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It is time for the final posting of the years, simply named The Best Ones 2021. After looking into my favorite songs and my favorite albums and EPs of the year, it is time to have a look back. I will majorly use the same categories as in my corresponding posting about 2020. Especially on the music side, Covid-19 again did not allow me to honor experiences in any category I would love to. – The Best in Music

Music experiences were extremely limited. Thus, I decided to keep all categories vacant this year.

Best Concert / Festival Event:
Not assigned

Not assigned due to Covid-19.


Best Concert Performance:
Not assigned

Not assigned due to Covid-19.


Best Album / EP / Single 2021:

Recorded music, of course, became more and more important as concerts were very limited. Here are my postings about the best listens in 2021:: – My Favorite Songs 2021 – My Favorite Albums / EPs 2021 – The Best in Sports

There has been very little sports coverage in 2021 with Nonetheless, I could at least pick some highlights:

Personal Sports Event of the Year 2021 (covered with
Tennis Davis Cup Finland – India in Espoo, September 2021

Being back with my beloved Indian Davis Cup team in Finland was definitely special – also as it has been the first time doing sports photography since the Covid-19 limitations. The result was… Better don’t discuss about it… But I really enjoyed having some tennis with the guys.

Davis Cup Finland vs. India: Preview


Best Match / Game (covered with 2021:
F-Liiga Women: EräViikingit – SC Classic

Being back in floorball some weeks later was something special as well. The very first match of my tour through Finland was a pretty close battle of two top teams of the women top division F-Liiga.

F-Liiga Women: EräViikingit – Classic 3-1 (1-0, 1-0, 1-1)


Favorite Stadium / Arena / Arena Tour 2021:
HC Ambri-Piotta / Gotthard Arena

Forza Ambri! Being at the Gotthard-Arena in Ambri was simply something special (and, by the way, the event with the second highest attendance I visited the whole year. Ice hockey in the Ticino village is simply something special.

HC Ambri-Piotta at Gotthard-Arena (Gottardo Arena) – The Best in Travel

While I had to use a lot of experience I had produced in my archive at the beginning of 2021, I really felt gifted to have some really great travel experiences in later parts of 2021. Possible candidates are all places for which I published the review in 2021, even though I in fact visited the place / had the experience earlier.


Best Aviation Experience 2021:
Norlandair Akureyri (AEY) – Grimsey (GRY)

Unfortunately, the Twin Otter had to divert back to Akureyri and I did not make it crossing the Northern polar circle a second time in my life. Nonetheless, I loved flying with Iceland’s regional Norlandair in summer 2021.

Flying Norlandair from Akureyri (AEY) (not) to Grimsey (GRY)


Best Inflight Experience 2021:
PAD Aviation Embraer Phaenom 300

The Paderborn local airlines Green Airlines is surprisingly still active, even though the project felt to be a complete fail. At least, they made me travel with a business jet for the very first time in my life. Great day trip from Paderborn (PAD) to Sylt (GWT) and back.

Flying the PAD Aviation Embraer Phenom 300


Favorite Airport 2021:
Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Airport (YTZ)

Having the Toronto skyline reflecting on the terminal building – Billy Bishop (YTZ) is definitely a very special experience. I had a lovely flight with Porter Airlines from there to Ottawa. Very convenient, friendly and efficient airport.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ)


Best Airport Lounge 2021:
VIP Lounge Graz Airport (GRZ)

I especially enjoyed the lovely view over Styria and the Alps from the VIP Lounge at Graz Airport (GRZ). Nice way to relax before the flight back home after some days in the city.

VIP Lounge Graz Airport (GRZ)


Best (Road) Trip 2021
Iceland’s F347 (Kerlingarfjallarvegur)

Iceland is just full of amazing nature – and the F347, a detour from the world-famous F35, is just a great experience. After 15 kiiometers, it was simply breathtaking to see glaciers and geothermal springs.

Iceland Road F347 (Kerlingarfjallavegur) and Hveradalir


Best Car Rental 2021:
Blue Car Rental Keflavik Airport (KEF)

Car rental reviews is a new part of my coverage – and as the feedback has been very good on it, I will likely continue in 2022. The best car rental I had was with the very friendly and efficient staff from Blue Car Rental at Iceland’s key international airport Keflavik (KEF). Good car and very good processing.

