Mrs. Greenbird (Frankfurt, 7th November 2019)

One of the few German country/folk acts, which gained some international reputation in the past is Cologne-based Mrs. Greenbird. Before the couple takes a wedding break, they went on an extended tour through Germany with their latest album Dark Waters. I had the opportunity to have a look at their show at the Ponyhof in Frankfurt. One day after I saw Ben Zucker and Van De Forst in the large LANXESS arena in Cologne, I went back to the intimate venues.

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Ponyhof Frankfurt – About The Venue

The Ponyhof (literally: Pony Farm) is located in Sachsenhausen on the Southern side of River Main. The area is quite famous for his party locations and apple wine / cider bars. The venue holds a capacity of 150 people. Though it is not too far away from Main Station, it s a decent trip from the bar to the main central railroad terminal. I nevertheless took taxi rides for both trips (mainly due to the camera stuff being with me). The staff was very nice, though they don’t seem to have press in there too often. I felt the layout of the venue was very intimate and charming as well.

Depending on the fees of the selling authority, the tickets for the concerts planned to incept at 20:00hrs was slightly above 20 Euro. The attendance was roughly 50 people. This meant that the venue was not packed, but nicely filled.


Mrs. Greenbird & Renn Anderson – About The Artists

Mrs. Greenbird are Sarah Nücken and Steffen Brückner. They met 2006 in the Cologne club Underground (which is no longer existing) and played together in multiple projects. The name Mrs. Greenbird originates from a green parrot, which they found in front of their house. Their career was boosted by the 2012 edition of the German X Factor TV show, which they won mainly by interpreting chart songs by a mixture of country, folk and pop. Two of the songs they performed in the show made it to the German single charts. The winning song was the self-written Shooting Stars & Fairy Tales, which placed around 15th in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Their debut album Mrs. Greenbird topped the charts in the first week of 2013. Both following albums, Postcards and Dark Waters had average chart placements.

Renn Anderson is an independent Nashville artist, who is typically publishing music as Renn only. His hometown is Wilmington, North Carolina. While he initially felt to concentrate on the guitar-playing side, before he decided to intensify his songwriting. In 2015, he published is only album so far, Heartache And A Song. Unfortunately, I could just find very limited bio about the artist.


Mrs. Greenbird in Frankfurt – The Show

There was a bit of a hassle with the starting time of the concert: the venue website stated 19:00 hrs. When I was rushing to the venue to reach it at 18:45, the doors were still locked and Mrs. Greenbird were in the soundcheck – 19:00 was the doors time, the concert incepted with Renn more or less exactly in time at 20:00. He started with a slow and quiet song, followed by the first track of his album, Jezebel. He also played his first song, King of California. One song was performed on the piano. The side concluded with Home and Other Side of Rain.

Mrs. Greenbird stepped on stage at about 20:45. The first three songs already contained 1965 and Insomniac, which are both quite popular and famous songs. A nice highlight of the first half of the concert was a cover of the classic Blitzkrieg Bop. However, Mrs. Greenbird made a ballad-alike song out of it. In general, Steffen explained a lot about the songs and also stories about their life. The ninth track, Love You To The Bone, was just previously written. Renn joined the musicians again on stage for Dark Waters and Learn How To Love You, where he did the vocals. The last song before the encore was Careless Heart. The time was already around 22:15. The first encore was a Rolling Stones cover, The Simple Things.  For the very final song, Midnight Rose, the duet unplugged their instruments and played it acoustic surrounded by the audience.


Mrs. Greenbird in Frankfurt – The Gallery

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Mrs. Greenbird in Frankfurt – My View

Definitely a lovely and charming night in Frankfurt. The venue had a very special atmosphere. Renn was another amazing proof how much talent and great music is in Nashville. He did a very nice show and also was very friendly after his show and after the main act. Miss Greenbird again demonstrated that they do very high quality country and folk music. There was a lot of explanation to each song, which was very entertaining very often, but they just kept it in the limits before it gets too intense. Steffen and Sarah created a very familiar close atmopshere with the audience, which paid it back to them with a lot of love and applause. Really nicely spent evening in Frankfurt – I feel the Top Pick! rating is appropriate here.


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