Rock of Ages – 2024 International Dates of the Musical

It is just mid-year 2023 and I already start working on my 2024 Rock of Ages International Tour list. I am sure that there will be some more shows added to my 2023 International Dates overview – but the Germans force me to open this one up earlier than I expected. Good news: there will be a professional cast rock party in 2024 in Europe again!

Rock of Ages – the German / Austrian / Swiss Tour

Is there a new epicenter of Rock of Ages in Europe. Right in the week when the United Kingdom DLAP tour closed down, ShowSlot announced that they will be on tour in 2024 again. Not too surprisingly, the critics were great, the people had fun and they want to rock more. I guess that this is not the final tour list. However, with the addition of the Munich tour dates, I felt it is a good moment to kick off the 2024 posting. Switzerland is new on the list for 2024 as well. With Bielefeld, Duisburg, Offenbach, Saarbrücken, Salzburg, Dresden and Graz, there are also some towns which will have their Rock of Ages debut. The shows I envisage to visit are given in bold – hope to meet some of you around.

All times are 19:30 unless other stated. Some shows have been added after the initial announcement.

Th 07.03.2024 Berlin (Germany) – Theater am Potsdamer Platz
Fr 08.03.2024 Berlin – Theater am Potsdamer Platz
Sa 09.03.2024 Berlin – Theater am Potsdamer Platz
Su 10.03.2024 Berlin – Theater am Potsdamer Platz (14:30)
Tu 12.03.2024 Bochum – RuhrCongress
We 13.03.2024 Bochum – RuhrCongress
Sa 16.03.2024 Stuttgart – Liederhalle
Su 17.03.2024 Stuttgart – Liederhalle (14:30 & 19:30)
Mo 18.03.2024 Stuttgart – Liederhalle
Tu 19.03.2024 Stuttgart – Liederhalle
Fr 22.03.2024 Cologne – Theater am Tanzbrunnen
Sa 22.03.2024 Cologne – Theater am Tanzbrunnen (14:30 & 19:30)
Su 24.03.2024 Cologne – Theater am Tanzbrunnen (14:30 & 19:30)
Mo 25.03.2024 Cologne – Theater am Tanzbrunnen
Tu 26.03.2024 Cologne – Theater am Tanzbrunnen
We 27.03.2024 Cologne – Theater am Tanzbrunnen
Sa 30.03.2024 Offenbach – Capitol
Su 31.03.2024 Offenbach – Capitol (14:30 & 19:30)
Mo 01.04.2024 Offenbach – Capitol (14:30 & 19:30)
Tu 02.04.2024 Offenbach – Capitol
Th 04.04.2024 Nuremberg – Meistersingerhalle
Fr 05.04.2024 Nuremberg – Meistersingerhalle
Sa 06.04.2024 Nuremberg – Meistersingerhalle
Mo 08.04.2024 Graz (Austria)- Helmut List Halle
Tu 09.04.2024 Graz – Helmut List Halle
Th 11.04.2024 Linz – Tipsarena
Fr 12.04.2024 Linz – Tipsarena
Sa 13.04.2024 Vienna – Wiener Stadthalle Halle F
So 14.04.2024 Vienna – Wiener Stadthalle Halle F (14:30 & 19:30)
Mo 15.04.2024 Vienna – Wiener Stadthalle Halle F
Di 16.04.2024 Vienna – Wiener Stadthalle Halle F
Th 19.04.2024 Bremen (Germany) – Metropol Theater
Fr 20.04.2024 Bremen – Metropol Theater
Tu 23.04.2024 Bielefeld – Lokschuppen
We 24.04.2024 Bielefeld – Lokschuppen
Su 28.04.2024 Duisburg – Theater am Marientor (18:00)
Mo 29.04.2024 Duisburg – Theater am Marientor
Tu 30.04.2024 Duisburg – Theater am Marientor
We 01.05.2024 Duisburg – Theater am Marientor (14:30)
Th 02.05.2024 Mannheim – Rosengarten
Fr 03.05.2024 Mannheim – Rosengarten
Sa 04.05.2024 Mannheim – Rosengarten
We 08.05.2024 Saarbrücken – Saarlandhalle
Th 09.05.2024 Saarbrücken – Saarlandhalle
Sa 11.05.2024 Dresden – Messe Dresden
Su 12.05.2024 Dresden – Messe Dresden (14:30 & 19:30)
Mo 12.05.2024 Dresden – Messe Dresden
We 22.05.2024 Salzburg (Austria) – Salzburgarena
Th 23.05.2024 Salzburg – Salzburgarena
Tu 28.05.2024 Munich – Deutsches Theater
We 29.05.2024 Munich – Deutsches Theater
Th 30.05.2024 Munich – Deutsches Theater
Fr 31.05.2024 Munich – Deutsches Theater
Sa 01.06.2024 Munich – Deutsches Theater (15:00 & 19:30)
Su 02.06.2024 Munich – Deutsches Theater (14:30 & 19:00)
We 05.06.2024 Zurich (Switzerland) – Theater 11
Th 06.06.2024 Zurich – Theater 11
Fr 07.06.2024 Zurich – Theater 11
Sa 08.06.2024 Zurich – Theater 11 (15:00 & 19:30)
Su 09.06.2024 Zurich – Theater 11 (14:30 & 19:30)