Car Rental Review – Blue Car Keflavik Airport (KEF) – Dacia Duster 4WD


Favorite Outdoor Attraction 2021: Sky Lagoon Kopavogur

I was not really sure if I should spend the money for the Sky Lagoon South of Reykjavik – but it is so much wort it. I prefer this brand new place over the famous Blue Lagoon. Definitely a place you should put on your Iceland bucket list.

Sky Lagoon Reykjavic / Kopavogur


Best Non-Aviation Travel Experience 2021:
Schlossbergbahn Graz

Just a few hundred meters of tracks and also some minutes of travel time – but going up the Schlossberg in Graz with this ropeway train is just too memorable. Absolutely enjoyed it!

Schlossbergbahn Graz


Favorite Museum / Exhibition about Travel/Transport 2021:
Siku & Audi-Museum Hönig

This place could also easily make it to my Hidden Gem category. I have never seen something like that before. The collection of Siku model cars is amazing – and by far larger than the one the franchise is driving on their own grounds. On top, there are numerous (real size, no models) Audis in display. Car lovers should have a look.

Siku & Audi-Museum Höing (Stadtlohn, Germany)


Favorite Museum / Exhibition (other topics) 2021:
Mythos Germania / The Myth of Germania Berlin

A great museum, which is below ground in a Berlin subway station: this museum about Hitler’s planned mega-project Germania is absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately, just very limited opening times. But you should definitely go for it!

The Myth of Germania – A Berlin Underground Exhibition


Favorite Free Entry Attraction 2021:
Auschwitz Concentration Camp

“Free entry” is possible, even though they force you most of the time to have a guided tour of Auschwitz. A very impressive – and depressing – place in Poland. We should never forget that these things happened in history.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp


Best Airport Hotel 2021:
Moxy Cologne Bonn Airport

Marriott put up this lovely hotel right at the terminal of Cologne/Bonn Airport (CGN). Great place with nice connections to both terminals – for an absolutely reasonable price.

Moxy Cologne Bonn Airport


Best Rail Travel Hotel 2021:
Novotel Suites Hannover

I had a really nice night close to Hanover Main Station before I headed to places North of the city. Very well driven and well located hotel – which is very often available for a really reasonable price.

Novotel Suites Hannover City


Best Hotel – Value For Money 2021:
Hampton by Hilton Warsaw City Centre

There was no doubt about this category: some 50 Euro, a few steps away from Warsaw Central Station and a room with an amazing view of Warsaw – the Hampton by Hilton has simply been memorable. Love it.

Hampton by Hilton Warsaw City Centre


Most Relaxing Hotel 2021:
Hotel Alpina Wellness & Spa, Kössen (Austria)

Sheer countless saunas and pools and great hospitality – two nights in Kössen in Northern Austria were just superb for my wife and myself. Will very likely be back one day.

Hotel Alpina Wellness & Spa (Kössen)


Best Hotel 2021:
ME Hotel Dubai

Great design, good service (even though there were some lacks) – I finally opted for the ME Hotel in Dubai as my best stay / hotel review in 2021. Really posh one right in the Business Bay District.

ME Hotel Dubai


Hidden Gem of the Year 2021:
Icelandic Punk Museum Reykjavik

If you put up a museum in a former public toilet, that’s indeed what you call a hidden gem. The Icelandic Punk Museum is a very special, but very informative place. I recommend a visit.

Icelandic Punk Museum (Reykjavik)


The Best New Features in 2021

Closing the posting with some self-advertisement and self-marketing. I feel that in general there has been a rather difficult year for Travel bans and arena restrictions limited two engines of the tri-engine concept of the website. Nonetheless, I feel that some new features are really good and increase the potential of the website:

  • On the music side, I felt that it lead to a significantly wider audience to also have focus on non-country genres and German artists. Finally, that’s the idea of bringing people with different interest and focus together on one website.
  • The Car rental reviews (thanks to my friend Melissa!) feel to work out much better than I expected them to do.
  • To me, it is a lot of fun collecting material for my stadium & arena reviews. Not a new kind of postings, but I significantly increased my focus on that the last months.


My Favorite Posting 2021:

Music Publications – Does Nowadays The Length Still Matter?

That’s a topic which made me think a lot this year. There are more and more deluxe editions of albums already released and ridiculously short “albums” and “EPs”. I was really surprised how huge the differences of the price per track and per minute are. You shouldn’t weigh music like milk or meat, but it is a nice indication.

Music Publications – Does Nowadays The Length Still Matter?


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