The Hits of the Trips – My Summer 2021 in Music

Summer feels to be over – Fall 2021 is coming. Finally, I had much more – and better – trips during the warm 2021 than I expected. Some of them were (partially) road trips and came with some rental car experience. And there were these songs, which felt to accompany me during the trip. Songs, which I did not know before this trip – and which just don’t get out of your mind any more. I honor them in this small blog posting.


The Hits of The Trips – Summer 2021


Italy / Emilia Romagna : The Kolors – Cabriolet Panorama

This is the song, which is the major reason for this posting. I listened to Cabriolet Panorama in the radio, they played it during breakfast while staying at the Hotel Maranello Village in Ferrari town – I just could not escape. And I did not want to. Ain’t that a catchy one by the Italian band The Kolors? A touch of 1980’s pop and a lot of summer. Cabriolet by the way is a “convertible” (interestingly, we use the same word in German). I walked through Luciano Pavarotti’s bedroom while being in the Modena region – but this band and their song was the musical star of my trip.

There is also a remix version of this track:


Austria / Styria : Chris Steger – Leicht kennt ma’s hom

Visiting Graz in Styria, Austria, and meeting a good friend there again was indeed a great trip. The Novapark Airplane Hotel was definitely a key reason to visit Southern Austria, but the national radio just wanted to give me Chris Steger and his great song again and again. And I loved it. Not just due to the deep, thoughtful lyrics a strong touch of country music.


Spain / Mallorca : Dennis Mansfeld feat. Vanessa Civiello – Viva la Vida

During summer 2021, I had two trips to Mallorca / Majorca. The second time, my wife and I had a rental car. I give in, we majorly listened to the German language Inselradio. A lot of German and party classics in there – and indeed, they felt to love this song. Suits perfectly to sun and partying – what most Germans look for at this versatile holiday destination.


Germany / East Frisia : (Fictive) Bärenmarke Ad from the Otto Movie

Yeah, in fact, this one belongs to Leony and her Faded Love. On our five day trip to East Frisia, the radio played that song at least 15 times. I just hate that Dragostea Din Tei cover – why does the music industry have to more and more versions of the same track. Instead, I had this scene of the Otto Waalkes movie Otto der Liebesfilm in mind, especially when visiting the Pilsum Light Tower. It is a satiric view on a coffee creamer advertisement, which has been very popular in the 1980’s in Germany.


Iceland : Hreimur Örn Heimisson – Göngum í takt

Iceland has just a fascinating culture. Just some 370k inhabitants, but so talented in sports, arts… and music. Thus, I love to listen to Islandic music channels while driving through the country. This song (please don’t ask me about the exact topic) just appeared on my trip, which majorly featured the Akureyri and metropolitan region, multiple times.

And… There is that one. It’s a classic about Iceland. I guess many know it. Not really a Song of My Trip, but just a song which comes into my mind when I think about the island.


Canada / Toronto & Ottawa : The Road Hammers – East Bound and Down

If you are around Toronto and Hamilton, I highly recommend to listen to KX94.7. The radio station gave me a great and broad country music listen on my September 2021 trip, which was trying out the new, altered immigration rules as well as having highlights like flying Billy Bishop Airport (YTZ). The song which stayed in my mind, though, is an eleven year old one. Good, old Canadian country music. Love it.


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