Logan Mize (26th October 2019, Cologne)

While the Sound of Nashville October started big with the the concert of Old Dominion. One day after the big guns of country music released their self-titled album, Logan Mize stepped on stage of Club Volta in Cologne to give the Western German metropole another episode of the German Country Music Week. Thereby, Mize did not have any supporting act, as the Fairground Saints unfortunately had to withdraw from their appearances in Europe.

There is a 182 major size picture gallery of the concert in the concert gallery section.


Club Volta – About The Venue

Club Volta opened in Cologne not too long ago. The smaller venue in the Carlswerk Victoria building has a quite comfortable size of 450 spectators. It is located in Mülheim, as East of River Rhine part of Cologne. The club is beautiful. The atmosphere was very relaxed – and apart from a good view from every position, the nice bar staff and the amazingly clean toilets are worth mentioning. Furthermore, there is a brand-new car park right next door to the club.

Tickets for the event were 26 Euro. However, most of the spectators likely bought the “I love country music” ticket, which included multiple events of the German Country Music Week, presented by Semmel Concerts and their country music label, Sound of Nashville.


Logan Mize – About The Artist

Due to the absence of the Fairground Saints, Logan Mize was the only act on stage of Club Volta. I saw Mize just some weeks ago at a Sound of Nashville press event in mid September 2019, where he promoted his concerts and the whole concert series. I added some bio to that posting about the Kansas-origin artist, who was a super-nice person during the promo event. Like his biggest hit, Better Off Gone, the song Somebody To Thank has been published on his 2017 album, Come Back Road:


Logan Mize in Cologne – The Show

Due to the missing support act, the show started slightly later than scheduled, at about 20:15 hrs, in front of an attendance of roughly 250 people. The opener was the recently published I ain’t gotta grow up. The band started with a lot of power and songs like Somebody To Thank and Thinking About You gave the people a great time. He also told a lot of stories about the songs. At Used Up, for example, he thanked Justin Timberlake for his support.

After these first six songs, the band changed to an acoustic set and drummer Jimmy Elcock left his drum set in favor of the cajon. The first song of this part of the set was Something Just Like This, followed by Boys From Back Home, the impressing first song ever written by Mize. After some more songs, this set ended with a cover of Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’ and his Mize big hit, Better Off Gone.

Back to electric guitars and drums, the first song was Thank God For You, which is currently performed by Rodney Atkins, but written by Mize. Three more songs, Cool GirlCatch a Fish and Can’t get away from a Good Time concluded the set. The crowd cheered for minutes before the encore, which finally made the concert last some 90 minutes.


Logan Mize in Cologne – The Gallery

Here are 182 major size pictures of the concert, which is featured in the concert gallery:


Logan Mize in Cologne – My View

I loved Logan Mize at the press event some weeks ago – and in the lovely Club Volta, he proofed again that he is a great artist. The crowd enjoyed the evening and so did I. Though you could feel that Logan was not fully recovered from his sore throat, the band had such a great time on stage and you just had to share them. Lovely guys, lovely evening, great show – that’s what country music is all about – Top Pick!



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