Seepark Biker Days Pfullendorf 2023 – Day 2 Concerts (1st July)

After the great musical warm-up on the first day of the Seepark Biker Days 2023 in Pfullendorf, Saturday was something like the main event of the weekend. Five really interesting bands on stage, the large ride around Pfullendorf (which I will feature in my Atmosphere posting) – I really looked forward to what will be going on in the Northern Lake Constance region on that day. This post is “just” about the music.


This posting comes with 911 major size pictures as part of the concert gallery.


Seepark Biker Days 2023 – Day 2 Concerts – The Lineup


16:00 Lonestar Boys
18:00 Jessica Lynn
20:00 Doctor Victor
22:00 John Diva & the Rockets of Love
midnight The Picturebooks


At 16:00, right after the big ride around Pfullendorf, The Lonestar Boys, were scheduled to be the first on stage on Seepark Biker Day’s Saturday. The are a local act, consisting of members from Southern Germany and Switzerland. I spotted them on quite several festival lineups, so that I expected them to be a really cool act to listen to.

US Country and Czech Rockers

Without a doubt, Jessica Lynn was one of the key reasons for me to come to Pfullendorf. Born in 1990 in New York City, she is beautifully combining country and rock elements. O According to Wikipedia, she’s got a bachelor in Mathematics – I just have to love her. Jessica has been on a rather long tour through Europe and just about to head to the United Kingdom for some more shows. She has released two albums and three EPs so far, the latest being Lone Rider in 2022.

Doctor Victor added international flavor to the stage at the Seepark. Another three-member act on stage of the festival. The festival homepage introduces the Czech act as Three men from Prague. Central Europe’s hottest rock-blues band. Definitely a good way to put some pressure on the Czech, who released their debut album in 2017.

Glam Metal and a Rock Duo

If you follow my website, I don’t have to tell you too much about John Diva & the Rockets of Love. The US-American-German does great and entertaining glam metal. I was quite sure that Pfullendorf will love those guys. As I missed their early 2023 due to time clashes, I was really haopy to see these guys finally live. On, I already reviewed the albums The Big Easy and American Amadeus.

The closing act for the main Saturday was The Picturebooks. They are a German rock band from Gütersloh in Westphalia. The band is in fact just a duo of a singer-guitarist (Fynn Grabke) and drummer Philipp Mirtschnik. They have already released six albums and are also very popular on festivals and on stage.


Seepark Biker Days 2023 – Day 2 Concerts – The Shows

Being the first band of the day, especially after the visitors have been active on the regional motorcycle ride cruise, is definitely a hard task. The Lonestar Boys did well in that. Their sound has been really great – their 1950’s rockabilly set featured a lot of classics, from Johnny Cash to Buddy Holly. The bands at Pfullendorf have 90 minutes sets – and the trio made good use of it. After it took the Pfullendorf crowd a bit to get into the groove, they indeed made them move especially towards the end of the set. A nice warming up for the next bands to come.

First Set of the Seepark Biker Days by Jessica Lynn

Quite a few people who have not been on the bike ride before cheered for Jessica Lynn already during her soundcheck. So the US-American country lady felt to have a good touch for the Germans. Indeed her blend of country music and rock felt to be just what they needed. Some people were almost extaticly dancing in front of the stage. Some people were stating things like That’s rock’n’roll again and again and thereby forgot that Jessica is rather a country music artist. But hey – label it as you like as long as you dance.

There was light rain when Jessica stepped on stage and a bit more drizzle when she left after 90 minutes – but in between, the weather respected the great performance of the lovely lady and her family band (her band members are her parents, her best friend and her husband. Songs like Aretha Franklin’s Respect or Now or Never were some of the highlights of the set. Pfullendorf loved her. Fun fact: at the end of the set, she did one song as a drummer – and did well in that.

There were quite some trouble with the Czech Doctor Victor before their set. They somehow wanted to re-set up the merchandise booth, which Jessica Lynn wanted to use as well. The soundcheck took quite long, before Doctor Victor finally started their set. They played a mixture of originals and covers. Overall, Doctor Victor has a cool sound, but did not have the touch for the people which Jessica Lynn has. The rain became heavier right when they played Prince’s big hit Purple Rain – maybe you just shouldn’t go for rain songs in unstable weather conditions. I felt that this weather was a good chance to do some preparation in the car and looked forward to the next set. Claiming from the spectators that they demand an encore was a bit too lousy in my point of view.

John Diva lights the party-fire in Pfullendorf

Now, the festival went back into the tent. John Diva & the Rockets of Love were the opener for the indoor stage. Similar to Bonfire on Day 1, the US-American-German collaboration did an amazing show. After a lengthy intro and a rather long (but entertaining) drum solo, the band showed a wide range of songs. There were rather new ones like The Big Easy, classics like Runaway and even covers like Don’t stop believin’. Pfullendorf had fun with the (slightly weird) glam rockers.

Last, but not least, there were The Picturebooks. I just watched a few of their songs – there is simply too much work for me. Espcially Philipp Mirtschnik, who hammered on the drums with full force, was absolutely entertaining. I was happy that his band mate called him the Beast at the drum – as I was thinking about Animal from The Muppets Show all the time. The longer the set lasted, the more the people understood that the duo was maybe a bit of freaky, but definitely showed great rock music to finish the night in Pfullendorf.



Seepark Biker Days 2023 – Day 2 Concerts – The Gallery

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