Songs Of The Week (week of 15 September 2023)

The Songs Of The Week is one of my favorite categories of posts on my blog. Even I don’t know how the weekly presentation of new releases will be like until I really start working on it. This time, I felt that this will be quite a rocking one. However, the list starts with a large block of – mainly Germanpop songs. Hope you like that blend of tracks – or simply enjoy picking the songs you personally like.



Andreas Dorau – Auf der Weidenallee

I love Andreas Dorau – and there will be a new album named Im Gebüsch (“In the bushes”) soon. Auf der Weidenallee, which was originally thought to be named after the Paris street Champs Elysees, is the first teaser. Great German pop with the signature style of the Hamburg artist.


MYLE – Something In Between

If you played the SWR3 New Pop Festival in Germany, you are typically one of the huge prospects of the music business in Europe. The German-US American artist MYLE did so. This is his new single release, which might also be a good listen live on stage – he jus finished his first German club tour.


PANTHA – Rosarot

Fans of PANTHA still need to wait for her next tour. There are a few dates in 2024, which will be the first tour and present her very characteristic way of doing German pop music. The song Rosarot is definitely a good reason to buy a ticket for the 24 year old artist.


Ikke Hüftgold & Vanessa Mai – Igel

This one is likely the most surprising collaboration of the week. Ikke Höftgold is one of the big names of the German party schlager genre, while I introduced you to German schlager and pop icon Vanessa Mai a couple of times already. The main lyrics are roughly “Screw your horse, I want a hedgehog”. Weird, but the dance-pop song somehow works out.


Melia – Ja, für immer

Melia’s debut album Ozean Herz hit the eleventh spot in the German album charts. The song Ja, für immer (“Yesl, forever”) underlines that her way of doing German schlager comes with a very special touch. Very powerful song. Love it.


Max Weidner – We Love Munich

Munich is looking forward to the Oktoberfest season. I would typically not feature typical Bavarian brass folk – but We Love Munich by the local Max Weidner just has a too nice touch. The song is a really nice musical love letter to the Bavarian capital.


Nik P. – Wenn Du schweigst

Austrian Nik P. boosted his career in the first decade of the 2000’s. He is a very established artist in the German lyrics pop and schlager scene nowadays. Songs like this one proof that this success is well-deserved. Du sagst so viel, wenn Du schweigst – “You say so much when you are silent”. Lovely.


Phil Young – 1975

With his new single, Cologne singer-songwriter Phil Young is traveling back in time. This touch of Back To The Future works out in a beautiful way. Very nice style.


Johnny Logan – Heaven’s Closed

When I think of Johnny Logan, I think of the Eurovision classics like Hold Me Now. However, the Irish singer and composer offers a much wider range of songs – like this track, which feels like pop, Americana and even has some cool brass features.


Isabel LaRosa – older

In the first week of teasing the song on TikTok, it already reached over 50k listeners. The US-American pop singer from Maryland is creating a very special, deep song. Love it!


Remo Forrer – Not Okay

Remo Furrer is a Swiss artist. You might know him from his Eurovision Song Contest performance for his home country. I really like his song and style. And even though Liverpool just gave Furrer a 20th spot in the final ranking, I feel he is doing really nice songs.


Sia – Gimme Love

6 million streams, five million followers on TikTok, nine studio albums – Australian Sia definitely made it in the world of music. Gimme Love is her latest one – and the catching release definitely has the potential to boost her career stats even more.

Get Jealous – Sophie

I promised you that there will be a lot of rocking sounds in this playlist as well. The band Get Jealous from Hamburg is kicking off this section of my picks this week. Cool sound by the punk and riot-inspired band from Hamburg, Germany.

Slothrust – Pony

Pony is the first single release by the US-American band Slothrust since their 2021 album Parallel Timeline. Very dark, groovy sound by the band which is lead by Leah Wellbaum.


Antitype feat. A Life Divided – Pieces

The rock sound is getting harder. The alternative rock band Antitype is another band from Hamburg I feature this week.. Their alternative rock song Pieces with a slightly grungy touch is a real treat for rock fans.


Doro feat. Sammy Amara – Bond Unending

Okay, I guess I don’t need to say too much about this lady. We love our Dusseldorf metal queen – even in Cologne. and this collaboration of Sammy Aamara of the Broilers is another great feature towards Doro’s anniversary album.


Moon Shot – Yes!

Moon Shot released their first album in 2021. The most prominent band member of the Finnish collaboration is likely Henkka T. Blacksmith, who is well-known as the bassist of Children of Bodom. Moon Shot, however, is doing rather straight and traditional rock music.


Staid – Here And Now

I was a bit surprised that the German press kit to Here And Now stated that Staid is currently on tour. On the day of releasing the song, the US-American rock band from Massachusetts played a gig in North Dakota. Not a road trip from Germany… However, it will be much easier to listen to Confessions of the Fallen. The first studio album of the band since twelve years will be released on 22nd September 2023.


All Time Low & Avril Lavigne – Fake As Hell

Great US-American-Canadian collaboration of the acts, which arein the business for decades. All Time Low meet Avril Lavigne in this one and recorded Fake As Hell. The song rather sounds like the typical songs by the US guys from Baltimore, but I love the blending.


Beartooth feat. HARDY – The Better Me

Beartooth are working towards the release of their new album The Surface, which will be released on 13th October. This collaboration is very special to me, of course. I typically feature HARDY as he is an amazing country rocker. But hey, he is a rocker… And Beartooth are rockers… So they rock.


Corey Taylor – We Are The Rest

Slipknot singer Corey Taylor’s release We Are The Rest has in fact already been availble since Tuesday. Great party song with a lot of rock power – what a perfect choice as the last song of my release radar this week.



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