Spotlight – meets Jesse Slack (1st Feb 2022)

The Canadian country recording artist and songwriter Jesse is about to release a new single this week: On Friday (4th February 2022), you will be able to listen to Before It Was Memory. I already had a listen and really enjoyed it. A great opportunity to have a deeper look into the music of Jesse Slack and his music. Hope you like this new episode of my Spotlight interviews. meets Jesse Slack

FLYC: Jesse, thanks for chatting with Look forward to talking about your music and your new song, Before It Was Memory. Maybe, just let’s start with it. What did you you make writing this song?

Jesse: I wrote BIWAM with two of my favorite co-writers Daryl Scott and Adam Newcomb. We write weekly and always target an artist we are writing for. We were targeting Jake Owen with this song but we never got it to him and I loved it so I decided to release it as my own.

FLYC: The song is about home, childhood memories, growing up. How did you start getting into music?

Jesse: I got into music because my mother is a singer and would always bring my twin brother and I to karaoke bars as a kid. That’s when I fell in love with singing and performing.

FLYC: Can you still remember the first song you have ever written?

Jesse: I remember the idea but not the title. That was thousands of songs ago now, haha. The idea was about leaving home to go and play on the Grand Ol Opry stage. Funny how that is still a dream and goal of mine.

FLYC: By the way, have you been in country music all of the time or have you been into other genres initially?

Jesse: I have always loved country music but naturally as a kid I wanted to be a rockstar. I loved Nickelback and wanted to have a band like them but ultimately followed the country road. I feel like that is what I was born to do.

FLYC: The first song I found from you on streaming platforms is Where This Is Going. What is the song about?

Jesse: That was the song that really kicked things off for me, It is just an innocent way of expressing young love. I wrote that with my 2 good bud in Nashville – Dakota and Will and we still work together to this day.

FLYC: If you just look into Spotify streams, this one is one of your most successful tracks so far (some 135k streams). How was it like that so many people love your music?

Jesse: Honestly, it is the greatest honor and it just drives me to keep doing it. Having more people than just my friends and family love my music continues to blow my mind and I am so thankful that it connects with many in a different way.

FLYC: You new single states in the lyrics Before it was a memory it was everything, // The beginning of best friends and big dreams. Has it always been your dream to be a professional musician? And how did your friends react to your first published songs?

Jesse: It has! I have always wanted to be a performer and a songwriter. I had many friends and family that believed in what I did but also many that would question me and say maybe I should do something else. I think since then I have convinced them that I am right where I should be.

FLYC: Your debut EP was Young & Free in 2018. What is your favorite song of it – and why?

Jesse: My favorite on that EP is Lip Sync it was a pitch from my producer on that record Aaron Goodvin and I just think it is a smash hit song. I still do and I am honored I was the one that got to perform that song,

FLYC: Thereafter, you had a couple of songs, which had quite good response by the country music community, like Mustang or Take Me to It in 2019. Has there been a special moment where you felt that your popularity growing stronger?

Jesse: Many, I still feel that periodically with every new release whether it is someone in a small town in the US or someone in the UK that reaches out. It continues to wow me that you can reach people all over the globe just via the internet and streaming.

Last year, there have been two very successful singles, Same Ol Same’n and Hello Sunshine. Can you tell us a bit about that song?

Jesse: Same Ol Same’n was a big turning point for me as an artist but especially for my brand. I finally like I got to be me and I wasn’t trying to be like everyone else. I continue to head in that direction with the new music to come out.
Hello Sunshine is just a feel good hippy song… who doesn’t like that?

FLYC: Canada overall had a stricter handling of the Covid-19 situation so far. How did that influence you as an artist?

Jesse: Haha, Well it basically skyrocketed my career as a writer because I couldn’t play any shows. I just wrote more songs because of it and realized how much I love it.

FLYC: One verse of your new single I absolutely loved is

Before that old chevy died
Before the price of gas was way too high
We’d put a 10 in the tank and drive
Didn’t know we were running on borrowed time

Regarding borrowed time – is there anything from your childhood and youth years you would like to do differently?

Jesse: I think that is a common feeling by most. If I knew then what I know now… a lot would be different. Better? I don’t know, but I do know I have that feeling and there are a few things I would have done differently! I would have been more of my authentic self and not who I thought people wanted me to be.

FLYC: The single is about to be published on 4th February 2022. Are you nervous when a new song comes out? Are there maybe certain rituals before a release?

Jesse: I am always nervous when a song comes out. You never know how it’s going to do and it;s so nerve racking. I always try not to worry about it and trust that the plan I have in place will work out the best it can. I guess that is my ritual.

FLYC: Music streaming and downloads creates a global market for any genre of music. Do you receive a lot of feedback from countries outside North America?

Jesse: I do, but it is mostly in North America

FLYC: Regarding global success: as far as I understood, you co-wrote Right About Now by Josh Setterfield, which climbed up to the top of the CMT charts. The song went up steadily week by week. How did that feel to you?

Jesse: I did, I am very proud of that song, Josh and his team. That was my first outside cut and we knew it was special when Craig Brooks and I wrote it. It was on “hold” with a major label artist but their team never released it so when Josh wanted to cut it we were excited. About a year later it went #1 on CMT and we were over the moon. A huge accomplishment for Craig and I as writers but it is also Josh’s first big song and that is even more rewarding as we have got to watch his career take off.

FLYC: Looking forward, what does your year 2022 look alike? More songs planned to be released?

Jesse: Oh yeah!! I will just say we are coming out guns blazing but I don’t want to give too much away!


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