C2C Country To Country Berlin – Day 2 (07.03.2020) – Splitter

Saturday in Berlin is over. A lot of good music has been played on several stages – but some stories just happened outside and around the venues Stories which make you think and smile t the C2C in Berlin 2020 on the second day in my Splitter.


C2C 2020 – Day 2 (07.03.2020) – The Splitter

Here are my Saturday topics.

More spectators

The weekend, better weather and concert in the neighboring Mercedes Benz Arena lead to significantly more spectators and vendor traffic on Town Square. Before her first gig of the festival on the very first slot, German Van de Forst tried herself at the ring-the-bell machine by one of the sponsors. Of course, I do not publish the result in here.


The illuminated one

One spectator in the very upper ranks is “honored” in a very special way. Even during concerts, a person in the second last seating row is illuminated by a spot. Maybe god’s ambassador on Planet Country?


Vegetarian Cusine Verti Music Hall Style

You really cannot complain about the food situation around Verti Music Hall, not just because of the adjacent mall. With the new Alex Stage, there is also a great addition to the festival grounds, which allows you to have some great music with a bite in parallel. Inside the Verti Music Hall, catering is a bit limited. There is a posh menu (non-complimentary) for the VIP Seating area, but the ordinary dishes are curry sausage, boiled sausage and some other snacks. The meat lover situation, however, is still luxurious: the “Vegetarian” meal at the snack booths is nothing but a Pretzel – at least you can choose to have it with or without cheese, with or without a drink!


Last but not least…

… happy anniversary to the befriended web project Country Crush Germany, who made more then 2,000 Facebook followers within one year of existence. Impressive work and effort for the genre!


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