Brandy Clark (29th January 2020, Amsterdam)

Right after the show of Brett Eldredge and Lauren Jenkins in the large venue of the Paradiso, the Dutch Sound of Nashville series invited country fans to another concert. Brandy Clark was playing in the minor venue of the Paradiso, which was an intimate end of the evening at the atmospheric venue.

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Paradiso (Small Venue) – About The Venue

The Paradiso is a former church, which has been turned into a picturesque venue. The upper floor smaller venue hosts some 250 people. The venue is located in the heart of Amsterdam. It is maybe some 15 minutes walk from the venue to Central Station.

The ticket price for this 22:00hrs show was 10.50 EUR. The show was packed at the beginning, also because a lot of people dared a look. At the end of the show, there were some 100 to 120 people in the venue.


About The Artist

Brandy Clark was born in 1975 in Washington State, USA. Her musical career began rather late. Though she started to play guitar at the age of nine years, she first felt to invest in her sports career (basketball). In 1998, she decided to study Music Business at Belmont University, Nashville, which also lead to her first job in the industry at Leadership Music. Her initially merits on music were more on the songwriting side. For example, Mama’s Broken Heart, which she co-wrote and which was performed by Miranda Lambert, reached the 2nd place in the US country singles charts in 2011. She grew attention and also had initial gigs on her own. Finally, in 2013, she released her first album 12 Stories, which made it to Place 23 in the US Country charts, but even to the Top 10 in the UK. Three years later, her Big Day in a Small Town was even more successful. In March 2020, she will release her third studio album, Your Life is a Record. Who You Thoight I Was is the first single of that long-player.


Brandy Clark – The Show

The show was announced to start at 22:00 hrs, it started very shortly later. During the first song, more and more people came into the venue, so the timing felt to be good. In contrast to the very electric setup of Brett Eldredge before, Brandy Clark used a very traditional band setup with a cello and an acoustic bass (apart from drums and electric guitar). There was a nice mix of songs, for example the 2013 Pray To Jesus, but also songs of the new album, inclduing the current single, Who You Thought I Was. I enjoyed songs like Daughter or Hold My Hand. Brandy Clark did not take too many breaks to explain the stories behind the songs, but went for a rather speedy set, which had a nice mixture of contrasting songs. The encore started after about one hour of play. However, at that time quite a bunch of songs have already been performed.


Brandy Clark – The Gallery

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Brandy Clark – My View

Congrats to Sound of Nashville Netherlands – this evening was absolutely memorable and was a lot of fun. Brandy Clark did a superb finish in this trio of artists. Though I am really not too much of a classic country sound fan, Brandy Clark just gave a fresh and speedy performance and made classic string instruments sound very modern. Great show, I absolutely loved it.


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