Pixbo Wallenstam IBK – Malmö FBC 8-2 (2-0, 4-2, 2-0)

Yeah, I have to give in, it is really a bit of weird to travel to Sweden for a single floorball match – but there were so many reasons why I just wanted to see a certain match in the Women Svenska Superligan SSL on 16th December 2023. Gothenburg’s Pixbo Wallenstam hosted Malmö FBC. First of all, I just haven’t been at Wallenstam Arena for ages, even though I have been there rather frequently in the days. On top, there are some friendly contacts to both teams, including Pixbo’s netminder and Swiss national team player Lara Heini as well as former SB-Pro goalie Tiltu Siltanen. Both teams were in the playoff ranks before the match – however, the hosts were definitely the favorite team.

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Pixbo IBK – Malmö FBC – Match Report

Maybe also motivated by the recent World Cup mission by Lara Heini, Pixbo started with Linnea Wall as their netminder for the match. Thus, there was also no battle of former Piranha Chur goalies at the rather sparsely visited Wallenstam Arena, though Malmö trusted in Siltanen. The home team had the sweet start of the match, when Anna Dömstedt used a turnover for a fast break and gave her team a lead after just 42 seconds. This lead to a intense attacks on Siltanen and her defense the next days. The former Finnish national team goalie kept her team in the business for quite a while.

Malmö attacks were rare initially, but towards the middle of the period, the match became more intense. This did lead to more mistakes and turnovers, but also created more opportunities on both sides of the rink. Just when Pixbo’s Wall has been warmed up by the guests a bit and showed some decent blocks, Pixbo felt to profit from their individual superiority. In contrast to Malmö, they did more frequently find the right spots for a successful attack this evening. Just like Axina Pettersson, who converted another fast break attack after some 16 minutes and gave Pixbo a 2-0 lead in the first intermission.


Malmö started more energetically in the Second Period

Malmö FBC felt to confide in their strengths already more at the end of the first period – and the beginning of the second period also saw a more active and aggressive team from the Southwest of Sweden. In the 27th minute, the DJ already played a dance pop version of Neal Diamond’s famous Sweet Caroline, the goal jingle of Pixbo’s ladies, but finally, the referees decided that the ball was tipped in with a high stick. A bit of critical that the declined goal was already repeated on the screen during the decision. Despite a three point lead, the score closed up to a 2-1, as some two minutes later, Yamou Njal’s shot made it into Pixbo’s net.


Just when the match could have written a more dramatic story, Pixbo profited from the fact that both defensive lines did not have their best time of that day. Rikke Ingebrigtsli Hansen sniped twice in the 31st and 34th minute and gave the hosts a three goal lead. Even though Njal gave a quick answer and closed up the score with another precise shot eight seconds later, it was the Gothenburg team who also felt being a bit luckier in this nervous part of the match. The Löfborg scored in the 35th minute – and when Ingebrigtsli Hansen put her third goal into the score sheet just some half a minute later, Malmö FBC felt being too late going for their time out. With a 6-2 intermediate score, the guest felt to have quite a challenge against the Champions Cup Finalist for a potential comeback.


A rather easy Cruise for Pixbo in the third Period

The match calmed down in the remaining second period, so that Gothenburg was in a comfy position for the potentially remaining 20 minutes. The beginning of the third period reminded of the hectic part of the first period, including some very nice saves by both goalkeepers. Time was ticking down and steadily decreased Malmö optimism. On top of that, the Pixbö ladies were simply more effective on that Saturday evening. In the battle of the #9 players, Pixbo’s Anna Dömstedt used a quick twist to free herself from defender Maja Helman and added another goal on the board n the 54th minute. With some three minutes left to play, Caroline Adlöw wrote the last goal of the match, giving Pixbo a comfortable 8-2 victory on home soil.



Pixbo IBK – Malmö FBC – My View of the Match

Malmö FBC definitely might have dreamed of a closer battle on the road – and there has been some potential for it. Vice versa, the individual potential of the Pixbo players just was more striking on this strange Gothenburg matchday, somewhere between the WFC in Singapore and the Christmas presents at your beloved ones. It is definitely also a story of the match that Wallenstam Arena saw two convincing goalies – with Tiltu Siltanen being awarded as best player of her team, despite allowing the ball to pass her eight times. The match was very fair (no penalties!) and entertaining – a good innebandy night in Sweden, which would have deserved more than lousy 184 spectators.


Pixbo IBK – Malmö FBC – Lineups

Pixbo IBK: 1 Linnea Wall, 94 Lara Heini – 2 Rikke Ingebrigtsli Hansen, 3 Moa Andersson, 4 Emma Heander, 7 Alicia Svensson, 8 Cajsa Elm, 9 Anna Dömstedt, 11 Selma Albertsson, 14 Klara Loneberg, 15 Axina Pettersson, 17 Emma Stenberg, 19 Ella Zetterstedt, 25 Thea Löfborg, 27 Alma Kilpeläinen, 29 Caroline Adelöw, 44 Amanda Berggran, 88 Ellen Lundin

Malmö FBC: 34 Tiltu Siltanen, 30 Elin Rosen, – 5 Silja Sofie Eskelinen, 6 Sol Julia Johansen, 7 Yamou Njal, 8 Ellen Rasmussen, 9 Maja Helman, 11 Hanna Simonsson, 13 Martina Mörch, 15 Isa Burgstaller, 18 Rebecca Martensson, 19 Maja Mikaelsson, 22 Ida Gyllensjö, 25 Tuva Tykesson, 29 Elin Klevmarken, 33 Maja Ekström, 36 Madeleine Karlsson, 46 Elsa Sommelius


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