Seepark Biker Days Pfullendorf 2023 – Day 3 Concerts (2nd July)

Closing day in Pfulllendorf – after Saturday came with a long line-up and a lot of acts, the musical side of the Seepark Biker Days was comparably short. Just two acts, before you could enjoy some of the merchandise booths or have a bite at the restaurants. Closing time on that Sunday was 17:00 already – I even had to leave earlier to catch the train from Stuttgart back home to Cologne. Here are my thoughts about the musical side of the last days of the 2023 edition of the festival.


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Seepark Biker Days 2023 – Day 3 Concerts – The Lineup


11:30 Jessica Lynn
13:30 RoadShot

Jessica Lynn again: the US-American country-rock artists opened the third day in Pfullendorf right before lunch time. As I introduced you to her on Day 2 already, I skip the bio in here.

RoadShot is a German rockabilly band from Augsburg 50km Northwest of Munich. Their website states We don’t need more than a guitar, a bass and a microphone. The Seepark Biker Days were definitely a nice place to check out whether this concept is really working out. Unfortunately, I could not find any YouTube video of the band, so I exceptionally link their homepage in here.


Seepark Biker Days 2023 – Day 3 Concerts – The Shows

There was a bit of forth and back with the closing day schedule Finally, Jessica Lynn started her set at 11:30. The third day came with free entry, which additionally boosted the attendance. Jessica Lynn’s set was rather similar to the one on Saturday. However, I felt she was more enthusiastic and energetic then on the day before. The Pfullendorf audience honored that and they was a lot of dancing and fun on the grass in front of the outdoor stage. Country songs worked out as well as rock tracks. However, good old Jailhouse Rock gave the Seepark Biker Days 2023 its best atmosphere on the outdoor stage. Jessica said farewell to her German fans and friends up until the second act of the day stepped on stage.

I unfortunately again just listened to the very first part of the RoadShot show. The crowd was less enthusiastic than at the opener show, but the duo from Augsburg did a really nice job. They presented quite some rockabilly classics on the outdoor stage. One of my highlights was RoadShot’s performance of the Percolator – which is nothing but a coffee machine Randy Randolph sang about in 1958. Germans typically rather know their local version by Cologne’s Trude Herr called Ich will keine Schokolade. Similar to the Lonestar set on Day 2, I enjoyed the musical skills of the band – and having a real contrabass on stage is just cool. Thus, I was a bit of sad to leave early – but i had to catch my train back home.



Seepark Biker Days 2023 – Day 3 Concerts – The Gallery

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