in his second single release. Very energetic German pop.


They Called Me Phoebe – Mad Adventures

I already wrote the review of Overthinking, the EP release next week by the Hamburg artist They Called Me Phoebe. This week, she is teasing her EP debut with this single publication. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?


jupiter flynn – Monsters And Men

Jupter Flynn is a singer-songwriter from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Her fan base is grwoing more and more all over Europe. I really like her style and her new single release as well.


Claudia Cane – I Won’t Forget You

The last songs are also adding some rocking tunes to this week’s edition of my Songs of the Week. The first of them is by Munich-based rock singer Claudia Cane, who has released her last album in 2017, but also was a support act for AC/DC in her earlier career.


Talk – Wasteland

Talk is the alter ego of Nicholas Durocher from Ottawa, Canada. The indie-rock singer songwriter had a platinum single with Run Away to Mars in 2022. Wasteland sounds very promising as well.


Rival Sons – Mercy

Last, but not least, there are the Rival Songs this week. There is a lot of interesting things happening around the rock band from Long Beach, California. For example, it is less than a month before they will kick off their European tour. Great new single release.



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