Songs Of The Week (week of 16 December 2022)

I was quite surprised that finally 15 songs made it into my Songs of the Week as of 16th November 2022. Finally, the music market is not producing too many releases currently any more. Nonetheless, I feel that there have been some really cool new singles this week – hope you enjoy them, too.


Suzie Candell – Flames

Suzie Candell sounds like a US artist, when she is doing her songs, which are somewhere in the Americana spectrum. In fact, she is originally from the Southern German Allgäu region and nowadays living in Liechtenstein. There will be a new EP in March 2023 – this song is a very promising appetizer.


Wippsteert feat. Annie Heger – Mieglämmken

Low German (“Plattdeutsch”) folk music – I guess I did not have too much stuff of this kind on so far. I have to admit that I just understand very few words of this collaboration of the band Wippsteert and Annie Heger. But I just love listening to the song. By the way, if you ask what the title means… It is simply “Ants”.


Robespierre – Old Bag – Old Bat

I recently featured another single release of Robespierre in my Songs of the Week. On 4th November 2022Shades on the Glade even lead my weekly posting. This time, the folk rock duo had great chances again, but barely missed it. After this listen, I even more look forward to the 2023 album.


Dark Sarah feat. Kasperi Heikkinen – Invincible

This week, I received the album Attack of Orym, which will be released in January 2023. The first listen really feels nice – and Invincible is also a great listen. Look forward to do the full review of the Finnish symphonic metal band.


The Baboon Show – God Bless You All

The Baboon Show is a Swedish punk rock band. The Stockholm artists are looking forward to 2023, when they celebrate their twentieth band anniversary. Nice sound, indeed.


jdxn – Happy Holidays, You Bastard

From Stockholm to Dallas: US-American artist jdxn (pronounced: jay-den) is a 21 year old rock singer-songwriter. His latest single has a nice alternative tough and the cheekiness of punk rock. Great one.


King & Potter – 20 Years

The two parts of this Austrian pop duo, Benedikt König and Martin Hafner, met when they were both singers at the famous Wiener Sängerknaben choir in Vienna. Their band name is easy: they simply translated their surnames to English. 20 Years is a lovely listen.


Finch feat. Saltatio Mortis – Keine Regeln

This collaboration of rapper Finch and Saltatio Mortis iniitially sounds like a Mallorca party song with some shanty qualities. However, Finch is later adding the right rap groove. Cool.


Klangkarussell feat. LissA – Sight of You

Another track from Austria: Klangkarussell are a producer duo, who work with German singer LissA for their latest single. Nice electronic pop with an easy dance vibe.


Alex Lys – Mut

Mut is a typical modern German pop track: a nice groove, nice lyrics and a catching arrangement. Definitely deserves to be part of this list of songs.


Adam Lambert – Ordinary World

Indianapolis-born artist Adam Lambert releases another great single. I sometimes struggle with his music, but Ordinary World is just amazing. The gentle Duran Duran cover beautifully fits into the typical Christmas mood. Thumbs up.


Lauryn Mark – Vorort

About a year ago, I introduced you to the EP Aperitif by Lauryn Mark. I really liked listening to the sound of the Frankfurt artist. Her last song release in 2022 comes with lovely piano play in the background and a great vocal performance. Great one!


Payman – Vorbei

Payman is a producer and hip hop artist from Hamburg. Typically, this genre is rarely represented in my song list – but Payman just did a too good job to ignore him.


Jim “Kimo” West – Sleep Walk

This time, the list of tracks closes with two beautiful instrumentals. The second last track is by Grammy-winning artist Jim “Kimo” West, who I know quite well as he is a touring guitarist for Werid Al Yankovic. Look forward to see the Canadian in Germany for the first time on the European Tour 2023 – even though we won’t have beautiful tunes like Sleep Walk then. Some two years ago, “Kimo” was also part of my Spotlight interviews.


Carsten Schnell – Another Day, Another Dollar

Carsten Schnell closes my list of tracks this week. Another Day, Another Dollar is a beautiful instrumental song somewhere between jazz, pop and blues. lovely one.


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