Kacey Musgraves (5th May 2024, Cologne)

End of April and beginning of May 2024 featured a couple of very interesting country music gigs in Germany. For example, Lainey Wilson visited my home soil as well as Jon Pardi. Another highlight in my home town Cologne was definitely the show by Kacey Musgraves, Her Deeper Well World Tour brought her to the Carlswerk Victoria on 5th May 2024, supported by Madi Diaz. The show was presented by the Sound of Nashville concert series.

This posting comes with 131 major size pictures as part of the concert gallery.


Carlswerk Victoria – About The Venue

I have taken you to a couple of shows at the Carlswerk Victoria already. For example, the venue in a former industrial area in Cologne-Mülheim also hosted the Kane Brown show in January 2023. The venue is quite conveniently connected. If you come by car, it is just a short drive from the A3 motorway. There is a parking garage right next to the venue. The Keupstrasse public transport stop features several bus and tram connections. Bus 150 is even connecting a bit closer, serving the Schanzenstr./Schauspielhaus stop.



Kacey Musgraves – About The Artists

Kacey Musgraves presented her new album Deeper Well in Cologne. While I typically struggle a bit with her music, I really loved that March 2024 release. The 1988 Texas-born artists mixes country, pop and folk elements to a very unique and characteristic style. Her three most recent albums topped the US Country and the US Folk Album charts. However, she is also selling well in the United Kingdom and other countries. The 2018 album Golden Hour, for example, peaked 15th in Norway.

Madi Diaz also presented a new album release as part of the show. Her Weird Faith has been released in February 2024. Born in 1986 in Connecticut, she grew up in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. Her mother is from Peru, while er father is Danish. She released her first album Skin and Bone in 2007. So far, her discography lists six albums and four EPs. Diaz and Musgraves even released a song together. In November 2023, they published the single Don’t Do Me Good.


Kacey Musgraves – The Show

Madi Diaz surprised myself and major parts of the audience when she stepped on stage already around 19:30. Having just herself on stage with her guitar as well as having a rather constant light, the show felt rather static. That was a bit of unlucky, as songs  like For Months Now are excellent storytelling pieces. Before that song, Diaz played the track recorded with Musgraves, Don’t Do Me Good. Her set took a little more than 30 minutes. I felt that her show deserved more energy from the audience, but the fine melodies with the lovely lyrics did not work out every moment.


Kacey Musgraves Goes For an Energetic Finale

The Cologne audience was waiting for some 45 minutes (and were cheering for the main act multiple times), before Kacey Musgrave‘s show finally started at about 20:50. Her first songs were Cardinal, Heart of the Woods and Deeper Well. Until Lonely Millionaire, The show was a typical Kacey Musgraves show. Her music lives from the atmosphere, from her lyrics. The show felt rather static, but the fans, many of them spoke English, did appreciate that. With Butterflies, the Carlswerk Victoria became more enthusiastic and emotional, though.

The first bigger highlight of the evening was Follow Your Arrow, which Musgraves played as an acoustic track. The German crowd showed their sympathy with a rather impressive sing-a-long with the artist. After that song, she also interacted with the audience, praising her European fans and betraying some secrets of tour life. Even though it feels a bit of weird that one by one, many crew members got sic at different stages due to food poisoning, it also gave Kacey a more human and emotional touch. This break was also used to sing a Happy Birthday to one of her musicians. The Architect was another really appreciated song.

This was also the start of more energetic and atmospheric songs. The lights at Rainbow, which Musgraves solely performed together with her keyboarder, gave a lovely atmosphere. In Anime Eyes, the disco ball sparkled through the whole venue and gave a lovely atmosphere. Justified from the 2021 star-crossed album pushed the energy again, and was thus the right track before the Zach Brown cover I Remember Everything. The show closed with one of the most popular Golden Hour songs, Slow Burn and a Bob Marley cover, Three Little Birds. Overall, Kacey Musgraves’ show took some 90 minutes.



Kacey Musgraves – The Gallery

Here are 131 major size pictures of the show. They are located in the concert gallery:


Kacey Musgraves – My View

It’s been quite sad that photography was just allowed from behind FOH (the PA and sound mixing area). I feel that Kacey Musgraves would have looked much more impressive from a more close-up position. The first part of the evening  was a moment for fans, but towards the end, Spacey Kacey gave the people a good show and also worked better with the audience. Finally, you start loving Musgraves by listening to her albums – and then you enjoy seeing her on stage. This lead at least to a pleasing finale in Cologne.


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