Seepark Biker Days Pfullendorf 2023 – A Preview

I am not a Harley rider and I will travel to Pfullendorf by rental car. But I am really looking forward to this weekend, doing a full festival coverage with Between 30th June and 2nd July 2023, I will be in Southern Germany to share my impressions from the Seepark Biker Days 2023 with you. Cool bikes and good music are promising a fun weekend. Here is a preview – maybe you feel like joining me.


Seepark Biker Days 2023 – The Location

Pfullendorf is a small town in Baden Württemberg in Southern Germany. The 13,000 people town is roughly a two hour drive away from Stuttgart or about the same distance from Zurich in Switzerland. It is part of the Bodensee-Oberschwaben region and thus tourism is managed as part of Lake Constance area. The Seepark Linzgau is located right West of the city. It is not a popular place to hang out at the artificial lake an distract yourself with adventure golf, water ski and more, but also home of several festivals during summer. There are open air concerts as well as historic car events.

You can reach Pfullendorf by rail. However, the connects to Altshausen is driven by the city and is only operating on weekends to attract tourists. This connection is called Räuberbahn (“Thieves Train”). On other days, there are bus connections. Finally, you go there by car (or motorbike). Due to the frequent events, there is quite some infrastructure around the lake. The key limitation may rather be hotel rooms, the capacity in the city and around are a bit limited.



Seepark Biker Days 2023 – The Event

The Seepark Biker Days 2023 are already the tenth edition of the motorbike meeting. However, Covid-19 caused a bit of a hiatus and even the 2022 event had to be cancelled. The event is a typical biker event as you would imagine it: first of all, people meet and show their bikes. There are vendors, bars and restaurants to hang out as well as organized rides around Pfullendorf. However, there is also music. The key aim is on rock, party rock and Southern influences. Thus, the Seepark Biker Days were also an ideal choice for The festival offers some travel-style postings regarding the atmosphere of the marketplace and rides, while there is also quite a lot of cool music – to which I am introducing you below.


Seepark Biker Days 2023 – Music

The program on the music side feels to be even improved to me, compared to previous editions of the festival. It is worth mentioning that quite a couple of acts have visited the Bikerdays in earlier years as well, which is a certain statement. From a country music perspective, the two sets by Jessica Lynn. I talked to the US-American artist in my March 2023 Spotlight interview, before she headed to her prolonged European tour.

Two very interesting acts on the rock music side to me are the German legends Bonfire and John Diva & the Rockets of Love. In March, I reviewed their most recent album The Big Easy and had a lot of fun. The closing act on Saturday, The Picturebooks, comes with 25k fans on Facebook and could be a quite interesting act as well. Opener Boppin’ B had to be replaces short notice due to illness.


Seepark Biker Days 2023 – Tickets

One of the nice facts of the festival is that it is really affordable. In pre-sale, the weekend ticket has been 47.25 EUR – if you include camping, you are at 65 EUR roughly (weekend camping only is 15 EUR). The shows by Jessica Lynn and Roadstring Army on Sunday morning are free.


Seepark Biker Days 2023 – My Coverage

Apart from reviewing the RiKu Hotel Pfullendorf, I expect the following coverage this weekend:


They have been released in that order. The concert pictures of all three Seepark Biker Days 2023 days are summed up in a dedicated gallery group.


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