My Country Music Picks – Christmas Songs 2019 (8th December 2019)

December – Christmas time! Especially after I had so many postings about Christmas markets in here, I felt to add a special edition of the Country Music Picks about Country Music Christmas songs. They are not necessarily brand new (some are 2019, though), but just present some of the songs I ran into and liked. Hope you like them, too.


Lauren Jenkins – I’ll Be Home for Christmas

The lovely Lauren Jenkins recorded this track last year already. I feel it is just the perfect festive song for her, so much atmosphere, so catchy.


Thomas Rhett – Christmas In The Country

Christmas In The Country is a 2019 track by the amazing Thomas Rhett. I just love to listen to it – this is also why it is one of the songs in my playlists.


Keith Urban – I’ll be Your Santa Tonight

If you follow my Country Music Playlists, you know that song already, which Urban released in November 2019. Very nice Christmas song, but still very Keith Urban-like.


Kacey Musgraves – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Kacey Musgraves recently hosted a Christmas show, which is also available as an album. I first felt to review it, but as it is more or less just a TV recording, you tend to ask yourself too often, what is going on and why people are laughing – if you have Amazon Prime, for example, I absolutely recommend to stream the show. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree is one of the songs of the show, where Musgraves shows her amazing talent.


Twinnie – White Christmas

There are countless versions of this Bing Crosby Classic. Twinnie recorded this one last year, which a Christmas themed video.


Sarah Darling – Santa Baby

Sarah Darling‘s Christmas album Winter Wonderland is already about two years old. This version is not the album one, but an acoustic, which I feel to underline her musical strength even more. I just love to listen to her.


Jessica Mitchell – Blue Christmas

Jessica Mitchell is an Canadian artist, which I absolutely admire. However, her presence on is definitely too limited. Blue Christmas is a rather old recording by her, but still a lovely song – and the track illustrates her amazing talent.

Toby Keith – Frosty The Snowman

Frosty moves to the countryside! Toby Keith adds a huge touch of his music to this song. Makes me dance, makes me smile – so I had to add it!


Tim McGraw – Dear Santa

Tim McGraw’s Christmas song is a lovely country song – and still stays a Tim McGraw one!


Luke Bryan – Run Run Rudolph

In a county music playlist like that, we should just not miss Mr Bryan. In this track, he is interpreting one real Christmas classic.


LeeAnn Rimes – All I Want For Christmas Is You

No, it is not the Mariah Carey song. This LeeAnn Rimes Christmas song is very posh, which a big band melody recording. Hope you like it.


Kenny Chesney – All I Want For Christmas Is a Real Good Tan

A Christmas song which makes me smile. This two year old recording by Kenny Chesney has a very different attitude to the festive season. Don’t get a sunburn, Mr Kenny!


Title picture: Screenprint / Single Cover by Keith Urban, “I’ll be your Santa tonight”, artist material

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