Five Weird Al Yankovic Shows in Florida – Some Concert Pictures

During the second week of October 2022, I have been tour-chasing Weird Al Yankovic on five stages of his The Unfortunate Return Of The Ridiculously Self-Indulgent Ill-Advised Vanity Tour. I have been an “ordinary” paying fan with tickets, but still took some snaps with my camera during the shows. I felt they are worth sharing, together with a few thoughts on the concerts themselves. Please excuse that the pictures do no match the quality they would have with my professional gear. In addition, the late delivery is majorly due to that my main notebook broke down so that I could not edit pictures any more in larger scale. If you are interested in the tour – I did a trip report / travel diary of the first leg of my trip, in April 2022:

Kicking Off The Weird Al Yankovic Tour 2022 (Preview)


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11th October 2022, King Center, Melbourne

I felt so happy to see the guys again. The show was really good, I enjoyed having a couple of my favorites – even though I have to admit the long trip from Germany and the trip from Cyprus to Germany before gave me a tough jetlag. The long song of the evening was Albuquerque. Overall, a really nice one to start the show.


12th October 2022, The Parker, Fort Lauderdale

When I saw the megaphone on stage again, I was on fire already – second evening in a row having Skipper Dan. My Twine Ball shirt matched the song selection of the evening. This was only the only VIP Weird Al Jeopardy show I paid for on the trip. J.W. is doing an awesome job as a host and it is a fun way to start into the show. Great to see so many familiar faces as well. Overall the first Fort Lauderdale show felt more rocking than the Melbourne one. Which also gave me an easier time to fight my tiredness. Amazing work by light and sound by the way, who support the great work by the band in an amazing manner.


13th October 2022, The Parker, Fort Lauderdale

The second show in Fort Lauderdale (both with quite some free seats, by the way) was to me the great showcase of the band. Ruben Valtierra’s amazing Latin keyboard skills at the “slightly” updated version of Dare To Be Stupid, Stephen Jay with his amazing bass groove (like in the encore You Can Call Me Al) or the amazing work by Jim “Kimo” West. These guys are so excellent (and, of course, I love Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz as a drummer as well 🙂 ). I would say that this was the most enjoyable stage of this five concert trip.


15th October 2022, Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater

First of all, time to celebrate: My dear friend Jeremy had its 400th Weird Al Yankovic show this day. Simply the US God of Tourchasing – I just cannot neglect that Adrian in England is about in the same number with the musical Rock of AgesThe team around the band honored Jeremy in the pre-concert show of Weird Al Jeopardy, which he of course won.

I struggled with the show. The venue has some constructional issues (rows of more than sixty seats without an middle aisle, improper stair lights). Furthermore, the seats were pretty bad (row R!) regarding that I even had a pre-sale code for this venue. Apart from that, I was rather close to the wall and had to fight with echoes. Some really nice songs in the set – and also some which I hadn’t heard so far. I don’t comment too much on the song lottery. There are some 90 songs, which they choose of to play each evening. Sometimes you prefer them more, sometimes less. The encore, School’s Out by Alice Cooper, was a cool one, though.


16th October 2022, Disney Theatre, Orlando

My last show of this trip was at the beautiful Disney Theatre in the heart of Orlando. Let’s better skip talking about the traffic in Orlando Downtown in the very North of the city – especially the way out has been chaotic. While I had row R (18th row) the day before, I happened to sit in the wing of the second row with an ordinary (i.e. non-VIP) ticket this time – this stuff is really weird. The show was amazing, having some of my all-time favorites including Skipper Dan. The crowd was amazing and already cheered louder than any I saw before for support act and stand-up comedian Emo Philips. Really loved this show (again, exceptional work on the instruments and light) as a closing one for my Florida trip.


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