Ben Zucker (28th July 2023, Monheim)

The Monheimer Sommer is a small series of open air concerts, driven by the city in the Rheinland region. Apart from legendary Joss Stone, they also presented Ben Zucker in 2023. I was really looking forward to see him back on stage again after I covered his 2019 LANXESS Arena show in Cologne.

This posting comes with 355 major size pictures as part of the concert gallery.


Bürgerwiese Baumberg Monheim – About The Venue

The Bürgerwiesen (translates to something like “Citizen Greens” or “Citizen Park”) is a recreational area North of the city of Monheim, which is located between Cologne / Leverkusen and Dusseldorf. There were some roadworks at the time of the concert, furthermore, there are ongoing track upgrades for regional trains in the area. Thus, the traffic situation was a bit of tricky. I expect that to be back to normal in future events. The parking situation was not too bad, due to a parking garage not too far away from the venue. Unfortunately, there is no event ticket, so that you have to pay after the show.

Ben Zucker – About The Artists

Ben Zucker was born in 1983 in Ueckermünde near Greifswald in the very Northeast of Germany. Born in the GDR, he grew up in East Berlin. He initially did rock music, but then more and more and more focused on German songs. His debut album Na und?! was already a huge success. It was in the German album charts for 129 weeks, being a five time golden record. So far, he released two additional long-plays, Wer sagt das?! (2019) and Jetzt erst recht!! (2021). Both topped the German charts and were very successful, including very well selling tours.


Ben Zucker – The Show

Ben Zucker started his two hour show right in time at 20:00. Despite the show was an open air one, there was no support act. Luckily, after some very heavy showers just some hours before the concert, there was even sunshine over the Bürgerwiese, so that ground was rather muddy, but people did not get wet. After a band intro, Ben started with Heute nicht! and Wieder zurück, which already heated up the band. Overall, there were quite some songs of his recent album release Was wir haben, ist für immer, which is looking back to his career so far.

Rocking tracks like Guten Morgen Welt heated up the crowd – but the Rheinland people also appreciated the more romantic moments like Wo ist die Liebe hin?. Zucker felt to really enjoy partying with his fans that evening. A random fan, Sonja, got a 2,000 people Happy Birthday to her 39th birthday. Later, during Ich weine nicht um Dich, the artist crossed the crowd and welcomed the wheelchair user and mobility impaired fans on the elevated stand, performing the following part of the show in the middle of his fans. Here and there, the set list also featured some 1990’s pop classics, which felt to be really appreciated by the crowd.

The last third of the show included songs like Mein Berlin or Der Sonne entgegen and ensure that people left the lovely Monheim open air area with two smiles. The first one as the weather forecast did not come true and that there was not a single drop of rainfall while Zucker played. And the second one has they just had a really good two hours schlager rock party.


Ben Zucker – The Gallery

Here are 355 major size pictures of the show. They are located in the concert gallery:


Ben Zucker – My View

Ben Zucker is unique in the German music scene in my point of view. First of all, his raspy voice is just one of the most signature ones in the country. Secondly, his straight, not that soppy way to define schlager music leads to a very diverse audience. Thus, the audience in Monheim was really mixed – but they had a really good party together. You should definitely praise the local organizers, the cultural board of the city of Monheim, that they finally managed to have such good conditions for the show despite very adverse weather conditions during the day. I will definitely have a look at the Monheimer Sommer in the future. And, of course, on Ben Zucker and his music as well. Great evening!


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