Other International Shows

I did not want to publish this posting without having at least one additional show in 2024. Thus, I am really grateful for this one:


February 2024 – Monterey, TN, USA

Monterey is town right in the center between Nashville and Knoxville. There will be six shows of the Youth Edition of Rock of Ages.

Show facts:

Ensemble: High School Theater
Venue: Monterey High School
Dates: 2.2.2024 – 10.2.2024
Tickets: 7 USD
Remarks: Link below just for first show. Search for Rock of Ages to find additional dates.
Website: Ticketing


February 2024 – York, PA, USA

Another show I spotted for February is at The Belmont Theatre, a community theater in York, a city near Harrisburg in Pennsylvania. They show a total of seven performances.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional Cast?
Venue: The Belmont Theatre
Dates: 16.2.2024 – 25.2.2024
Tickets: 30 USD
Website: Ticketing


March 2024 – Stockport, United Kingdom

Not that surprisingly, amateur theaters and minor production groups make use of the fact that there is no national licence on Rock of Ages in 2024. The first one on my list so far is the theater company NK TheatreArts, who are performing at The Forum Theatre in Stockport near Manchester.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Theater Company
Venue: The Forum Theatre
Dates: 20.3.2024 – 23.3.2024
Tickets: 17 to 20 GBP
Website: Theatre Company



March 2024 – Long Eaton, United Kingdom

Just a weekend later, the Gatepost Theatre Company is showing the musical in Long Eaton near Nottingham / Birmingham. Sme more shows including a double header on Saturday .

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professioal Cast?
Venue: The Belmont Theatre
Dates: 26.3.2024 – 30.3.2024
Tickets: roughly 18 GBP
Website: Theater Company


May to June 2024, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Rock of Ages is returning to Portsmouth. In the RoAdies Facebook group, somebody made me aware of the Benchmark Musical Theatre. They played their most recent production in the New Theatre Royal, so that is also the most likely venue for 2024.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Musical Company
Venue: tbc / likely New Theatre Royal
Dates: 29.5.2024 – 1.6.2024
Tickets: Not on sale yet
Website: Muscical Company


May To June 2024 – Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

A rather exciting production is a professional cast, which is touring two theaters in Ontario in 2024. They kick of in Waterloo, which is just West of Toronto.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional Cast
Venue: The Belmont Theatre
Dates: 8.5.2024 – 1.6.2024
Tickets: tbc
Website: Production



June 2024 – Dudley, United Kingdom

The Wolverhampton Musical Comedy Company is performing Rock of Ages at the Dormston Mill Theatre in Dudley, which is a Suburb of Birmingham.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Musical Company
Venue: Dormston Mill Theatre
Dates: 5.6.2024 – 8.6.2024
Tickets: 20 GBP
Website: Ticketing



June 2026 – Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada

From Waterloo, the production is heading North, but also not too far away from Toronto. Might be harder to spell the town name correctly than finding a spot in the theater.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional Cast
Venue: King’s Wharf Theatre
Dates: 6.6.2024 – 30.6.2024
Tickets: unknown
Website: Production



September 2024 – Newcastle, United Kingdom

A company call Klass Productions is running this show in the Newcastle Tyne Theatre & Opera House. Unfortunately, I could not find too much additional information on that show.

Show facts:

Ensemble: unknown
Venue: Tyne Theatre & Opera House
Dates: 11.9.2024 – 14.9.2024
Tickets: 25 to 30 GBP
Website: Ticketing




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