The Deslondes (6th June 2023, Cologne)

Back to the Kantine in Cologne: just less than a month after I saw Kip Moore in their major and main venue in the North of the Rhineland city, I was back as a photographer to the Yard Club, their smaller venue located in the same building. The act of the evening were The Desclondes, who mix several Americana genres into a very own style of music. I was really curious about their tour stage in Cologne.

This posting comes with 342 major size pictures as part of the concert gallery.


Yard Club – About The Venue

As said, the Yard Club is the minor venue of Die Kantine (“The Canteen”), venue in the very North of Cologne. Located right opposite to the main hall, it has a capacity of 250 people. The parking in that area is a bit of limited, especially in occasions, when both venues are used in parallel. However, you can reach the venue by tram (lines 12 and 15, Wilhelm-Sollmann-Str. stop) or bus (line 122, Bremerhavener Str.) quite well and also until rather later hours.

The Deslondes – About The Artists

The Deslondes is a music group from New Orleans, Louisiana. The members are Dan Cutler (vocals, stand-up bass), Sam Doores (vocals, guitar), Cameron Snyder (vocals, percussion) and John James Tourville (fiddle, pedal steel). The band has been founded in 2013. However, one year ago, Doores and Downing already released the album Holy Cross Blues as Sam Doores + Riley Downing & The Tumbleweeds. The Deslondes’ debut album has been published in 2015 and is self-titled. Two years later, the band addded Hurry Home to their discography. For the Cologne show in June 2023, they toured with their 2022 album, Ways & Means.


The Deslondes – The Show

The band stepped on stage at about 20:20. Before that, they hang out in the outside area of the Die Kantine and enjoyed themselves. Songs like Good to Go, the opener of their 2022 album, and it title track Ways & Means stood at the beginning of their set list and introduced the Cologne fans to their latest album. Towards the middle of the set, there were some more classic songs, like The Real Deal or their two most popular ones on Spotify, Heavenly Home and Less Honkin’ More Tonkin’. Unfortunately, the Yard Club just had some 30 visitors this evening – the band definitely deserved more.

The show had a lovely atmosphere, not only due to the intimate setting, but also due to the anecdotes the band were telling. They are stated that they enjoy that summer days in Europe are having daylight for so long. Here and there, the interaction did not work as well as the band wanted, maybe also due to a certain Southern accent you just cannot deny when they are speaking. The range of song presented was really nice, from very groovy and blues-ish songs to tracks with a strong country-style touch – but also some rather quiet moments. After some 70 minutes, the band closed their set with Wild Eden and stepped off stage for a short moment. There was still time for an encore before this Cologne show was finished.



The Deslondes – The Gallery

Here are 342 major size pictures of the show. They are located in the concert gallery:


The Deslondes – My View

The Deslondes played a beautiful set in a great atmosphere North of Cologne. The setting was lovely and relaxed and I hope you enjoyed the light on the pictures as much as I did. The set was a nice range of songs, which finally offered some highlights for any kind of Americana listener. Thus, it was an overall really nice evening in June in Cologne.



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