Swedish Floorball Finals (Men) – Storvreta IBK – Pixbo IBK 8-5 (3-1, 1-1, 4-3)

After the women’s final already had a duel of two big names of the Swedish floorball scene, the men’s final at the amazing Friends Arena came with two prominent ones as well. On 27th April 2024 at 15:15, Storvreta IBK battled Pixbo IBK. The Uppsala team will always be linked to me to German floorball titan Fredrik Holtz, Pixbo is a team which always accompanied me in and days.

The semifinal match-ups in the Swedish men’s 2023/24 season had been the same as in the season before. However, in contrast to 2022/23, Pixbo beat IBF Falun in six matches out of potentially seven. Storvreta just needed five matches this season to qualify for the SSL Finals against Växjö IBK. Especially after having seen the amazing Swiss men’s final the weekend before, I was really looking forward to this match-up.

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Storvreta – Pixbo – Match Report

The ladies took a couple of minutes before the match started with the first goal. In the men’s match, which was held in front on the world floorball record audience of 18370 (likely, also counting the Thorengruppen supporters block, which was mostly gone), it went quicker. Jon Hedlund had to pick the ball out of the net just after 2:41 minutes. Niklas Winroth Nelin was too free in front of the net and easily passed the Pixbo goalie. The match started rather hectic with many whistles. However, just when the atmosphere settled down a bit, Storvreta added the second goal. Otto Weidman was the scorer after some seven minutes. In the 12th minute, Pixbo had their first goal. The Storvreta defense could not stop a long pass and the forward scored from a nice sniping position.

However, Storvreta had the better first period – and their third goal also reflected that. Just about a minute after Weissbach’s goal, Tobias Gustafsson gave his team the two-goal lead again.


Pixbo Scores in Power-Play

After four minutes in the second period, Ondrej Nemecek blocked his opponent close to the rink and had to go to the penalty bench. Pixbo played a very good power-play, pushed the Storvreta box closer and closer to the box. Linus Nestorsson found the deciding pass to Daniel Kalentun, who had the perfect position for the second goal for the Gothenburg team (26th). Pixbo had some unlucky situations in the women’s match before already and they weren’t too lucky in the men’s match either. Two minutes later, Fabian Lindbäck just hit the crossbar.

The match was very dynamic and interesting thereafter, with Pixbo having a slightly better role in the game now. Nonetheless, the defensive lined did their job well, so that the audience here and there needed some Look Alike Cam entertainment and party music to keep cheering. Just when you though that the score will be 3-2 at the second break, Tobias Lindholm did the fourth goal for Storvreta with 19 second left. The key player of the goal was Nemecek, though. His shot was blocked and went up high. The ball came down right in front of the goal, where Lindholm beautifully tipped it in with the backhand, stand with the back towards Pixbo goalie Hedlund.


An Offensive Festival At The End Of The Match

Initially, the third period did not have that many opportunities on either side. When Storvreta’s Oscar Magnussen served a bench penalty, Pixbo was pushed to too many mistakes, so that they were still hunting for the close up. Especially around the 52th minute, Storvreta came up with a series of great chances, but failed to convert. Their very own Nemecek did better after 54 minutes with rather long-range shot, though. Trailing by three goals again, Pixbo went for the time-out and pulled Hedlund thereafter.

Pixbo tried to take control with six field players, but they rather quickly into a turnover, so that Otto Weidman could do the empty-net goal. However, at the end of the 56th minute, Arvis Äse scored from the right forward position and gave Pixbo their third goal. The match became dramatic now. Carl Kostov Bredberg changed the score to 7-3 after 58 minutes now. The match felt decided, but there was slight hope when 23 seconds later, Äse did almost a copy of his previous goal.As another 37 seconds later, still in the 59th minute, Äse again was in good position, but played a great pass to Lanver, his teammate could close up to 7-5 with still 71 seconds to play. Pixbo did great in this part of the match pushing Storvreta close to their own net. However, Lanver’s goal was the last one for Pixbo. Weidman finally even did his second empty net goal of the match, so that the final score was 8-5.


Storvreta – Pixbo – My View of the Match

The last minutes of the match were amazing. With Lanver’s goal, there was even slight hope for the team from Gothenburg. However, Pixbo had two chances for a Swedish Floorball Championship and failed twice. Storvreta, however, played more disciplined and also had the better conversion in deciding moments. Thus, the gold medal and the beautiful Swedish trophy took a trip to Uppsala, while the fans were partying with their team in Friends Arena.

Storvreta – Pixbo – Lineups

Storvreta IBK: 94 Mans Parsjö, 92 Edwin Perry – 3 Carl Kostov Bredberg, 6 Filip Björk, 7 Otto Weidman, 8 Rasmus Andersson, 9 Filip Langer, 10 Fredrik Lindholm, 17 Niklas Winroth Nelin, 19 Filip Eriksson, 20 Sakarias Ulriksson, 24 Oscar Magnusson, 25 Oskar Enquivst, 33 Simon Götz, 55 Viktor Nystedt, 66 Rasmus Sundstedt, 71 Ondrej Nemecek, 77 Tobias Gustafsson, 79 Gabriel Kohonen, 83 Emil Hemrich

Pixbo IBK: 1 Jon Hedlund, 92 Gustav Ringhagen – 2 William Lindh, 5 Filip Wramdemark, 9 Wictor Lundstedt, 10 Gustav Lindberg, 12 Oskar Weissbach, 13 Arvid Äse, 20 Marcus Peil, 25 Patrik Gustavsson, 30 Anton Fylke, 41 Benjamin Schill, 46 Fabian Lindbäck, 65 Daniel Kalentun, 66 Felix Lanver, 68 Filip Kalentun, 78 Victor Johansson, 81 Gustav Fritzell, 88 Linus Nestorsson, 91 Alfred Pettersson


Storvreta – Pixbo – Gallery

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