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4.3/5 Pros

  • Good collection of well-produced songs
  • No weak songs, really good stuff
  • Straight and radio-friendly songs

Famous was a great hit for Adam Doleac, which draw quite a lot of attention on the US country artist. On 17th April 2020, he released his third EP, which is also named after his famous track. I was really curious to have a listen into it.

Adam Doleac – About The Artist

Adam Doleac grew up in Hattiesburg in Southern Mississippi, where he was born on 15th April 1988. His young years did not look to much like a career in music, as he was very talented in sports. At high school, he had a scholarship, but in parallel played in the basketball team, before he became a key player of the school’s baseball squad. He moved to Nashville after college to pursue his musical career. He released a first self-titled EP in 2017 independently. The first single of it, Whiskey’s Fine draw attention of Sirius XM and gave him airplay on The Highway Channel. His career was steadily rising, he also got some attention as a songwriter. The 2019 single Famous finally became some sort of breakthrough, hitting two million streams on Spotify and was in the top positions of The Highway’s “Hot Country Countdown”.


Adam Doleac – Famous – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 20 minutes. Apart from Famous, two more songs have been released before the EP.

1.  Famous

Here we go. First track, title track, great song you know already – nothing can’t go wrong with the inception of that EP. Lovely!

2. Neon Fools

Neon Fools might be a bit slower and pure than famous, but overall, the plot of the song is quite close to Famous. A good song, but – not surprisingly – it is not close (enough) to the first track.

3. I Choose Lonely

If it ain’t you
If it can’t be you then, baby, I choose lonely
You’re the one and only
If it ain’t us
Then I guess making love just wasn’t meant for me
‘Cause you’re all I need
Oh, I’ve never been so sure of being so damn sure of something
And if what you got ain’t what I get, then I don’t want nothin’
If it ain’t you
If it can’t be you then, baby, I choose lonely
Yeah, I’d rather be lonely

Wow – after two similar tracks, this song, which even has not been released as a single before, is a real treat and something like the hidden treasure of the album. Love it!


SOLO is a definely a more-than-pretty-solid radio song, very catching and just good songwriting. The shortest track on the EP (2:50 minutes) – bad luck, I could go to overtime with it!

5. Mom and Daddy’s Money

Never knew where it came from, just knew where it went.
Hard to come by, but easy to spend.
If times got tough, man, I couldn’t tell.
They went through Hell so I could live
In the land of milk and honey on
Mom and daddy’s money, money.

The slow Mon and Daddy’s Money is a lovely variation of the classic “Thank you parents” topic. Just enjoy to listen to this track, another good recording.

6. Whiskey’s Fine

The song has its very own characteristic, due to strong piano elements at the beginning and choir-alike background voices in the chorus. The most powerful song on the EP, definitely. Good!

Adam Doleac – Famous – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Adam Doleac’s EP:


Adam Doleac – Famous – My View

Six songs, at least five of them in the really good to very good range. Even though Famous and I Choose Lonely feel outstanding to me, I feel that Adam Doleac and his team did everything right on this Famous EP. If you produce a record like that (even if it is “just” an EP…), you deserve a top rating. You have to grant Doleac these twenty minutes of listening!


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