Alex Diehl (2nd February 2024, Cologne)

Especially after I reviewed the amazing album Das ist keine Übung in October 2023, I was really looking forward to see Alex Diehl live on stage on 2nd February 2024. The Cologne club Blue Shell hosted his show on a Friday night – that just felt like a perfect setup for a great evening with a great German artist. Even public transport strikes could not really change my mood about it. Here is the concert review.

This posting comes with 120 major size pictures as part of the concert gallery.


Blue Shell – About The Venue

The show was another one at the good, old Blue Shell club at the Luxemburger Straße in Cologne. I like the atmosphere in this spot in the heart of the party zone of the city. This time, the audience was significantly below the capacity of the venue – Alex Diehl stated that there were 71 spectators in the cozy venue, which felt being even less full than that (capacity is slightly below 200). The traffic situation of the Blue Shell is excellent, with short walking connection to regional trains at Köln-Süd (Cologne South) train station and the Barbarossaplatz offering multiple underground options.

Alex Diehl – About The Artist

I already introduced you to Alex Diehl in my reviews of Das ist keine Übung and his EP Die Songs, die ich nie schreiben wollte. Both are amazing and very personal singer-songwriter recordings by the artist, who was born on 26th November 1986 in Traunstein close to the German-Austrian border. Diehl, who suffered from a rather tough childhood, is nowadays living in Northern Germany.


Alex Diehl – The Show

After a short intro by his keyboarder Nco, Campanella, Alex Diehl kicked off his set right on time at 20:00. The show opened with Zündet alle Feuer, the opening track of Das ist keine Übung. The setlist is rather easy to reconcile, as Diehl strictly followed the order given by the album. While this did not lead to too many surprises in regards of the selection and order of songs, the show was special due to its intimacy and honesty. The album lasts some 35 minute, while this Alex Diehl concert at the Blue Shell took more than 90 minutes. The artist gave the people a detailed background about every song and thereby felt very close, very vulnerable.

Thus, it is hard to pick highlights of the show. The ten song album comes with ten very personal stories. The song you like most is likely the song you can relate to best, based on your private life. I loved Mein Revier, where Diehl described how he missed the love of his fans during the pandemic, or Eine Flasche Glück about his mother, who could not give him the love he needed as she is a drinker. In songs like Souvenir, Alex Diehl’s massive voice seemed to reach any corner of the rather small venue and created a massive atmosphere. The show closed with the encore In meiner Seele, the only song, which is not part of his 2023 album, after some 96 minutes.


Alex Diehl – The Gallery

Here are 120 major size pictures of the show. They are located in the concert gallery:


Alex Diehl – My View

I loved this evening in Cologne. Not only as I believe that Alex Diehl is massively underrated in Germany, it felt like a very special show. The combination of his voice and his truthful and honest songs is amazing, the rather small attendance lead to a very personal atmosphere. Furthermore, the way Diehl hosted the evening, together with his keyboarder, was very entertaining and also included the audience on this Friday evening in Cologne. Absolutely loved it.


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