Carly Pearce & Sarah Darling (12th September 2022, Hamburg)

What a lovely combination of two amazing female country artists: on 12th September 2022, Sound of Nashville presented Carly Pearce for her very first German gig at the Gruenspan in Hamburg. Her support was the amazing Sarah Darling, who had not been in Germany post-Covid yet. I was that much looking forward to the show and just had to travel to Northern Germany highlight. Here is my concert review.

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Gruenspan – About The Venue

The Gruenspan is a very traditional music venue at Hamburg-St. Pauli. Its history leads back to the 19th century. It is located at the Große Freiheit street and thus in the Reeperbahn party and entertainment zone, which also hosts the red light district. Thus, the traffic situation is really good, including nice S-Bahn commuter rail and Underground connections.

The Gruenspan is a real beauty. The 950 capacity venue has a rather large lower stall level and a a lovely gallery. However, the gallery has not been used for the Carly Pearce and Sarah Darling show.

Carly Pearce & Sarah Darling – About The Artists

I was absolutely excited to see Carly Pearce in Germany for the very first time. You find a quite some material about the country artist from Taylor Mill, Kentucky, who was 32 years old at the Hamburg gig. I happened to run into her music in 2017, she did however pursue a professional career since her teenage years. Two songs boosted the career of the energetic artist: her debut release Every Little Thing made it to the top of the US Country Airplay as well as the Canadian Country Charts. In 2019, a duet with Lee Brice, I Hope You’re Happy Now, repeated this and finally lead to a double platinum record in the USA. Even though the commercially most successful album is her debut one (also named Every Little Thing, released in 2017), her key work is likely 29, which has initially been released as an EP and later upgraded to an album.

In contrast to Pearce, Sarah Darling is a well-established and experienced artist in the all-European country music scene. Born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1982, Darling nowadays has an specially strong fan base in the United Kingdom, She is an outstanding vocalist and singer-songwriter, who created a signature sound over the years, is having about half a million followers on Facebook only. In Hamburg, Darling has been supported on stage by Julie Lavery, a Boston-origin artist. Recently, Sarah Darling as also been part of a new band, the Six One Five Collective.


Carly Pearce & Sarah Darling – The Show

The show was scheduled to start at 20:30 hrs – and that was right when Sarah Darling and Julie Lavery stepped on stage of the beautiful Gruenspan. Sarah’s 25 minute set contained seven tracks – and after a one or two songs, it was obvious that the hot Gruenspan was Sarah Darling territory this evening. The fans listened to the gentle voice of her and sang-a-long to her music. The highlight of the set was maybe her second last song, Song Still Gets Me, which is in fact a Carly Pearce write.


Carly Pearce Set

Carly Pearce started her 90 minute set at 21;15 hrs. After a bit of a warm-up, Carly felt very comfortable in this “unknown country” and told a lot of stories behind the song has well. I liked the song about her grandmother at the beginning of the set, which also felt to emotionalize the audience – you could hear them sing with the US country star at the next one, Should’ve Known Better. One of the most magical moments was That Girl thereafter, which has been performed together with Sarah Darling,

After that song, the crowds (maybe 400 people – the venue had been upgraded after very good bookings) became more and more ecstatic and cheered with the music. Carly’s live version of Next Girl felt very rhythmic and pushed the people even more. For 29, Pearce took extra time to tell the story of her likely most personal track, as she told me in an interview before the concert.

The show was by the way watched by Carly Pearce’s father, who watched his daughter with a very pleased and proud smile from the upper gallery. My highlight of the evening was Every Little Thing, when Carly’s voice felt to magically cover the Gruenspan. While the crowds absolutely enjoyed it and I even cannot deny some additional moisture in my eyes, her father cheered from the upper rank and raised the thumb up towards the stage. The evening had some additional emotional peaks, like Show Me Around, the song for the artist’s former producer Busbee, or Carly’s version of Cowboy Take Me Away. The encore contained two tracks, Hide the Wine and I Hope You’re Happy Now.



Carly Pearce & Sarah Darling (12th June 2022, Cologne) – The Gallery

Here are 355 major size pictures of the show. They are located in the concert gallery:


Carly Pearce & Sarah Darling – My View

Wow, that night has been a blast. Two exceptional country ladies with very different skills and styles lead to a memorable evening in Northern Germany. The angelic voice and breathtaking stage presence of Sarah darling as well as the very personal style of Carly Pearce, who felt more and more comfortable the longer the show lasted, guaranteed highest level entertainment. There were hardly any weaker moments at this Sound of Nashville night. If you happen to have tickets for the upcoming tour, you will definitely have a great time.



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