WFC U19 Girls 2024 Semifinal: Sweden – Switzerland 4-3 (1-1, 2-0, 1-2)

In the world of floorball, running into Sweden is typically the toughest faith you can have. The Swiss Under 19 Women National Team had to take this challenge in the 2024 Lahti World Floorball Championships after their group match loss against Czechia. Even Swiss optimists were hardly believing that their team would make it into the Gold Medal Match by a victory on 11th May 2024.

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Sweden – Switzerland – Match Facts

Switzerland did a great match against the tournament favorite. No team so far, including the Finnish national team, challenged the Scandinavians as much as Amos Coppe’s team in the Lahti days. Switzerland played a very disciplined, but also dynamic defense. Over the whole match, Sweden just had 16 shots on goal and majorly were mastered by Swiss goalie Ronja Florin. On the other hand, Sweden had vulnerable moments, which their opponent (who, by the way, even had more shots on Louranna Jakobsson’s net) managed to convert. A good example for that was the first goal of the match, when Dana Misteli scored in power play, after Moa Dybner had taken a bench penalty after a foul behind Florin’s goal (7th). Even though Mira Markström equalized the score in the twelfth minute, Sweden never managed to get the score into a comfortable range.

The second period gave the Swiss Unihockey ladies the toughest time. Even though they played a very brave defensive, just allowed Sweden to have three attempts on goal during the twenty minutes, the favorites scored twice. Thea Ernberg (28th) and Ellen Lundin (31st) felt to bring back the aura of the “unbeatable” team in yellow and blue. But Livia Kurz tied the score early in the third period and the match became really dramatic. After Lundin had scored a second time (49th), Switzerland was urged to pull Florin in the last five minutes and even scored soon thereafter by Anja Gross. They would have deserved to at least force Sweden into the overtime, but finally just did not make it. Despite the memorable performance, this meant that they “only” advance to the Bronze Medal Match on tournament-closing Sunday.



Sweden – Switzerland – Lineups

Sweden: 30 Louranna Jakobsson, 90 Sonya Fredriksson – 5 Linnea Hedman, 8 Vera Eriksson, 10 Moa Karestahl, 11 Klara Roos, 12 Vera Roos, 13 Nelly Cerina, 14 Nathalie Gustafsson, 15 Elin Dominicus, 17 Livia Svartvardet, 18 Mira Markstrom, 19 Lina Eriksson, 21 Thea Ernberg, 23 Carolina Peil, 24 Moa Dybner, 63 Julia Nilsson, 72 Isabell Holm, 76 Hanna Loow, 88 Ellen Lundin

Switzerland: 81 Ronja Florin, 92 Ania Schneider – 3 Sina Rudisuhli, 6 Mirjam Wyss, 7 Dana Misteli, 8 Anne Hartsch, 9 Simona Pleisch, 11 Svenja Schilliger, 12 Salome Müller 13 Lisa von Arx, 14 Laura Bertini, 19 Norina Reusser, 20 Chiara Moser, 22 Livia Kurz, 23 Anja Gross, 24 Finja Helbling, 26 Larisa Müller, 28 Jana von Rotz, 44 Simea Gerber, 82 Annika Morf


Sweden – Switzerland – Gallery

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