C2C Country To Country Berlin – Day 3 (08.03.2020) – Splitter

My third and final issue of stories around the C2C in Berlin – time to finish the days of country music with some facts and happy stories.

C2C 2020 – Day 3 (08.03.2020) – The Splitter

Here are my thoughts about the final day of Country To Country in Berlin.



The estimated total ticket sale of the whole festival is 8,000. That figure is comparable to the C2C in 2019 – however, there were just two festival days the previous year. The figure counts any kind of tickets sold for from Bluebird Cafe boat trip to all weekend passes.



This figure may not be too straightforward, but it it is the total number of major size pictures I published of the event. You find them in the designated C2C Berlin 2020 gallery group of the concert galleries. Hard to bring them somehow in time being a one-man project. In case the organizers allow me to come back next year, I already have some plans to adjust to be more effective. Thanks to Semmel Concerts (see below) for trusting in me here.


Country Music meets Hockey

The Eisbären Berlin, the local (ice) hockey club, had their last regular season match against Bremerhaven on Sunday, 14:00hrs. Especially Van De Forst made use of it when her music made quite a lot of people stop at the Townsquare Stage truck and listen to her music. Thereafter, Catherine McGrath likely had the biggest audience at the truck during the whole weekend.


Nik Wallner, the German Country Machine

Nik Wallner did what I feel is exactly the right strategy as an upcoming artist at a festival like the C2C: he tried to present himself as much as possible and finally played eight sets over all three festival days. Well done – have a good relax the next days!


The Press Room

Overall, the organization of the festival has improved a lot compared to 2019. Semmel Concerts did a great job even despite of the Corona Virus withdrawals. Security and processes went very smooth, nothing major to complain about. The media even had a press room on the fourth floor int he venue – which is especially helpful for photographers, who have to remove their equipment out of the main stage area after their three songs sessions. Thanks to all the organizers for that feature!


After the Festival is before the Festival

The German country music community is not just already looking forward to the 2021 Berlin C2C, but also to its new “sister festival”, the Sound of Nashville Festival, which will be held at the end of August in Berlin and Zurich. A bit of minor acts compared to C2C, but some big names like Ashley McBryde are already confirmed.


Last, but not least… Thank you!

Thanks to Semmel Concerts and especially the amazing Sound of Nashville team. Within the last one and a half years, these people have developed the genre so much in Germany. A vast majority of artists love the services when they come to Germany.  Maybe even more important at the current stage of development, their work helped so much to develop a country community in Germany with different media and blogs, which in parallel cover the growth of the music in their individual way. Berlin 2021 will be amazing, for sure! about Country 2 Country

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