Songs Of The Week (week of 13 January 2023)

Wow, that’s massive! After I had a quite thin list of new releases since mid-December 2022, Christmas break is officially over. I had a load of new relases of all kinds of genres for this selection of new single releases which I just felt to share with you. The leading track is honoring one of the greatest and most influential German artists of all times, Jürgen Drews.


Ben Zucker – Das Bett im Kornfeld steht jetzt leer

Jürgen Drews has literally defined German party music and German schlager. The self-proclaimed and later undisputed König von Mallorca (“King of Mallorca“) had to finish his stage career due to illness. Among many other artists, Ben Zucker is honoring the legendary artist with a song teasing one of Drews’ biggest songs, Ein Bett im Kornfeld (which is a German version of the Bellamy Brother’s Let Your Love Flow).


Mirko Santocono – Alles jetzt – ist perfekt

Whichever voice you take – being put into a playlist right after energetic Ben Zucker is not the most lucky choice for an artist likely. Mirko Santocono, who has been a support act for a bunch of major German acts already, masters this one easy. Great song by the German with Italian roots from the Westerwald region.


Mono Inc. feat. Storm Seeker – After Dark

Ravenblack is on the final straight! I featured Mono Inc. quite frequently the last months. The band’s new album is about to be released on 27th January 2023. Before that, the Hamburg guys raise the desire to listen to the songs again with the dark shanty rocker After Dark.


Malik Harris – Dreamer

Malik Harms increased his popularity in Germany significantly after representing his home country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The time on stage was likely a fail. But back from that, he is really pushing with nice commercial pop songs like this one.


Attacke Royal – Du bist so sexy, wenn Du gar nichts sagst

Funnily, this song (the long title means “You are so sexy if you don’t talk”) is solely listed as Sexy on Spotify at the time of writing. Fifteen years after the break-up of the Berlin band, Jan Neidigk and Andy Ebsen are trying to do it again. The song is in fact a re-release – but it is just too good rock music. You have to share it, don’t you?


Floor Jansen – Invincible

Invincible by the Dutch artist Floor Jansen was originally planned to be the lead song of the Invictus Games of the wounded veterans this year. However, the song is independent from this kind of support. Still a good one.


AnnenMayKantereit – Du tust mir nie mehr weh

I am likely the only German who is not a big fan of AnnenMayKantereit. Starting as a school band in Cologne, they will be selling out the soccer stadium RheinEnergie Stadion this year. Amazing career.


Kerfor – I’m A Lot

Kerfor is doing modern and fascinating hip hop-pop tunes. The song is full of energy, the artist name is a variation of “I care for”. However, if you look at Kerfor’s civil name, Elisabeth Furthwängler, Germans might also recognize her as part of the famous Burda family. She is even one of the partners of the famous publisher. Great song!


Ann Can’t Talk – Farben

Ann Can’t Talk is another very interesting project I feature in this posting. They are from Hennef, not too far away from Cologne. Farben comes with really nice vibes and a catching hook.


Ber – Your Internet Sucks

Not only on social media, Ber has grown more and more a faithful fan base. Your internet sucks is the next step towards her next EP release Hallway, which will be available mid of February. She is an artist from Minnesota, but grew up most of the time in the United Kingdom


Frederico & Tiffany Aris – Like a River

The civil name of Frederico is Johann Friedrich Steinke – likely not the best name to go for an international career. He is coming from Saxony and got some attention as a drummer for several German acts. Nice collaboration.


Jenice – Engel gegen Teufel

I had a bunch of really nice schlager and schlager-pop songs this week. Jenice is rather doing a straight sound. The opening feels rather ordinary, but I feel that this song has a nice touch the longer it runs. By the way, if you feel that you know Jenice – she has been nominated as Germany’s most beautiful model as well.


Judy Weiss – Völlig unerwartet

There are a couple of songs, which definitely would have deserved to lead this week’s Songs of the Week. Judy Weiss’ new single release is definitely one of them. The Berlin schlager artist with a musical background is about to release an album in late March 2023. Sounds promising.


Roland Kaiser – Du, deine Freundin und ich

I absolutely loved that song when Roland Kaiser released his Perspektiven album in September 2022. Now, he is using it as a single as well. Well deserved. This song (which is quite explicitly describing a threesome) is a smasher!


Yasmin Hutchins – Machen Machen

Okay, this dance pop track does not come wit very deep and thoughtful lyrics. But it is fun to listen to Yasmin Hutchins :)I like it. – even though this lady is from Dusseldorf 🙂


Tensnake & Drama – Rooftop

Tensnake is a musician and producer from HamburgRooftop is a lovely track by the DJ and producer. Good collaboration with Drama.,


Altin Gün – Rakiya Su Katamam

I definitely never presented Turkish psych-rock to you so far. Time to change that – especially as the sound of this band comes with a couple of really nice facets.


Not Scientists – Rattlesnake

Not Scientists are a punk band from France. Already on 10th January 2023, they released Rattlesnake, which is the second single release towards the release of their third album. Very energetic listen.


Jessica Murph – About You

Does About You really feel like a single written by an 18 year old girl from Alabama? Great new song by the US-American artist – and it is just about a month until her full set of song, Drowning, will be released. Cool style.


Laura van Berg – Später

Laura van Berg is a 23 year old singer-songwriter from Vienna in AustriaSpäter (“Later”) is a really beautiful German language pop track. Nice vibes and a beautifully driven by the piano.


Roman Josef Schwendt – Wann, wenn ned jetzt

The dialect is already telling you: this one is another song from Austria. Roman Josef Schwendt wrote this beautiful Austro-pop track. Feels rather like a great soundtrack for spring to me. But I enjoy it in winter as well.


Lukas Graham feat. Mickey Guyton – Home Movies

I feel that Mickey Guyton moved a bit out of the focus of the music industry – at least from a European perspective. In this collaboration with the Danish pop band Lukas Graham, Guyton shows that she can do much more than “just” country music.


U2 – Pride (In The Name of Love) / Songs Of Surrender

It is hard to argue against that Pride is one of the biggest songs of the Irish band. They are about to release a new album soon, which will contain new versions of some of their most important hits. Pride feels like the perfect appetizer for that.


OGR-Scintilla – Canadian Paradise

Call this one a bonus track or whatever, please! But I just had to think about two Weird Al Yankovic songs, Amish Paradise and Canadian Idiot so baldy when I heard it. I like that new version of Coolio’s classic by the Canadian ironic rapper from Alberta.


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