Everette & Austin Jenckes (23rd May 2023, Cologne)

On 23rd May 2023, the Sound of Nashville concert series had a very special even in Cologne’s Helios37. Despite being a Tuesday night show, three artists stepped on stage Everette and Austin Jenckes were the main act of the evening, supported by Stephen Wilson Jr.. I have been around with

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Helios37 – About The Venue

Do I still need to say something about the Helios37? It is the most frequently covered venue in concerts. Finding a parking spot in the area, which you can reach by public transport much more easily, is always a bit of a challenge – but I again made it 🙂

Everette & Austin Jenckes – About The Artists

Everette is country music duo from Kentucky. They are Brent Rupard and Anthony Olympia. The band name is a reference to a George Clooney played character in the Where Art Thou? movie. They released their debut EP in 2018, but the two parts of their 2020 Kings of the Dairy Queen Parking Lot was their breakthrough.

I featured Austin Jenckes already in a show in September 2019 in Amsterdam (where he surprisingly proofed some knowledge of the Dutch language…). Growing up in the Greater Seattle region, he became bigger as a Top 10 contestant of the 2013 season of The Voice in the USA.

Stephen Wilson Jr. is an artist in focus from Indiana. He is adding indie rock and grunge elements to country music. He just recently signed to a record company and released his debut EP bon aqua.


Everette & Austin Jenckes – The Show

Stephen Wilson Jr. stepped on stage of the rather empty Helios37 right on time, at about 20:00. The focus of the set was on the recently released bon aqua EP. Despite being stage just on his very own, Stephen WIlson created a massive sound in the small venue. Highlights of the set to me were the massive Holler from the Holler and the hilarious Year to be Young 1994, about which Wilson Jr. (Stephen with ph, Wilson like the volleyball brand, Jr like Dale Earnhardt jr, as he introduced himself) told the background story. The set overall took some 35 minutes.

It’s been quite a while since Austin Jenckes has been in Germany (apart from the show he had in Munich the day before). The intermission between the two sets was pleasantly quick, so that the Cologne crowd kept the good vibe. Songs like Fat Kid and American Nights at the beginning of Jenckes’ set caught the crowd from the beginning. However, there were also “classics” like Wild and Reckless. You could feel how much Jenckes enjoyed every moment being back on German stages.


The Guys from Kentucky

Similar to Stephen Wilson Jr., these Sound of Nashville shows were the first ones for Everette on German soil. Being on stage at about 21:30, they cheered up the crowd with songs like Dang the Whiskey. However, there were also references to other artists’ music. They gave a short part of Funkytown or played Elton John’s Rocket Man (If we would have written this one, we would have flown First Class to Germany…). The key focus was of course on the two parts of the Kings of the Dairy Queen Parking Lot album. Song like Woo Hoo Hoo were easy sing-a-longs for the German fans, but they also liked songs like Momma I’ll be okay.

Everette closed their set at 22:15 roughly. The encore was very special as all four artists performed two songs together, I won’t back down (orig. by Tom Petty) and the Ben E.King classic Stand by Me in a very special, intense version. Thus, At around 22:25, the country music fans left the Helios37 with a smile.


Everette & Austin Jenckes – The Gallery

Here are 290 major size pictures of the show. They are located in the concert gallery:


Everette & Austin Jenckes – My View

Unfortunately a bit more intimate (i.e. too few people) than these three acts would have deserved, Sound of Nashville selected an outstanding set of artists. The three acts were did a magical show, the short intermissions helped to keep a good mood and have a very intense experience. A lovely evening in Cologne!


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